Monday, January 31, 2011

Ordeal #4

Im going to be spending the next twenty four hours without any sort of electronic device. You won't be hearing from me until then.

I hear my package came in today, the one with the journals. I'll go through it with my time.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Ordeal #3

It was a pair of drunk kids stumbling outside, about twenty minutes ago. I pushed one of them and swore at him a bunch of times. They came at me but because I was sober and they were drunk it wasn't a huge deal.

The Guys were both white, one in a hoodie with jeans, a bit of stubble, the other in a coat and baseball cap, shaved head.

I ducked hoodie's- the one I pushed- punch and hit him in the stomach. Hat tried to grab me but I elbowed him in the face. I think his nose broke but it was bleeding, either way. I kicked him in the ribs a few times.

Hoodie lunged at me shouting threats but I punched him in the chest. He didn't bend over this time and punched me in the face. It hurt. Man, it hurt. He was a bulky dude. So I punched him again and pushed him over, and started kicking him in the ribs until I heard a crack.

then I came back here. I changed out of my sweatshirt on the way back and ditched the hat I was wearing.

I cried. I'm not afraid to admit that. I hate hurting people, I hate being that person, the one that causes pain in others.

Tomorrow I'll find out what ordeal four will be. Plaster has promised a info reveal for tomorrow.

In other news: Vexil is messing with Darby? I doubt hes down for good though. Feel bad for Sam though.

Heading out to complete Ordeal #3

I found a note this morning.

Ordeal Three: I have to get into a fight, and I have to win.

I'm going out to look for a fight in the more drunken areas on campus. I'll be going when it gets a bit darker.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What happened

We talked, one on one. Facing each other for over an hour. He told me about the past, what he could remember. He tells me he's been watching me since I was very young. Apparently, he was out to break me when I was 12-13, but I messed it up with my misguided compassion.

He tells me something terrible is coming, and that to prepare I must undergo a series of 12 ordeals, one a day. by the end, I will understand everything. I agreed.

We shook hands.

Let me tell you, Shrooms are a hell of a drug.

I've already accomplished the first two ordeals, according to him. I'm clean and rational, and I've had the courage to face him and accept his challenge. I spent today with friends sober, then meditating.

Tomorrow morning, I'll know ordeal three.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Taking shrooms in 3 hours

Anything posted from between 3-12 should be taken as not a valid analysis of my situation.

This is NOT for pleasure. We have a plan.

If it works- Post to follow. If it doesnt-

I'll look quite foolish.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I threw out my weed, my cigars, the last of the biccardi.

I'm going to face this. Who knows what caused my shift? Plaster affecting me?

I don't think so.

Maybe it was remembering Sandra, and her part in this. Maybe it was my meditation.

Maybe I've just gotten angry again.

Im hurt, hurt bad. I don't even want to talk about it.

I feel like throwing my desk around, I feel like killing all of you. I feel intense sorrow and overwhelming joy.

I can't give up on you fuckheads, you assholes you sniveling bitches just yet.

I cant run. Being not sober won't help the coming days. Plasterface has been whispering to me about my destiny.

Reach is the Rook. Reach ______

The letters scramble has yet to be solved, but Im feeling confident. I am fire.


Haven't gotten out of bed all day

Despondent as shit. Scribbling to plaster, looking away, looking back, scribbling more. I don't know how he does it.

I'm supposed to receive the package in the mail Sunday.With the journals and stuff.

I can't believe how you guys are being to Robert. His cycle will never end. Hes in the Snake pit now, and you guys want him to stay there as a sign he will "never break?" he broke once, you fools. He'll break again, and again, and again.  Unless you could somehow kill Slenderman. But I don't think any of you are capable. Not with science, not with Magic, not with story. I don't think he'll stop, ever.

Killing a few proxys as a sign of resistance? thats not even worth mentioning. That's like killing zombies, or the Russians burning their own fields when they got invaded. The mere fact there are zombies isnt the problem here. The source is the issue. Killing proxies is barely worth talking about. I abhor killing. I understand your need to kill in self-defense, but killing proxies does not a badass make.

