Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Move Along People, nothing to see here.

Again, I come bearing tidings of sorrow.

Slice is dead.  His brother’s death was…hard on him.  Don’t know what it’s like being a twin, but it’s gotta be hard when someone who’s more or less half you dies.  Unfortunately, Slice decided that it should be a package deal.  He decided to commit suicide by proxy…a phrase which, in this case, means “he got someone else to kill him,” and not anything to do with, you know, “proxies.”  Well…I’m not even sure.  It’s kind of hard to tell which side Zero’s on now.

I found it hard, for a while, to like him.  I don’t exactly condone drugs (though I’ve been known to get drunk off my ass now and then), and then there was that whole Boston incident, where he killed I don’t know how many proxies with glee.  On the other hand, it appears that he had learned the error of his sociopathic ways.  He vowed never to kill again.  That’s a good vow, incidentally.  A shame he had to go and die before he could convince anyone else to take it as well.

So here’s to another young man taken before his time to the pains of a war no one should have to fight.  Slice, you were a heroic man.  I pray you rest in peace.

With both Slice and Dice dead, this blog’s not going anywhere anymore.  So again, move along, people.  Nothing to see here.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-

Friday, May 13, 2011


I almost lost it over the course of the last day. No blogger, no contact. At least its back now.

I've packed all my stuff up neatly in my dorm room. Term is ending so no ones suspicious.

Haven't changed out of the costume cleaned only when roomate was gone. I fear I'd lose myself entirely if I removed the costume.

tried to eat yesterday and vomited until there was blood. tried to drink, same thing.

I've been getting more and more woozy. Ddo you guys know how many cuts are on my body? Hell, my right hand its bad. I don't know how I'm even moving it much less

But I'm not going to kill myself.

A band I liked back in the before wrote this song.

Rejoice, rejoice God's ears are stitches
Rejoice, His eyes are big X's
Rejoice, His arms are burning witches
Rejoice, His hands perform hexes

Rejoice despite the fact this world will hurt you
Rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you
Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds
Rejoice because you're trying your best

Rejoice, the bed you sleep in is burning
Rejoice, the sky's fucking falling
Rejoice, the world we know is turning
Rejoice, your father's been calling

Rejoice although this world will devastate you
Rejoice although this world will penetrate you
Rejoice although you will not survive
Rejoice you'll never make it out alive

Rejoice, your hair it smells like burning (hair)
Oh rejoice, your nails all got chewed off
Rejoice, and holy fuck you're bleeding (there)
Oh rejoice, you burned your whole beard off

Rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you
Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds
Rejoice because you're trying your best 


I'm bowing out soon. I'll be gone.

Sam, thank you for your constant support and help in the early days. You are one of the few whos been with me this long. Thank you so much.

AS, thank you for your support in these days. I want you to keep on fighting. Finish what we started.

Kay, thank you for your suppport and offers of help. Don't back down, you hear me? You are one who deserves life.

Morningstar, you were helpful in your own way, whether you meant it or not. Thank you.

I have so many I wish I had thanked. But so many of them are dead. So, so many. 

The rest of you. No tears, no crying. Smile, clench your fist and live. Live for all of us.

I will sleep soundly once again. I will eat and drink in the afterlife. I will see my brother again. Maybe, maybe even Gwen will be there.

I hope so.

I don't want my death to be for nothing. 

I'm waiting.

I will be waiting as long as it takes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

oh god. Oh gofd

We went out to the woods armed to the teeth. Dice, oh Dice, he looked at me and nodded, no smiles on his face. But he would not back down, I knew it.

We walked into the woods, the sun setting behind us as He appeared. He quietly strode towards us and as one Ben and I aimed and began spraying our fire he kept walking as if it was nothing though it seemed like he was covered in whisps of smoke

we dropped our flamethrowers and he reved the wheelie generator as I attached the frayed wires and we together kicked the thing towards him and he kept walking like it was nothing we threw our bombs and this gave us an opening I ran with the markers while Ben Dice held the mirror right at The Man he stopped for a moment, staring at himself as I ran at him, not with a sword but with a marker I would give him a face I would give him a name he would never forget

He knocked me aside as if I was nothing like if I was a fly and stood over me, tentacles filling the sky when I heard a shout from Dice he held a gallon of fuel over his head, dumped it over himself and flicked our remaining bomb in one hand, a switchblade in his other when did he get those I packed the supplies I was watching carefully oh no no no no

Dice ran and tackled the Man but he did not move or waver he filled dice with his branches no his tentacles and held him far above me. Dice blood coming from everywhere shouted "NOW BRO NOW  DUMBASS GO"

I leapt up not even thinking and Ran at him once more I got so close but then he held me back with his arms and just tilted his head at me as he tore dice apart at least He was kind enough to not tear him over me then he just pushed me over and loomed over me and I was

but then she appeared.

Gwen, looking like she could barely stand, her cuts looking infected shouted at me


I dont know how she did it but she ran at us and grabbed and threw me she she shouted at me


I was helpless in my fools costume as she began walking towards Him

"If His shadow blocks out the sun, if it stays till the sun is set, if the sun never shows its face again...there will be Light."

She smiled a rotten smile at me, she was missing teeth, and wrapped her arms around His neck as he began to cover her in his branches

And I

I i i i i i i
i ran

Oh god save me someone

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well, this is it.

We head out in ten minutes. Slice is getting things ready, going over everything one last time before we take off.

Guys, some of you are questioning what we are doing. And you have every right to. This is lunacy.

But, I think this battle is whats holding my brother together.

He's been having nightmares every night. He wakes up screaming Gwen's name every time. Sometimes, he will just stare at the floor and shake. I don't think he's eaten, or bathed in days. I think hes afraid to eat or drink now.

In fact, I think the only reason he plans on coming back at all is that I'm going with him. He tried to go alone earlier in the week.

I watched that anime while he was gone for clues. Kamina, the one he always posted. He dies to save everyone.

I swear on everything I hold dear he won't be a sacrifice tonight.

It's time.

Slice and Dice out.

It Is Time

Whatever we could scrap together has been prepared. We scrapped the magic stuff. We agreed that we didn't have enough knowledge (and Bro STILL thinks magic is bullshit. How he can after seeing The Man himself is beyond me)

So instead we spent the last few days prepping everything else. I have made us each a flamethrower. We stole a fire extinguisher (that worked for someone, I remember,, way back in the day.) We also took the last of the Lighter Bombs I still had, about two each.

We have a couple of other plans, involving a generator, mirrors, a squirtgun full of LSD, and a box of sharpies.

But mostly, my bro has been gathering these things.

I've...well, I gotta be honest with you guys.

I've been making us combat outfits.

Dice was SO against this you have no idea. He hasn't dressed up for Halloween since he was eleven, much less cosplayed.

I had been working on this Costume for this year's Anime Boston, but a LOT of things got in the way. But I've finally finished my Kamina cloak. The shades I already made.

