Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its been a while.

Hello everyone.

I'm back. For real this time. Its been a long time, huh?

I came back, only to find out so much has happened. There's been so much much death.

Ali B. is dead according to Scott.

I was just starting to read her blog before...but its still. Shit.

Reach is dead...I never liked Reach much in life, but at least he was a good man. It seemed like he died on his own terms, in a way. Hell, maybe he didn't but still he's gone. He's an irreplaceable loss.

Jekyll is dead, too. I liked Jekyll. We could have been friends, I think. I wish we had been.

But Ron...Ron's dead too.

Ron and I we were close.. I can't...

Ron and I met, you know? He's a guy I KNEW. He helped me out, and we fought together.

Heh, you guys are gonna laugh, but when I read Zero's blog, when I read Robert's I thought I could be the Hero. I thought I could sally forth, if this was real and conquer, that I could "take down the slenderman". 

So many people better, smarter, more resourceful...better people have failed.

They've waited so long...all of you have waited for an end, a Hero. A way out. We re a barrel of rats tossed into the ocean, swarming over each other as the water level rises.

What have I done?

I made a comprehensive list of my contributions to our collective struggle:

1) Bitching at Darcy
2) Worrying people
3) Dumping liquid LSD on Slender Man to dubious effect.
4) getting my ass beat over and over again
5) trying to burn him about 7 times (Fire is a deterrent, I proved, though who knows what that means)
6) Fought at Charleston, helping a great gathering break the proxy population there and freeing a few people of His control...only to have it all end in failure. We couldn't really save Ron.

I've honestly done little to nothing. My story is not worth remembering.

But Dice needs a way out of this. We're going to have to pay our way out.

A satchel full of substances. 

What Occult Knowledge I have.

Dice's strength

We're putting everything on the line this weekend.

The only way I see it, we're gonna have to fight our way out. I'm the one He wants, but Dice won't leave...

 We gotta bloody Him enough to make Him back off. Enough to make him leave us alone.

Or at least enough to be remembered.


  1. The toaster-in-a-bathtub technique works wonders in tight defensive positions, AKA, electrical current going through running water.

    If you're looking at occult knowledge, I strongly suggest salt circles. Work up your blessings as suits your nature, and remember: You don't need a LOT of salt. Personally, my favorite trick is to carry a super-soaker that has water which has been carefully salted (not too much mind you, just enough that you're definitely working with salt water), and spray out my circles on the fly around me as is necessary to quickly and efficiently complete a protective circle. That and spraying salt water in an enemy's eyes is just plain mean.

    You know your way around burny, fiery goodness. I can't give much advice there.

    Slice, you just got back. Don't die on us yet. I still owe you a beer and an extended conversation on the nature of Plasterface.

  2. I value you, Slice, even if you think lowly of your exploits.