I looked back at my first post today. HA. That kid, that little boy who posted the first time. Who did he think he was? An idealist who thought he could be a Hero. HA.

I'm not in as deep of shit as half of you, and I already feel  broken.

Plaster has been a godsend the last 24 hours. He understands my feelings, even when he disagrees.

I sound like a crazy person and a bitchy manchild so I'm going to stop now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Information

Don't trust anyone right now. Don't know why I'm even still posting notes, feel an odd compulsion to do so.

Glad that Darby, Sam, Storm all okay.

Suspicious of the "keeper" movement, especially when the figurehead is a private person. It feels like they are taking advantage of Fizzbomb's death to try to take center stage.

Probably just all of this taking its toll on me.

---Personal Notes---

Rook ______

six dashes always six dashes

signifies something

Nothing intelligent yet


R-H (following O)


Thats every  letter recived so far. I cant make heads or tails yet.

I think TA-TA Might have some significant meaning outside of the scramble, though. Same with R-H (o) and the garbled phrase "Serious Liar Parent"

The last one is obvious. My Mom is lying to me. Big suprise. The other two are still not clear.

In other news I bought a slice (approx 5 grams in these parts) of LSD today. Not for pleasure.

I know what I'm doing.

Found a Note This Morning



I wrote a response, gonna see what happens when I come back.

EDIT: 7:45, wrote "Hello Plasterface"

When I got back to my room(approx 9:45), there was more writing on it. I've left a response.

But some things are private.

I've left my room, hopefully when I return there will be a new response.

EDIT: When I came back there was a new response. I've figured out that if I'm away from the note, or preoccupied with something else, he will respond, but not otherwise. We've come to an understanding.

I've got a plan now.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Talked to Mom.

She was sober, only a little passive aggressively controlling. So thats good.

She's sending my old journals.

Otherwise, she could provide nothing interesting. Nothing I haven't Already Mentioned  but something tells me this might be my best lead.
Going through the plastershit. Finished Classes for the day, a welcome break.

You have half the answer
What you've been decoding is correct, but not entirely

"There are two sides to every mask"

Half right, also an interesting allusion, considering what comes later.

R-H is R to H following O I cannot say more

Ignoring for now. I think this is a cipher for later, or else symbolizes something

I do not have a body not yet Slice is borrowed
Big fucking surprise. Its not like I didn't suspect this once I realized the images were made on my computer.

Broekchen is Percival

 Percival is an interesting choice...he wasn't only one of the most famous knights, he was one of the few innocent enough to make it to the Grail. However, his naivete lead him to be known as Percival the fool.

I am Morgana of the modern works

Modern Morgana still fights and claws and backstabs Arthur all the way down except for in Protofeminist novels, in which she does all the above but is also a font of mystical wisdom. Joy.

He must learn to adapt and rely and subjugate fear if he is ever to Rook ______

This line again. I checked this because I was curious. It appears one more time around email 2:

"himself only then he will know the way to ------ to ------ to------ to R-H and following O"

I think its important.

My other theory is that the Names listed in all caps each time are used as a sort of hint, if not nessecarily a coded response. I'm bacd at codes, but I'm good at Mythology!

Hero List #1:


Hercules: Son of Zeus. Demigod. In his childhood killed two snakes sent by Hera. Hera hounded him throughout his childhood.

Arthur: King Arthur. Son of Uther Pendragon and Ingraine, Wife of Duke Goloris. She was won after a war, and thus Arthur was born. Due to the rampant attacks by the Saxons and the illness of Uther was sent to live with Sir Ector. He never knew who his father was.

Perseus: Born son of Zeus. His Grandfather feared him, and thus tossed Perseus and his mother into the sea in a huge chest. He washed ashore  elsewhere, and became a legendary hero.