I think it'll work as a totem of sorts. I feel braver when I wear it, anyways.

Dice refuses to dress up, not really, but he'll be dressing like a greaser, he says. He's borrowing my leather and slicking his hair.

We leave for the woods at sunset. We hope to begin battle at nightfall.

We're going to make things right.

I've lost most of my urge to speak through pictures, now that I am free, but I still have this one, in reserve.

Kamina and Simon, Slice and Dice.

We're gonna go out and show everyone what we're worth.

We're gonna go out, and show the Slender Man jst what humanity can do.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its been a while.

Hello everyone.

I'm back. For real this time. Its been a long time, huh?

I came back, only to find out so much has happened. There's been so much death...so much death.

Ali B. is dead according to Scott.

I was just starting to read her blog before...but its still. Shit.

Reach is dead...I never liked Reach much in life, but at least he was a good man. It seemed like he died on his own terms, in a way. Hell, maybe he didn't but still he's gone. He's an irreplaceable loss.

Jekyll is dead, too. I liked Jekyll. We could have been friends, I think. I wish we had been.

But Ron...Ron's dead too.

Ron and I we were close.. I can't...

Ron and I met, you know? He's a guy I KNEW. He helped me out, and we fought together.

Heh, you guys are gonna laugh, but when I read Zero's blog, when I read Robert's I thought I could be the Hero. I thought I could sally forth, if this was real and conquer, that I could "take down the slenderman". 

So many people better, smarter, more resourceful...better people have failed.

They've waited so long...all of you have waited for an end, a Hero. A way out. We re a barrel of rats tossed into the ocean, swarming over each other as the water level rises.

What have I done?

I made a comprehensive list of my contributions to our collective struggle:

1) Bitching at Darcy
2) Worrying people
3) Dumping liquid LSD on Slender Man to dubious effect.
4) getting my ass beat over and over again
5) trying to burn him about 7 times (Fire is a deterrent, I proved, though who knows what that means)
6) Fought at Charleston, helping a great gathering break the proxy population there and freeing a few people of His control...only to have it all end in failure. We couldn't really save Ron.

I've honestly done little to nothing. My story is not worth remembering.

But Dice needs a way out of this. We're going to have to pay our way out.

A satchel full of substances. 

What Occult Knowledge I have.

Dice's strength

We're putting everything on the line this weekend.

The only way I see it, we're gonna have to fight our way out. I'm the one He wants, but Dice won't leave...

 We gotta bloody Him enough to make Him back off. Enough to make him leave us alone.

Or at least enough to be remembered.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rest of The Story

So by now, some (most) of you should know that I live, and that my brother has also made it out alive. He's been keeping me from the computer for a while now, making me rest and really only letting me read and watch TV.

But I've been sneaking on the blogs when he's not been looking ( I mean, hell, I was looking at blogs even when

I...I can't talk about the other stuff now. I can't

But I'll tell you the rest of the story the parts I remember anyways.

I awoke slightly when My body began to be put into the sewer water. It was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

I opened my eyes for the first time in days to see my brother- looking grimmer and more serious then I had ever seen him before, dragging me away. I heard Her screams in the background.

He didn't know I was awake, and I could barely even keep my eyes open much less speak or move. I shut my eyes and let him carry me until I felt us stop.


Okay, Hell no. If anyone's gonna tell this story, it's me.

Dice here. I use Red because I'm a man. Red is the manliest color.

But so I had no idea Slice was even awake at this point. Frankly, I'm going to need to be watching him more often. He shouldn't be fuckin' blogging right now.
But anyways I was dragging Slice through the sewers, that she devil screaming incoherently at me as I ran. We made our way through the twists and turns and I could hear her dragging herself after us. 

I was going to make a joke about doing this with my brother's last ex too but I'm not really in the mood. 
But we round the last bend and

okay. Guys. I'm going to apologize. I saw him. That thing. Slender Man.  

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. No, staring isn't really the right phrase. Its more like, hmm, like I was a deer and he was this big old redneck, chilling out in a tree watching me. Or maybe like I  was an ant, looking up into the magnifying glass. 
I was being pulled into him. I felt weak, useless. I wasn't the Hero of this story. I'm barely a pertinent character in the grand scheme of this thing's story.

He reached towards us, no, not towards us, towards Slice. He wanted Slice. He seemed to seep into my head making me whisper to myself. Give Slice to Him. He will ease his suffering. You cannot stop me, even if you wanted to. But you don't do you? Slice were you jealous of him? Did you hate him? He can be gone. All of this will go away...

I began to falter. Crumble. He reached a single tentacle.
Then I heard a single splash far behind us, and another shriek. 

Gwen was closing in.

I couldn't.

Death didnt' scare me anymore.

I pulled out one of Slice's lighters lit it up and threw it at slendy

But I knew that wouldnt be enough. I pulled out a second, lit it, dropped Slice but and ran at Slendy.

There's a moment, I think that will set humans apart. It's the moment that causes us to grab bats, stab at bushes, shout "gun it".

I took one out of you guy's playbook. I slammed the lgihter against him and fucking tried to tackle Slnderman.

He vanished as soon as I  was about to hit him. I got a face full of feces water but that didn't matter he was gone, Slice was alive, and the ladder out was right there. 

I grabbed him and with the nervous strength and began to climb the ladder. I pushed both of us against the swere cover and the light of the sun greeted us. I don't know what slice was feeling, but it felt like I had been reborn. Ben went to sleep down there. I can be him again someday. It was Dice who dragged his estranged but beloved brother out of the sewers. It was Dice who saw Gwen screaming at the foot of the ladder, unable to climb up. 

It was Dice who pushed the lid back onto the manhole without uttering a word.


Saturday, April 30, 2011


I would have said mother of God but

Jesus fuck. What I saw down there. I can barely think about it without tearing up and feeling sick.

I went down into the sewers last night. I needed the cover of darkness. I couldn't make a flamethrower, if he ever made one it was gone, but there was a pile of his "lighter bombs" so I took a few of those.

I also bought a crowbar, for the purpose of braining dudes and, you know, opening the manhole.

But so I got to the manhole I was going to start with and pried it open. To avoid suspicion, I sealed it behind me.

I would either return with Slice or not return at all.

I shined my flashlight down the narrow slimy tunnels. They smelled like shit. But I guess that's what they are supposed to smell like.

I had been thinking about this for a while, and I had some ideas, and with some basic research on the internet, I learned there were many dried out tunnels in the area. If Gwen and Slice were hiding down here, they would be in one of these side tunnels, otherwise they wouldn't last very long and would probably have died. Gwen wasn't stable (and neither was Slice, probably) but I was sure they'd be smarter than that. Especially with Gwen's delusions. Rivers of Feces are not Romantic in the way abandoned dry sewer tunnels are.