Horus: Son of Isis and Osiris. Osiris was killed by Set, and Isis gathered his body parts and  with this (?) concieved Horus. Horus was hidden in the river until he was older, and then waged war against Set.

Hero List #2:



DEUCALION: Greek Flood myth. Makes an Ark.

DWYFAN: Welsh equivalent to Noah. Also makes an Ark.

ZIUSURDA: Sumerian Equivalent to the Above two.

A greeting, or another layer of the code? I'm not entirely certain.

Unsolved Things:

1) Hero Lists.

2) Rook ______ / the line itself

3)R-H (following O?)

4) TA-TA

I plan on calling my mom later, going to ask if she can find my journals/tell me anything from back then.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

A normal day

No dreams scince Broeck's started talking to Plaster god knows how hes emailing.

Went ice skating with my friends. I don't know how to skate. I didn't fall down though!

Did some homework, played apples to apples ( I tend to play as a Dadaist "Shattering Preconcieved notions of the game" by playing cards that are only tangentially related or literal in a bizzare way such as Jupiter for foregin), stuff like that. Not a really busy day but a good day.

Posted a challenge at him. I plan on seeing if I get a response tomorrow.

Apparently its gonna be like -17 tomorrow. Fuck thaaat.

Alright, Plaster heres the deal

Im going to leave this up. Answer how ever you want.

I trust Broeckchen, so I'm willing to entertain your existence.

Here's the deal.I can't forgive you for what you've done.
I remember June 17, 2005. I remember November 17th and what you did. I know you through and through. Fuck whatever she says, your no "Guardian" you are my fucking Dragon, my Vader, my Cerberus.  You know what I'm talking about, if you are real.

But I'm willing to work with you. Talk to me.

I'm going to leave my computer on. I assume you know my email, too. Hell, if it comes down to it I'll make you a contributor. I feel like  doom is looming over me and its getting closer everytime I see broeck transfer an email...It's not that I don't trust her, but something must be lost in translation here.

Because if you were making me a trail, it wouldn't go in circles. That was never your style. You are subtle like Lenny pets mice.

Point me in a direction and I won't stop, you plaster douchebag.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

No blogger can hold alchohol like me

I sleep now. No new developments made. Broeckchen is hoarding all the info. Don't even care any more. Going to call my mother for any childhood related info later that might involve the plastertime.

But seriously bloggers think about what your typing Ive had about 16 shots of Baccardi tonight and I still type well despite the room spinning.

Seriously, not of age kids: Be of age when you drink or at least old enough to kill a man in war. Be cool about it. Dont mix substances and have a good time.

I smoked so much weed I was a cosmonaut(Plastermail analysis)

but now Im better and ready to tackle an analysis.

Apparently Broeckchen is communicating with Plasterface somehow. I wish she'd told me that, it kind of freaked my shit out last night to learn that through ANDY.

But apparently it's dropping some sort of clues?

I'll be editing this document as I recieve the other emails, or I hopefully receive the clues within them.

CLUE #1:


 This seems to point towards the childhood of these heroes. All but perseus are epic heroes, but his inclusion removes that from the equation.

Hercules: Son of Zeus. Demigod. In his childhood killed two snakes sent by Hera. Hera hounded him throughout his childhood.

Arthur: King Arthur. Son of Uther Pendragon and Ingraine, Wife of Duke Goloris. She was won after a war, and thus Arthur was born. Due to the rampant attacks by the Saxons and the illness of Uther was sent to live with Sir Ector. He never knew who his father was.

Perseus: Born son of Zeus. His Grandfather feared him, and thus tossed Perseus and his mother into the sea in a huge chest. He washed ashore  elsewhere, and became a legendary hero.

Horus: Son of Isis and Osiris. Osiris was killed by Set, and Isis gathered his body parts and  with this (?) concieved Horus. Horus was hidden in the river until he was older, and then waged war against Set.

Feel free to fact check me. Out of context, I have no idea what this means, but I don't fucking like it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay, okay

Snow Day. Don't feel like leaving room. One class today. Microwave pizza for Brunch.

Ill do it. How can I do this? I'll stop running away.


Or that hes even real.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to Come clean (2/2)

Plasterface was a...oh hell. I can't describe it. Imagine a child made a man out of clay. Lumpy, no fingers, painted face. his face looked sort of like...oh hell I'll try to draw him in paint.

And after the first time I saw him, whenever I slept, closed my eyes, he'd be there. No, maybe not right away. Maybe I'd be having a nice dream about the beach, or I'd be in school, or I'd be having a real nightmare, and he'd be there. He'd do nothing, but stare at me, and if I looked away, he'd move closer.

I'd always think: "Whats beneath the plaster? Whats beneath the plaster?"

Once I'd notice him, he'd switch places with me, and my own skin would start to crack, like dry plaster, until I awoke, or I'd be swallowed within his clay. If I tried to run, he'd chase me, though he could never run. I tried to fight him once, and I broke his skin...but something unspeakable was inside him. I knew that instinctually, and I woke up in a cold sweat as soon as I hit him, the one time I tried.

I tried drinking nyquil until I passed out, and that just meant I couldn't wake up. I tried everything my lucid dreaming books suggested, time and time again. The fireballs, the cages, the teleportation, none had any lasting effect. He'd always be there, watching and waiting.

This lasted...six months.

It was one of the most dark periods of my life. I was an awful person morally and did some of the worst things I've done in my whole life.However, as I became more and more introspective, I theorized that the reason Plasterface was always around was because he was some sort of metaphor for the parts of myself I hated. I decided if I learnt to accecpt that part of myself, things would go back to normal. So the next time I saw him, I embraced Plasterface and kissed him.

He seemed to freak out, flailing his stubby arms, but then he vanished. I haven't seen or heard from him in years.

But recently, I've dreamt of Plasterface again.

But if he was just some part of my psyche...why is he back? That issue was resolved. I don't have any psychological issues. Is he something else, something bigger? No PLASTERFACE ISNT REAL. NO YOU AREN'T REAL.

I've told...a few friends about Plasterface. But honestly, even now just writing about him freaks me out. I haven't thought about him since September, and then only in passing.

Goddam. So there you have it. I'm batshit insane.  Goddam I need a cigar.

Time to come clean(1/2)

This is what you want, right?

Let me tell you a story. This is a true story, and whoevers been doing this knows it somehow. I've told few if anyone about this. 

I mentioned a while ago that I've always had an interest in the paranormal. When I was around thirteen, I first heard of lucid dreaming. I tried it, and found it incredible- I could escape from reality and become a God every time I slept.  I wasn't good at following the rules though and one day I found myself looking into a mirror. This is normally supposed to distort, I later learned, and it did distort, as soon as I focused on the mirror. I was no longer looking at myself.

That was how I met Plasterface.

Of fuxkc I cant do this.


I had the dream again.

I can't run away from this anymore. I need to make some phone calls.


I'll post later.


Oh god what the fuck stop

untiling that shit

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guess what today is?


I'm 19 now. My friend James gave me a pipe for my birthday/christmas. I'm still working on a name, but Im leaning towards Methuselah or The Kraken. Its look like a squid tentacle. its pretty awesome.

I had some classes today, and they were pretty cool. Nothing too evil or tough.

Im probably gonna do some homework and relax the rest of the day.

I looked up Steph and Jenna. Steph apparently  is out of the asylum. She seemed really happy to hear from me. She told me she gained, like...200 pounds, is in a college in the other side of the country, and has a fiance. Good for her, she was a mess when we were together.

I didn't call Jenna. I still don't feel comfortable doing so, but I checked her facebook. Judging from everything I saw, she left Ty, after having two kids by him and is now with another dude. She's sixteen, I still can't believe she has kids! I mean, I was with her two years ago...