So I trudged in as little sewer water as I could as I moved further down the tunnels. I was silent, clutching the crowbar as tightly as I could. The air down here was sickening.

Finally, I came to the abandoned part of the sewers. There was no light but my own. There was no sound but my heart beat.

Until I heard the faint sound of weeping.

I shined my flashlight down the tunnels. The tunnel to my left, that's where it was coming from I thought.

I headed down the tunnel the weeping, still faint, was getting louder, the tunnel turned.

Suddenly, my flashlight went out. A black smoke settles around me. It's humid, sticky, sliding over me, almost tasting me, and then it is gone.

I see light in the distance. I turn my flashlight off and approach, gripping my crowbar. I am not alone. There is someone else down here, obviously I mean I heard weeping-

I approach and round the bend, ready to attack.

I am not a weak man. I am strong, strong, but what I saw...there was no god in a world like this.

Slice was chained to the wall of the sewer. He had a mask around his neck, the kind for breathing in toxic environments. He was covered in blood. Like, covered. So much blood...his shirt was open, and so were his pants. But he was not the one weeping, or not the only one.

Gwen...my god Gwen.

She was dressed only in an apron, and covered in filth. Her hair was a mess, all over the place. She was facing Slice, kneeling at his side. Her right arm was covered with holes. No, not holes, deep bite marks. Chunks of missing flesh. I watched as she bit into her and tore out a part of her arm, chewed it a few times,  and moved up to his mouth. She kissed him as he struggled limply as she pushed the chunk of meat into her mouth like a momma bird feeding a baby. I screamed when I saw.

She turned at me, shrieked and ran at me, but her leg had been bitten too and she could barely move, and I clubbed her down and out of the way.

Slice, he he was barely conscious.

Gwen shrieked as I approached him and crawled towards me.

"He's Mine! Mine! Get away!"

"Fuck off you crazy bitch!" I shouted. I was trying to free Slice from the wall, but the cuffs were locked and I didn't have time to think and she was crawling at me quickly, sobbing and shrieking.

I kicked her in the face and she was pushed back for the moment, but she was clawing at my leg-

I finally in a burst a strength pulled the cheap links out of the wall and pulled Slice free. I mean in retrospect they were like barely nailed into the wall but I couldn't think

fuck he's waking up I gotta go

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I learned from the Mythos

  1. Rope. It's a weapon, a lifeline, a way to capture people...gotta love rope.

  2. Tackle Fucking Everything.

  3. Don't trust your eyes.

  4. Have a plan going in.

  5. Don't be afraid to improvise

  6. Speak loudly and carry a big stick

  7. Hope for the best but expect the worst.

Here we go, people. You won't hear from me until I come back from the sewers. Either I come back with Slice or I don't come back at all.

What was it that he always said?

Whatever's on the table plays.

It's time to roll.

-Dice out

...there it is again. Hunh.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I gathered

Her Name Was Jennifer Renard. She was 20. She had been stalked like my brother had, for a long time throughout her childhood. She, like my brother, had also repressed her memories. I don't know why or how she escaped.

She changed her name, tried her past, and saved money to go to college. She went to school...and met my brother.

As far as I can tell, she was happy.

They became friends. They both had similar interests in magic, in mythology, in nerdy things. She wrote a couple of entries about him, some poems. She didn't have a phone, or a computer.I think on some level she might have been scared of finding The Slender Man again.

Then, one day he showed all his friends “Marble Hornets”. As part of a movie night, I guess, after he was already on his downward slope.

It came back to her in a flash. She knew she had to leave. She dropped out, claimed she had Mono, and fled. But never far enough.

She was bait in a ploy, of some sort, she claims. A princess for a Dragon. She came back to the school a different woman in January. She was Gwen now.

They liked each other. Maybe they would have loved. I dunno. I never had a good relationship. Neither did bro. Maybe it's our curse, huh?

But amidst the ramblings of Gwenivere, she claims my brother as Arthur, and sometimes as Mordred. She claims she is the only one who can save him. The last entry was written sometime on the 36th of March.

“He tried to kill me, but he loves me still he loves me I saw the tears in his eyes the horror he won't abandon his Queen I must save him must! Must! He will not have him. He will live and live and live and live and live He will never find him in the depths he cannot go there no one can. We will live and die together. No! He mustn't die! Never never never never He will not fight he will not stand tonight we've been dead for years but death is not what scares us he must fight not must not h he is ours mine mine alone he will be safe safe below the depths. “


I'm preparing to scour the sewers.

I got a bad feeling about this.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dice here. Sorry for the absence. Things have been...well.

When we last left off, I had just found a pile of books and journals and was going through them. I just grabbed the pile of books and dumped them into my bag. I didn't want to stay too long, as a dude with a rope around him in some chicks room is going to arouse suspicion, I don't care who you are.

But I grabbed the books. I had searched the floor, her desk, her laundry piles. I had two places left. The Bed and the Closet.

I...look. I'm uncomfortable enough going through a girls clothes. I know this sounds silly in the situation I was in, but still. I've not had much experience with girls, and I could see her bras and stuff.

But anyways, I got on my knees and began to look under her bed.

I...hell. You guys might be right. What I saw down there wasn't normal.

Ever since I was little, I've been terrified of Horses. Don't laugh. Horses are terrifying.

But down there, in the darkness, I saw a horse. No, not a horse. A hose skull. It, it had eyes. Dark blue shining eyes it leered at me a whinneyed a hellish, hellish whiny. I scrambled back, moving away from the bed, when I heard a rustling from the closet.

James rushed out at me, holding a knife. I grabbed at his arm and we began to struggle. I began to hear something...

when I was a little boy, there was an icecream truck in our neighborhood. You know the old school icecream trucks, with their melodic tones? It was sort of like that, but faster and faster. It...it was distorted. Like, it was spiraling. James began to laugh and laugh.

And then the door slammed.

Without hesitation, I ran at the second floor window and leapt out.

Hey, whoever told me to do the rope. Thanks. You saved my life. The window broke on my impact, but the rope held somehow, although I got slammed into the wall.

I've been going through the books. Next post tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alright, Fuck that.

First, FUCK. Either someone hacked the Slice Account, or my brother is alive somewhere. But his password is changed. Fuck.

I don't know anything about that other than that Slice watched that anime all the time. He had a plushie of the dude with the pointy glasses.


I broke into Jennifer's room. It took me about five minutes, a screwdriver, and a paperclip. I ran into more complicated locks at summer camp.

The door swang open and the first thing I noticed was the stench. You ever had a sandwich, say ham, or egg salad, and left it somewhere and forgotten about it? It smelled kinda like that. Gross stuff. I don't give a fuck about scents though so I pushed the door all the way open and stepped inside.

It was pretty big for a single dorm room. Most are like 10'x15' maximum but this one was at least 35'x45' what I mean to say is that it was FUCKING HUGE and also basically impossible to be where it was. Lemme break it down for you. With MS Paint.


wait shit I suck at MS Paint nevermind.