Anyways, thats it for now. If anything cool happens I'll post again

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Total analysis

This is just a recap of the whole thing thats been going on so far, possible suspects and my personal theories. Im trying to straighten everything out.

Heres what I got:

---The Pictures---

The first picture related incidents occurred around December 30th. I hadn't known there was a weirdass background image to my blog (I never mucked around with the background)  and found inside my computer the first hidden folder. This folder had two images, titles all relating to light/Aten.

Aten (or as Broeckchen says, Aton) Egyptian god of Light and an Aspect of the Sun, commonly associated with Life. Supposedly my patron diety.

January 14th, I came back from vacation to find a new item in the folder- a text document, with many cryptic things on it, outlined

After that, sometime after/durning/before this post    the first picture appeared in the space behind the blog. It seems to be directed against Broeck and or Sammie, but the info says it was made the fourteenth.

Thats hours before I made my analysis post.

From there, the info in the document lead us down a trail of creepy pictures, ending today with a desperate batshit message using my real name.


1) "No, Slice, YOU are the picture person"

I have no way of proving this is true, at least not yet. But I have no recollection of ever getting the images, much less writing crazy captions. It'd be...alarming at best to say the least.

2) "Its a pank from a friend"

Unlikely. My friends don't know about this blog mostly because I wanted to be able to talk about them without impunity. It would take someone taking my laptop and looking through my history to know this.

3) "Its a crazy Ex"

If an EX got ahold of my computer for a while, this seems the most likely explanation. The two most likely to do this would be Stephanie and Jenna, but as far as I know Steph is still in the asylum and Jenna had Ty's babies a while back. Those two were the only ones truly crazy enough to do this, or able to have the skills to do this. My other exes are crazy, but not this crazy.

4) The option I'm not ready to talk about, or consider


No. Despite whatever H(a)unting says I doubt slendy can type, much less use MSpaint/Photoshop. And if some dudes were proxied, I know the signs well enough that I'd know, I think. I refuse to have Slenderman down as a credible answer, but I know someones gonna comment or be like "10101010101 SEES YOU" If I didn't discount that guy.

Well, did I miss anything? Cuz If not Im done talking about this for now. Normal blog posts to resume tomorrow.

Even more weird shit

Big suprise!

Broeckchen gave me the translation of the last...clue? code? the last of the things on the note.

(fgyojnIlorug.po) turns out to be "Ilongforyou.jpg". charming.

Ran a search, and this is what I found. A folder hidden in my Program Files entitled "sunrisesunsetoldfriendoldfriend"

This...this is some fucked up shit.

Whoever made this one, they're getting more excited. Excellent.

I looked up their origins, they seem to have been made on my computer. This one was made the tenth, the second one the twelth. I wasn't here either of those days. The first one was made the fourteenth.  I was here that day.

The Call came from inside the house, guys.

I don't think this was just some girl. I haven't told anyone about this blog, but also...

They are modeling after Him I recognize the eyes, the face. I've told nearly no one about him.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sober (edit: But not for long not with THAT)

And goddam if Im going to pussy out.

I woke up this morning with the idea of "what was wrong? "

Gelachte brought up the idea that it was the translation or the video. The translation, I did myself and I got the same, (send or tell story. There is some variance.)

The video...and search. I ran a google search, and the only thing is the video.

Well, the only other place I can think it might be is somewhere in my computer. I'm going to run a system search and see what It can find.


I dont think words can describe how upset I am that this worked.
I know what this is. This is the mask in the last picture too. Compare the mouths.

And I know I don't want any further part in this.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ok Guys

I saw the picture. And Its fucking scary. If thats what I think it is, fuck that I'm out. I cant see that shit again, and especially not like that.

Excuse me, I kind of...freaked out a while ago. Smoked a shitload of weed as soon as I knew what was happening.