I don't even WANT to show you the mess I made.

Anyways this room is huge. About twice as big as it should be in width and length.

I felt like a dumbass wearing a rope around my waist ( I tied it to the radiator in the hallway, as long as I wasn't in there for a few hours I thought it should be okay.) But I began poking around in the room.

Jen is a messy girl, I decided. Her clothes were in piles all around the room. A LOT of dresses. Most girls don't have this many dresses. Like more dresses in a tranny club on Saturday night.

In just huge piles. There was a bed, rumbled quite a bit like Slice's had been. She had a desk with a large mirror on it, and a pile of books around the floor.

I'll get into the contents tomorrow. I'm worn out and bruised.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do You Know Where She IS?


You will die freezing cold and alone.

You will die freezing cold and alone.

Theyve got full blown homesTheyre married with kids and appliancesThey live they work they love they lose

You will die freezing cccccold and Alone



character, circumstances, coherence, distinctiveness, existence, identification, integrity, ipseity, name, oneness, particularity, personality, self, selfdom, selfhood, selfness, singleness, singularity, status, uniqueness  


She lies with me

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I hope you aren't expecting daily updates. I don't like to read or write that much.


People continue to not be able to provide useful information.

Where do I go from here?

I finally tracked down other people who had met Jennifer. She's apparently not very well known. Moved in to the Dorm at the beginning of last semester, sometime around January 19th.

(I still find it bizarre that people can't tell us apart if I fake his voice, I mean I'm clearly the more handsome one of the two.)
She keeps to herself, very few people saw her before she and Slice started dating.

Around the end of Feburary.

Her description: She has black hair, pale skin, green eyes.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

the icing on the cake is that etymologically Gwenivere is the root of Jennifer.

Knocked at her door, no response, no noise from the outside.

Fortunately, somewhere down the line I picked up a bit of lockpicking skills, so I'll be trying that soon. I really need some fresh leads.

If I'm correct, I could solve one of my bro's bullshit mysteries very soon.

He's so fucking stupid, God.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day One

I entered Slice's room. His room was a stark contrast between the controlled mess of his roomates side and the chaos of Slice's. There seemed to be an even line in the middle.

The first thing I noticed was the way his side was filthy. Piles of clothes under a lofted bed that was little more than a mess of blankets. a pile of lighters barely hidden under a pile of towels. a 'Duraflame' style log. Jesus Christ, he actually brought his fencing foil up and sharpened it. I think Justice is also in here, if "Justice" is the hunk of wood next to the sword.

Jesus, he calls this his "weapoN"? Its a hunk of wood. Like the kind of pole that should be in someones closet.

There's a Masquerade Bird style mask around one bedpost. Bent out of shape.

On the opposite bedpoles are his Fedora and wool coat. He's had that black longcoat for two years now, and its finally starting to show its use.

Pile of books next to his desk to the right, strewn around. Two mangas, but mostly its His old Mythology textbooks and a few old style journals of his. We each got these when we were kids from 7-10 years old.

Pile of shoes beneath his desk. Desk covered in papers. Bookshelf covered in non-perishable food products: Ramen, cereal, NeutriGrain Bars, cookies...

To the left of his desk, piles of trash.

His dresser is still open, half folded clothing in the bottom drawer. I don't know if anythings missing, or if this room has been searched but it'd be best to operate as though it had.

No one seems alarmed at my presence.

His laptop is missing, though. Wherever he went.


Interviewed Slice's Roomate. He's back with his on again off again girlfriend and claims he hasn't been sleeping in the room much and that Slice has mostly withdrawn in the last few months. He says James(aka Farafello or something) told everyone that Slice had Mono and would be out for the semester.

The only other person he claims would be good to talk to would be Jennifer, who he claims Slice was with sometime earlier in the semester.

I'll need to track her down though, Roomate has no idea where she lives. On campus somewhere.

In the meantime, I need anyone who has had contact with Slice to give me some ideas. I don't really know where to go from here.

I'm operating on one of two ideas:

1) Slice is in the woods somewhere, too lost and injured to get out, and too crazy to call for help.

2) Slice has been captured by the nutjobs Morningstar works with. They're around. James/Farafello is one, there may be more.

Morningstar claims he doesn't know but one of his friends might and either way I need to find Bro before them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Investigative Reporting

Your goon didn't know anything.

Your guy met me at the ugly peice of modern art in his dumb mask. I mean, Green Goblin? Are you trying to look like a retard or what.

"Farfarello, right?" I said.

"Indeed that is my name." He said, bowing mockingly.

"What do you have for me. I don't have all day."

"Patience dear boy-"

Then I punched him in the face as hard as I could. His plastic mask making a delightful warping sound.

I slammed him against the art-statue thing. "Listen you little shit. I don't have time for your theatrical bullshit. What do you know?"

"I know nothing the Master-"

I kicked him in the groin, then put the heel of my sneaked into his ballsack.

"Fuck your Master. What you got for me."

He laughed and laughed even as I stomped down, twice.

I was starting to lose my shit.

So I ripped off his mask.

I recognized the guy, from my brother's facebook photos.

"James." I spat.

"Hey man" he said.

I looted his pockets and left him there, laughing on the ground.

He had my brother's wallet.

His room key.

and a phone, not Slice's.

I'm going through the phone today, and I'm going to take this up a step.

I'll be pretending to be Slice in his Dorm while I investigate.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay Now that THAT'S over with

I'm up to speed but still think this is dumb as hell.

Morningstar, I'll be on campus tomorrow. Tell that goon to meet me near the Red hunk of shit near the Fine Arts Center. He'll know what I mean.

AS, you got Mail.

Hellfire, we need to chat. I think you are messing with me.

I guess I'll entertain questions, too.

List of Slice's Blogs (and my thoughts)

Annotated after reading through the history of Each.


A Hint of Serendipity- one of the better reads. About some dude named Zero and the cosmic horror thing that keeps popping up. Zero Seems pretty cool? I like his new blog too.

A New Blog That's Not Mine- This thing was Ballin' but way too short. I thought it was one of the best on the list. Most of these writers SUCK.

A really Bad Joke- Good, but too short/not enough cool things

A wand and a prayer- she seems to have contacted Bro once or twice, seems like a nice lady. Her story is pretty good, not one of the bad ones.

Anonymous Here- SO MANY ELIPSES but okay I guess? like a 2/5 or so.

Bug Fragments- What.

Cherub Rants- The only fucking normal one in the batch.

Copper and Chrome- as a group it seems okay but its mostly confusing. I don't even know. But he seems to have met bro...

Diary of a Cigarette Smoking man- Im digging this one so far. I'm not much of a reader but at least its entertaining

Doing What needs to be done- Needs moar characterization but pretty good overall. Starting to not this Fisk guy more often at this point.