So...Im going to pretend I didn't see shit.  Im not going to play some bullshit hide and seek.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Analysis of weird shit/(other things because Im bad at being direct)

Well, Thanks to Kiki ( <3) and a healthy dose of the liquor cabinet/watching The Green Hornet with my friends, yesterday is mostly sorted out.

(By the way, Green Hornet was GREAT. So funny, and badass at the same time! Highly recommended for a bros night out. 5/5 in my book. Wouldn't change a thing.)

It seems like this is what everything in that text means:

What I found:

ارسال داستان - Persian
Send story

شهرزاد - Arabic

Googling that gave me this definition:
Scheherazade , sometimes Scheherazadea, Persian transliteration Shahrazad or Shahrzād (شهرزاد Šahrzād, Arabic Šahrazād), is a legendary Persian queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.

Youtube Connection(doubtful):

^Lovely Lady Kiki supplied all of this. Much thanks to her!

My Analysis:

Whoever was messing with my computer was trying to leave me some sort of bizarre message.

No idea what the last stream was, but everything else seems to offer a message of hope, I guess. Send story and Scheherazade. Scheherazade told stories to remain alive...I don't really get it, but I think its good?

That video changed the tone of everything. It was a nice poem! I remember it from Coach Carter.

Whatever, Im going to ignore this all until I get settled into college. I don't think this is a threatening thing.

Pats vs Jets tomorrow! Campus is going to be ABSURD.

Im pretty excited to get back.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Someone was in my computer while I was gone

I was looking through my image folder. Im trying to organize when I noticed tht creepy ass folder? From before?

Its got something new inside it.

well, shit.
This is the document, "theeeclipsetheeeclipsethecclipse.txt" file in its entirety:

ارسال داستان



fgyojnIlorug.po "



Im not messing with this shit. Im working on it, but I've always been bad at codes and shit, and fuck if Im not flipping the fuck out. 

Im gonna buy a whole bag of weed when I get back to school I swear to god, set fire to it and INHALE. Maybe drink a bottle of Jack Daniels by myself.  

 I need a face to punch, a demon to confront. Fuck this bullshit. This computer is MINE, YOU HEAR ME? ITS AN EXTENSION OF ME. FUCK OFF. 

Of course, someones gonna say "durp its you" to that I say, Fuck you. I dont know any Arabic, and I certainly don't write in gobbledygook codes. 

 Guys, what the fuck is happening? Im three inches away from deleting the folder, but...Im scared to.

Im scared 

Back on the Grid(Alt Title: Edit forever)

I'm home again! Florida was nice (60 degrees in January! Wonders never cease)

It was nice to get away from the internet from everything and do physical stuff, play some golf, watch a lot of Adam West Batman and Star Trek with my grandparents.

Do you guys realize how incredible airplanes are? When we were lifting off the ground, I was struck with the thought that humans are FLYING OFF THE GROUND IN A METAL BOX. Holy shit! Humans have done some miraculous things.

Well, I go back to college in about 36 hours. I excited to go back. Japanese killed me last semester, so I'll be glad to turn this around next semester!


Well, I just read through the clusterfuck of blogs I missed.

Zeke's getting more suspicious everyday, as much as I hate to say it.

Thage appeared! Crazy Chess metaphors abound. I wondere where its gonna go...

@Stormy: if you can read this, I hope your okay. Your messages in Japanese were startling, to say the least.

@Kiki: I read everything. Keep your head up, girl!

Also, Will invented some sort of...Taser-shotgun? Im not sure how that works but I hope it does.

Hmm, thats it for now. I probably wont post again until I get back to college.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well Im gone monday

I'm aparently going to Florida to visit my grandparents on monday. Im going to use it as a sort of internet detox, and then the day after that I'm back at school.

No one die/get attacked while Im gone!

I'm really excited to go back. My mom is best served in small doses. I don't wanna talk about it.


Something weird happened. My mom told me I used to have nightmares a lot when I was little. Apparently, I would say a dark man was watching me. So I apparently had a nightlight until I was about 9 or so because that was the only thing that calmed me down.