Drews Box O' Stuff- He had a LOT of contact with Bro. Looks like Bro was one of his fans from early on, there are comments from back in October I think. The whole Family of those blogs is a good story but only as a whole.

Dreams in Darkness- Best overall story Arc. Wasn't expecting the twist ending. Why can't you assclowns write like this guy?

Everything I see- theres like, 4 posts. Bluhhh.

Fifth Perch- Classy Mofo. So classy.

Forgotten Throne- What. Whaaaaat.

FRIENDS- This guy is the looniest. Of all the Loons. Though he does seem to get a lot of hatin.

H(a)unting- This thing is confusing me to no end. Is this the same thing that made Zero kill Amelia? (according to a few saved blog posts, my bro was a zero fanboy. Ugh.)

Harmoic Paradox- WIIIIIIMP. But seriously.

I am Stardust- She seems alright. Pretty decent writing. Friends with that sage guy? Losing credibility with mentions of Magic.

( Still haven't mailed him, to busy reading all this bullshit everywhere)

I'll See you in Hell- I'm Basically thinking of patrick Bateman as I read this which makes it 100% cooler and less disturbing. Here's hoping he's a character and that there are no serial killers with numbers that high.

Jacob Garnet's Online Journal- Started pretty cool in comparison to most, but got boring fast.

Now I Shall Know you Again- Guy named Jekyll. The way my brother was a fanboy for Zeke and Zero, he was to this other dude M. The introduction of this Girl has made the story a lot more interesting.

Observe and Terminate- Military dudes fighting the same thing as everyone else. I like these guys, because they have authority but don't flip out with it.

Para-Not-So-Normal- Hey douches, I've seen this phenomenon twice. I CAN'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON IF YOU DELETE ALL YOUR POSTS. UGHHHHHHHHHH.

Paranormal Log- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Wat. Watt. Aparently...he met my brother?


Pax Exitum Sequitur- This guy seems like a doucher. According to the comments, my bro and I can agree on that at least. Also, he was dating 'Everything I See' Girl? That seems creepy as hell.

Peering In from the outside- Good Solid read though cryptic as shit early on. She seems alright, even commented on this blog once.

Picking up the Pieces- Lame Blog by an amnesiac. Bored Already. Yaaaawn.

Records of an Impossibility- I like this one. Well written good character. Even though this is ludicrous as shit.

Scared- Theres two of these things? Grody. Grody as shit. One of the other bloggers mocks this dude constantly. I'm pretty sure my brother would have been like this assclown if I hadn't beaten him into manhood. errday.

Seeking Truth- Badass Dude badass blog. I can see why my brother had a hardon for this guy.

Spiraling Towards the Sky- One of the chicks who was telling me to stop without saying why, Storm seems to spend most of her time sulking and sleeping but still makes it interesting somehow. Not my usual thing but nice.

You know, my brother and I used to watch cops all the time. We'd make popcorn and laugh at the dumb cops and the ridiculous narrators...

Splendorman- What the fuck is this thing

Tap the Vein- a little confused about this one. Willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Testing- Why is this blog blank. And still has a shitton of followers.

The Catalouger- Im not sure this blog is necessary anymore Scotty, at least not for its original purpose.

The London Librarian- I don't see what all the fuss is about. If I want to get shouted at I can go to Livejournal. Not even that good in comparison to Seeking Truth or Zero. But better than average i guess.

The Morning Hunter- I'm positive this one is just a story. i hope this one is just a story. I'm starting to wonder if this meeting is a good idea.

The Reader's Resort- Went through Bro's myth books. This is a blog about Loki? Bitchin'

The Tutorial- Good Solid Read. I like this one but not as Much as Zeke and Zero.

Walking the Hallowed Halls- There's another twin named Ben out here! hey Ben!

But this was an interesting one. They seem to confirm what my brother said about fire...maybe?

We're All Mad Here- Blank.

What you Are in the Dark- Started off good, then he like that Ava chick started shouting at everyone else about how he was right and they are wrong. And then he changed the rules? I guess? I'm not too clear.

Whos the Tall Guy?- I can answer this one ITS SLENDER MAN

Will this Help?- not the best portrayal of a ten year old ever but believable. I read on one of these that he DOES mainly target children...

(then why are most of you college aged)

With No one to Be- Decent, not a standout not really. Could use some work.


Either this is the wierdest RP my brother ever got involved with, you guys are a circle jerk of loons who sometimes slap each others dicks to show dominance, or this is the most eclectic writing project of all time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

List of Leads

As a body of Fiction, you guy are bizarre. But I have a solid batch of leads of people I must talk to. Even if this is just some kind of fucked up storytime bullshit.

Here also is my thoughts on every blog my brother followed or has commented on more than once. This took me most of the weekend...

---Leads/ Bloggers who might be able to help---

Ron- He seems like he knew my brother pretty well and is reasonably intelligent/sane though maybe he won't remember him?

"YG"/Hellfire- Apparently he met up with my brother at least once. Fucking weird blog but maybe he can give me some sold hints.

Liam- Same as above, though Liam seems less likely to know anything

Morningstar- He met my brother once, it seems though he does seem crazy. However he's giving me a solid lead so I'd be a fool to not take it

ASage- Though he has not met my brother, he seems to have been a good friend to him in the days before he dissapeared. And He's either a very sane and talented author or a harmless crazy person so I will be in contact soon.

Cerberus- Is dead, apparently, so I can't ask him anything.

Black Leaves- He's alive and apparently fought/assisted my brother multiple times.

Blog Thoughtdump to come soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morningstar, you have a deal

Look. You people have been less than helpful so far.

He's offering a lead, a chance at explanation. Shouting "NO" at me isn't going to work. Ever.

Either pony up with something better or I'll deal with Morningstar.

I'm heading to his college tomorrow. I'll poke around and see if I can find anything.

If it looks bad, I'll call the cops.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heres the thing

I can't call the cops, guys. My brother...

My parents would kill him. Literally. Doing drugs, running away...He'd have no life left. The cops can't get involved. They wouldn't even bail him out of jail.

Well, Mom might so she can kill him herself.

Anyways, I can't do that to my bro.

though when I get up there, if it looks bad I will.


Morningstar is seemingly the only one who has met with/knows my brother.

How do you know him, Morningstar? Did you meet with him? Do you know him?

I'm hesitant to do a "sacrifice" what'll it be?---


Who wants to hear about Slice's embarrassing childhood?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Responses and Memories

Morningstar- I read your blog and you sir are one fucked up guy if this isn't a writing project but I need to ask you some questions.

What did my brother look like when you met him? Describe him physically.

Sage- If you are talking about the same thing Ron is, no way. He's a loon. I'm trying to find my brother, not get dragged into his retarded story.

But you make it sound like this is real danger. Do you know something? Was he dealing drugs? Was he in a gang?