I shat a few bricks. Like maybe, 2 or 3. I just thought that was interesting.


I'm feeling the distance between me and the high school kids more and more lately. Have I grown so much, or is it more that Im only now realizing out distance? So much that was important 6, 8 months ago no longer matters at all.

Its a good feeling. Definitely. My life is so much better now.

My dog, Tessa, had her birthday yesterday! I took her to the wooded paths in my town (my town is 50% thick forest and 50% beach. Go figure) For a walk. It was extremely icy, I almost died about ten times. Tessa was able to go much faster than me and almost dragged me to my death. When we made it out to the bog, some people were skating out there and that freaked her out, so we had to go back up the icy paths.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eh! Eh!

Heck, today was pretty lame. I visited the chiropractors at my mother's insistence, and it was pretty cool. Im pretty sure Im taller now, or at least I have a longer neck.

Anyways, not much else to report about today. I'm  honestly getting excited to go back, its getting boring around here. Brendan leaves Sunday, my friend Ben already left.

But, in Light of my not having anything noteworthy to say, lets play a game. A Question for a Question.

I'll do my best to answer whatever you'd ask of me with complete honesty but I expect the same.

Though, you could check up on me tomorrow or whenever and Ignore this. Thats cool too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Spider-Man should probably not be a Musical/Floating around

My family drove down to New York City for the day yesterday. It was pretty cool to see the city while the Christmas decorations are still up.  I didn't know I still knew my way around a little bit from my last couple of trips, at least well enough to get from times square to Rockefeller Center and to St. Patrick's Cathedral. (If you like churches the way I do, I recommend it. Its SO COOL)

Then that night we saw the Spider-Man musical. Honestly, I was excited to go but not expecting that, until I realized U2, my mothers favorite band had done the music and lyrics. So it made sense that she wanted to see it.

Honestly it would have been amazing if I was between the ages of 5 and 13 or didnt know much about theater. But Im older than that age bracket, and a theater snob so I was merely entertained. They did a very good job with the show, although they took the continuity presented and abused it like no other. The stunt work was fantastic, though I pity the guy who got slammed into the balcony shin first.

We drove back afterwards and made it home around two.

woke up around noon today, made some pancakes with real bacon, and was hanging with friends until thirty minutes ago. Wandering around, playing Time Crisis at the local arcade...good good times. Its too bad people are starting to go back to school soon...

Well, I was told recently I'm going to be spending a week away from the internet with my grandparents next week. So there's that. Then a few days till I'm back in college. Man, this has been a nice little break.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years more like

I wish I had something witty to finish that with.

But seriously worst new years ever.

I'm pretty pissed, I was under house arrest for all of New Years, so I missed my chance to see Kelsey. And then Family Feud, except the chair throwing kind instead of the cheesey game show/


Oh well, Im going to New York City tomorrow for a day trip. Im gonna go see the Spideman Musical . If your in NYC, you have a chance of spotting me. I'll be the dude with the Argyle sweater next to a blueberry woman. Shout Slenderphrases at me and I'll give you a dollar

Otherwise, not much is going on. Saw Dani for a little bit today, she's nice enough but Im realizing just how much older I am than her. All them High School kids, so young!

*shakes his cane like an old man*

In other news, I'm calm now, that picture isn't of slendy so it doesn't matter anymore.

I find it hillarious this Blog is considered a slenderblog now.  I do suppose I have a lot of Slendy content but I have no intention of doing that! Any intention I had was destroyed by finals/a new semester/wanting to live a sucessful life/the sheer ammount of competition.

Seriously, guys. I don't want to read a thousand blogs about a social outcast with no friends who runs from Slendernomings and has a friend/relative become Masky. Lets see some creativity people! Character Development! More then one main character, and not just "Shes my girlfriend and we're in LOVE"

Im pretty sure Im safe from Slendy purely for the fact I have a social life and other hobbies.