I read through the blogs more carefully. If this isn't complete fiction, he met a girl named Gwen recently. And killed her I guess? Man I don't even know but if she's real and not crazy hallucinations he finally lost his virginity! I'm so proud of him.I mean, not to sound patronizing. I mean, hell I'm still a virgin but he was always way worse with girls than I was. I mean, you should have seen him in High School. Classic! If you want to hear stories I'll share them. He was such a dweeb.

How did my sweet, innocent brother end up doing drugs and having sex with crazy chicks?

I'm heading up to visit home this weekend. I'll be going out to "visit Slice" and look for clues around his place this week.

He's alive. I'd know if he was dead.

I think.

Who is right?

Is it Morningstar, and Sage, who are hinting at something huge being hidden?

Or is it the others who claim my brother was a loon and making a writing project?

I don't know.

I'm thinking about going through the many blogs he followed (I still have his password) and reading some of them but theres so fucking many and I don't really give a shit. A lot of them are terribly written stories or fanfics about this video series I guess?

Im going to look for him soon I think.

Morningstar Im going to answer my question with I'd want to know. He's my brother.

The blog says you met him. What was he like when you met him? what was he like?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I've gathered

You guys keep squawking about perils without saying anything.

Look. If he was in real danger, I think you could tell me what it is, or at least come up with a good excuse. The fact that niether is happening doesn't make me feel very scared.

I've read the blog. I'm writing up a summary now. This seems to be one of his writing projects, and not part of reality as I've seen a few discrepancies with reality.


Dec 9 - Jan 14

This period is pretty normal, though I am surprised at the amount of weed he apparently smoked and the amount he apparently drank. Would you believe that before last summer, he'd never drank or somked, not even cigarettes? Though I did see him with a cigar at least once...

I'm off track.

Jan 15- Feb 10

This is a period in which My brother apparently started doing progressively worse and worse things to himself in order to appease an "alternate personality?" Why did any of you chucklefucks try to talk to him? Apparently he set his hand on fire. (Though Im still thinking this is a writing project)

He mentioned Plasterface to me, once I think. I'll try to remember.

Feb11- Yesterday

He thinks/writes about fighting "Slenderman" alongside some of you people.

According to this, people who met my brother included Morningstar, Ron, Pete, YG, Liam, Will, Bianca, and Black Leaves.

Can you people describe my brother? What was he like when you met him?

Some of those people were the people trying to tell me to back off.

I need an answer you dunces. What the hell is happening? Is this a writing project or is my brother deranged?

Im headed to class

If you can tell me anything about my crazy ass brother, please do.

As soon as I get back I'm going through his blog.

....He's so fucking stupid God. Where is he?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alright, What the Fuck.

Hi, Slice in his infinite wisdom has designated me as Dice. Call me Ben.

I'm his twin brother. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with anything.

I woke up this morning and checked my email to find an email from my brother. I haven't talked to him in like 6 months. But then he sends me this shit.

"My dear brother,

I don't have long. My greatest triumph suceeded but at great cost. If you receive this message, go to this link http://liveinthelightfight.blogspot.com/ and post this email. I've made you an account with which to do this. (login details omitted )

Do NOT Show this to Mom or Dad, or look to closely. But I'm going to be gone for a long time, if not forever. You are the only one I can trust with this matter.

'To all my followers, friends, watchers and partners, thank you. The fight has not ended, and never will end. But we are all damned here. I did not fail, but I did not suceed.

Fire, friends. Fire, pure flame hurts Him.

Light up the night and Live in the Light


Bro, as soon as you post this, delete your account. If you love me, do it.

Your Brother,


He sends me this shit an expects me to lie down about it? Fuck that shit. He's crazier then I thought Jesus.

What the fuck is going on?

Dice, fuck him. Does he think rhyming names are cute?

Hey, you people. How do I change my posting name. Thanks


Discordia! Discordia.

I will finish what was started

The crowd had gathered there to watch him fall, to watch their hopes destroyed.

They watched them beat him, they watched them break him, they watched his last defense deployed.

There was not a man among them who would let himself be heard.
But from the crowd, from the collective fear, arose these broken words:
We are the dead
We are the dead

Saturday, March 26, 2011





答えはそう いつもここにある





答えはそう いつもここにある



答えはそう いつもここにある 




 In this bloody dawn
I will wash my soul
To become the spirit of vengeance
To deny my wisdom for anger
To break the scream of the silent fool
And to be the knight-rider of Doom


I clenched my fist. It hurt. Like hell. My body was remembering.

"James." I said, turning my back on him. my wool coat replaced with my leatherjacket, my fedora with a helmet. My soft wool gloves replaced with leather. 

"When you see Gwen...tell her I still have work to do."

 3 hours left until. 

I'm bringing everything,  all the irons I have in the fire.

I will finish what I started. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zero is back

no one stays dead forever

none of us will

tonight I will beat my answers out of James if I have to.


Got called from the shop. $250 repair job. Broken hard drive. No Running anytime soon, and posts will be more infrequent.

But this also means all of Plaster's images are gone.


She would run her fingers along my chest, her nails leaving tiny lines of pain, a good pain that let me know life was real, that she was more then a dream. She would have her lips, those dark red lips against my ear, murmuring what she was going to do later as I would try to type a post, as I would try to do work. I will never forget the moment our game changed.

Her murmurs became lower and lower until I could



hear her words 

she whispered in one breath into my ear "iloveyou"

and before I realized and was able to react

kissed me tenderly. Her first kiss that wasn't an attack.

I would later learn this was her first day of raging at the commenters on the internet.

And it was the day everything fell apart.

Professor Slice's Lecture series #2/Who the fuck is James

For under thirty dollars

  The first thing you must purchase is a super soaker. A squirt gun with a large tank and a nozzle that is far away from you. NO BATTERY POWERED SQUIRT GUNS, OR TANK BACKS.

I got something called the "Max D 2000 water blaster." for about $14 dollars. You are looking for a good sized ammount of storage space in the tank and a pump action handle to too close to the nozzle.

 Step two: get a can of WD40 (the more the better). You will be spraying this into the tank until there is nothing left to spray. Fill it to the top if you can, more bottles are between 3-6 dollars in most stores. I bought three bottles.

Step three: rubber cement.What you wanna do is get a bottle and lather it around the nozzle on the inside. Lather that shit liberally BUT DONT GET ANY ON THE OUTSIDE JESUS CHRIST.

Then, you are basically ready to go. When you get into the action, use a lighter or match to light the rubber cement. Then, aim it and pump and squeeze.

This is super dangerous (squirt guns are plastic after all.) but the pump and squeeze and the rubber cemement will work fine if you do it right.

The other warning note is that this fires in short bursts due to the pumping. So be prepared for that.

Im going out and hunting for Slendy on saturday night. Tomorrow is dedicated towards James.


I decided I should explain out of all my friends, I was most suspicious of James and qustioned him before anyone else.

James is one of the guys who I started smoking with. He's a nice enough guy, though he's always been a little sensitive. Back in Late October, I showed most of my dorm Marble Hornets as a thing for movie night. Almost everyone made fun of it, except James and I. I had already begun burying myself in the blogs by this point, so I was taking it a little more seriously then they were (though not as much as I should have)

The next day, James was telling me about how he was reading Slenderblogs and had finished All the Gen one blogs (JAF, Zeke, Damien) and asking me about more.

Later on (in that same post), I also discovered a poster in a dead end stairway in my dorm. a staircase that goes nowhere, just to a sealed off part of the building. At the time I thought it was a prank, but...

He did act different after break, but I had other things on my mind (aka Plaster + Cosmic Horrors) amd I just assumed it was because he had been getting off the hard drugs (he was the guy who introduced me to the LSD guy) and getting back into weed.

I'll be keeping my eye on him.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

im ok

can't talk more right now a lot on my mind plans being made

all parts for the flamethrower purchased but I dont know if I can produce enough flame

I'm close to a breakthrough on the Gwen front James knows something he's been drawing the symbol I saw his sketchpad when he was packing a bowl earlier

he has at least one page covered in the symbol. Maybe more.

My laptop is having troubles again. I'm suspecting foul play.


She used to sing a lullaby to me, some nights. She would breathe the lyrics into my ear as I slept beside her.

"Alas, my love you do me wrong, to cast me out discourteously..."

I would close my eyes and fall asleep in her arms. I was never more happy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gwen (Part Three)

Every day with Gwen was a tiny Miracle. Waking up beside her was amazing, even if my bed is a bit too small for two. She would look at me, smile, kiss me, and climb over me to get out when she wanted to leave, though the best days were the ones when I had to leave before she did, and I would come back to find her still sleeping in my bed. She was always wearing green gowns, of different shades and hues. I still remember the morning I knew even if this was an impermanent thing I wanted it to last as long as possible.

That would be the day all the progress failed. I didn't want to leave the Lotus island.

We both felt the shadows looming in the distance.

But I still didn't know how she felt.


Talked to my roomate about Gwen today.

He was listening to some noise rock band when I walked in. He'd had hives for the last few days and had just arrived within the hour. We greeted each other, talked about break (I fabricated I'd spent the week in Montreal.)

We talked about his trouble with his ex girlfriend and the drama of their problem. He's being wishy washy, and won't put his foot down when she crawls all over him. Finally, I apologized for klicking him out of the room so much the last few weeks.

"It's fine man, I know you needed the space. You had a rough week, right?"


"Yeah, I didn't think it was possible to sleep so much."

Apparently, he thinks I was sick all week, bedridden. I spent most of the week passed out, according to him.

I wish I'd set up cameras. It would be an unbiased source of info.

Im going to talk to my friends Duncan and James. They might have a clearer source of info. James is my friend I bragged the most to and I tell Dunc everything. Well, except for this. No one knows about This.


It's looking like I'm going to be testing fire. I'm going to try to assemble a flamethrower in the next few days. I have most of the necessary supplies. I just need a super soaker.

I don't know how long I have. He's been moving closer, slowly cautiously all day.

I miss not being sober.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Path with Many Prongs

Well, Tonight Im taking a break from finding out how much was lies, and how much was truth to posit a question.

Where should I go from here?

I have a few things I can do while I continue to search out Gwen's truth.

Slender hasn't been leaving me alone, but he's been mostly harmless/passive the last few days. Watching, like a shy child watching a playmate.

I want to test fire. Not torches, not wood fire, not molotovs. Pure Flame on Him. He fears fire, or it at least upsets him. I plan on testing this more in the future.

Other options include going back to testing narcotics on him and building a rapport, and attempting to comprehend him through closer research. Riskym but it could be very rewarding.

On the other hand, we have perceptions of Slender I wish to test. Basically, we react differently to him when we are in different emotional states. It's been well documented that drunk people fear him less.

I want to test my perception of him on various substances and in various states, including meditation, hypnosis, and deep prayer.

On yet another hand, I want to attempt to fight him with spiritual means. Kay (Most of you know her) and I have been talking about things that could be done in the fields of magic offensively against him. Some of you might not remember this about me, but I spent a good portion of my childhood studying the occult like it was my job. I have a bit of knowledge and a bit of skill, enough to do some ritual magic anyways. These experiments are something I would also be willing to do.

So our options!

1) Dedicate full time to understanding Gwen/what happened

2) multitask with any of the below:

(3 and below are stand alone options)

3) Fire, pure flame

4) Narcotics on Slenderman (ala the LSD tests)

5) Test perception in different states

6) Test Sppiritual/Magical offensive Ritual Magics.

Im going to make a decision in 20 hours. In the meantime, we will return to our regularly scheduled obsessive Gwen Posts.

Gwen (Part Two)

Febuary 26, 2011:

I am charging Slenderman. I have doused my arm in gasoline and lit it on fire. I am running at slender man with intent to leave my mark on his face and die in peace.

I run at him my burning arm behind me as a swing for a wide haymaker at his chest, planning to grab at his tie.

I am pinned down before I know it. He looms over me, a being of tentacles and power, sheer power. My audacity has angered Him. I will die alone, tentacles jabbing into my body over and over again. My burning arm is broken, though he leaves the fire alone. I can sense he fears it.

I am near death. Only my spine is still intact, my head. I am being cut open when She appears, whispering something into the side of his head.

The calliope music turns from dark and wrathful to light and cheerful, childrens laughter filling the air. His face opens, a maw of sharp teeth visible for a moment and he spits, or vomits on me and everything goes dark.

I wake up, days later. Gwen is nursing me back to health, but I do not know this. I am in a world where the horrors of my pain is unkown, where plasterface is a myth. Where Slenderman is unkown. She is watching me, even as she nurses, loves me. We are happy, even if it is an artificial light in a dark and dreary world. It warms us still.

I did not know of Slice, the fact I had burnt away most of my arm, that without her direct intervention, I would be dead.


I know that she is real. I felt her breath on my skin. Her warmth against me. Ran my fingers through her hair. She is as real as I am.

But I killed her, my room seems undisturbed, still bearing signs of a struggle, and there is no body.

This leads us to Two options:

1)Someone moved the body

2) there was no body

If there was a body, and it was moved, that leaves us two more options.

1) She wasn't dead and fled, thinking I hated her now.

2) Someone else moved her body

I doubt the second one, if only that leaving a body for me to deal with.get arrested for makes a lot more sense then moving it. I can't run in prison. I can't fight there, either.

If there never was a body, what actually happened?

AS makes a valid point, its a lot of effort to create a person to break me. He was breaking me easily enough without her help. Fuck, I'd be dead if it wasn't for her.

I'm at a loss. Going to clean up/look for clues. My roommate's been sick, but he WILL be here tonight.

I'm going to talk to my friends, see if any of them knew Gwen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gwen.(part 1)

She was a smiling woman, but the kind who uses her face as a Mask.

That was probably why she never carried a traditional mask. Her vixen grin was the mask she wore to the world.

Gwen was the kind of woman who took weapons off of lpeople with a grin and a light touch.

The Night we met she walked up to me at the bus stop. I was carrying my bag, nervous, ready for war. I had picked up a huge switchblade at a store in North Hampton and was ready for a tussle, ready to be tackled by some psycho in a mask.

I was not prepared for a girl to wrap herself around me, giggle into my ear, wish me good luck, and reach into my pants to take my knife. I was so shocked, I couldn't react in any way.

She put a note in my pocket, and slipped away, waving with a grin.

The note said only:

"You are cuter then my usual targets, boy. My name is Gwen. We are going to be good friends hmm? I'm going to hold onto this for now. You can have it back when you're old enough to kill. Love, Gwen."

She left me other notes throughout the week, to let me know she was watching. Finally, the day before We failed for the first time and I was lost, she left me a note.

Do you like me? (Y) (N)

I circled Y. I had begun to fall for her, no matter how much she vexed me.

I came back to the Dorm. There was no body. No signs of a struggle.


I'm taking the Peter Pan bus back to Springfield, and another bus back to my actual college from there.

Im sure by now, you guys have read Jean and Reach's blog.

I'm not going to let myself freak out until we have an answer.

This...complicates things. With what happened to me with Gwen.

If she was a conduit, my version of events still makes sense. But if she wasn't...what happened?

I need to get back to the dorm before my roommate gets here.

I...I fled after I killed her. She's still there.

We had break so no one has been in there, I think.

One of Five things happend.

If she's there:

1) Events as recorded. I killed a beautiful woman who was in love to me because of an ability she was born with. Or We were both crazy for a brief time, and her actual love broke it enough for me to kill her.

2) She's there, but the dead body doesn't look the way Gwen did

Glamour is real, and made her look beautiful. Or else Slender fucked with both of our perception

3) There will not be a body, because someone moved it and her. Unlikely. I would be in jail by now if someone found a dead woman in my room. Room inspection happened before I...

4) She was never there, never real.

4a) THis is because she was a trap left by  Slender Man  . To break me, make me unable to fight. To make me see myself as a villain.

4b) She was Plaster, himself. Trying to take me completely

Im in Springfield now. I'll be home soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's over

We have finished what we started.

Alone is dead, though not by my hand. We left all we encountered on the way alive, and once alone was dead, the proxies in the area have mostly scattered.

My part in this is over. Ron is alive.

As for me, I'm heading back to college. I have dead to bury, a mind to sort out. Plans to make.

Getting Ron out was what kept me going. I couldn't tell anyone.

But now, the battle of Boston is over. The Boston crew is no more.

I don't know where we go from here. I don't think I have the heart to be a fighter anymore.

I'm going back to testing. I have a lot to understand.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We lost something

that could never be replaced, today.

Cerberus, no, Clyde. Rest in peace. You were a good man.

Alone, know this. We WILL save Ron.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes.

That is all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So I walk up to the outside of the restaurant. I’m dressed up, a little. White Oxford shirt, Black Overcoat, Black dress pants. Leather Shoes. I’m unarmed. Waiting outside, I see this guy, okay?  Long flowing robe. A Fucking Robe. Hood, but the hood was down. Long Blonde hair. He has blue eyes and paleish skin. He grinned at me as I approached. Morningstar.

Me: Was the robe necessary? We’re going to get thrown out. There is a dress code.
Morningstar: Say it’s for religious purposes. It’ll will be fine.

He has a faint accent. Barely noticeable.
We get seated after a few nervous looks from the waiter. I order a lemonade. He stuck with water, even after I told him I’d pay. Then we got down to business.

Me: So, humor me. Why are you here? Well, here and not trying to kill me.
Morningstar: Not trying to kill you? How do you know I don’t have someone in the kitchen, poisoning everything right now.

He smiled a jackal grin. I looked at him dead in the eyes and drank my lemonade. I was fine.

Morningstar: So, how did it feel to crush someone’s throat with your bare hands?

I resisted the urge to flip the table and stab him with my fork.

Morningstar: I don’t think I’ve ever choked the life out of someone before. How brutal. Monstrous, even.
Me: I’m sorry about the fire. Liam is out of control.
Morningstar: Liam. Didn’t burn down every nest in Charlestown. You made quite a few families homeless, you know. Hero.
Me: I’m no hero. I’m barely a useful pawn.
Morningstar: To be fair, most of you people spend all of your time sorting into leadership positions and posturing. How much positive has actually been accomplished by anyone? Even my buddy Ray, that great editor and leader has only killed a few Black Pawns and yelled at White Pawns whenever his useless girl did something stupid.
Me: Let’s not talk about them, hmm?
Morningstar: Now, I am curious, and I never get curious. Why did you call me out here?
Me: I’m curious about you. Your side. Why?
Morningstar: I like to hurt people. I did even before He came into my life. You know what I mean, correct? The Predatory feeling, the rush of power, the ascent to Godhood, for those few brief moments. You’ve felt it, right?

I shift uncomfortably. I know exactly what he is talking about.
Our food arrives. He’s ordered a lobster, I’m eating Haddock. Im cutting my Haddock, about to make a comment about the odds of the Sox this year when:

MorningStar: Kill me.
Me: whut.
Morningstar: Did I stutter? Kill me, please.
Me: No.
Mornignstar: I’m begging you, end my pain and suffering at the hands of Him. Free me, please.
Me: Free yourself. No.

He begins to break open his Lobster with methodical ease.

Morningstar: You know, death is the only real way out. Killing Proxies frees them. The dead are no longer his. Eventually, the only way to win will to have everyone but him off the board. No witnesses, none to remember. When all the bloggers are dead, all the proxies and revenants, the game will be over. No one will believe he is real, or ever doubt his reality.
Me: I don’t believe that. He was here before.
Morningstar: Ahh, but on a much smaller scale.  I believe you’ve said as much yourself. “we are like rats in a water-filled barrel.” Right?
Me: That was a long time ago.
Morningstar: I’m not going to kill you, you know.
Me: I know. You aren’t armed.
Morningstar: I could slit your throat, right now. It would be so easy. Lean across the table, and one flick of the knife. It is rather sharp, you know.
We lean towards each other, over the candlelight dinner. He leans back and smiles.
Morningstar: Your blog is quite entertaining, you know. Do you ever go back and read those first couple of posts? You were so excited to be the man you are now.

He then proceeded to quote my first entry to me in a high-pitched accent.
Me:…how ‘bout the Red Sox?

We shook hands after dinner. He told me we would be in touch.
I’m going to let him throw in his two cents. But that was the gist of our conversation, other then me asking about his life. But out of respect I won’t share that part.
We aren’t so different, as much as I hate to say it. We are both enlisted men in a war bigger then ourselves.