Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to Come clean (2/2)

Plasterface was a...oh hell. I can't describe it. Imagine a child made a man out of clay. Lumpy, no fingers, painted face. his face looked sort of like...oh hell I'll try to draw him in paint.

And after the first time I saw him, whenever I slept, closed my eyes, he'd be there. No, maybe not right away. Maybe I'd be having a nice dream about the beach, or I'd be in school, or I'd be having a real nightmare, and he'd be there. He'd do nothing, but stare at me, and if I looked away, he'd move closer.

I'd always think: "Whats beneath the plaster? Whats beneath the plaster?"

Once I'd notice him, he'd switch places with me, and my own skin would start to crack, like dry plaster, until I awoke, or I'd be swallowed within his clay. If I tried to run, he'd chase me, though he could never run. I tried to fight him once, and I broke his skin...but something unspeakable was inside him. I knew that instinctually, and I woke up in a cold sweat as soon as I hit him, the one time I tried.

I tried drinking nyquil until I passed out, and that just meant I couldn't wake up. I tried everything my lucid dreaming books suggested, time and time again. The fireballs, the cages, the teleportation, none had any lasting effect. He'd always be there, watching and waiting.

This lasted...six months.

It was one of the most dark periods of my life. I was an awful person morally and did some of the worst things I've done in my whole life.However, as I became more and more introspective, I theorized that the reason Plasterface was always around was because he was some sort of metaphor for the parts of myself I hated. I decided if I learnt to accecpt that part of myself, things would go back to normal. So the next time I saw him, I embraced Plasterface and kissed him.

He seemed to freak out, flailing his stubby arms, but then he vanished. I haven't seen or heard from him in years.

But recently, I've dreamt of Plasterface again.

But if he was just some part of my psyche...why is he back? That issue was resolved. I don't have any psychological issues. Is he something else, something bigger? No PLASTERFACE ISNT REAL. NO YOU AREN'T REAL.

I've told...a few friends about Plasterface. But honestly, even now just writing about him freaks me out. I haven't thought about him since September, and then only in passing.

Goddam. So there you have it. I'm batshit insane.  Goddam I need a cigar.


  1. Maybe you should try kissing him again? I mean, it worked the first time...

    Maybe he's representing something new in your life that you don't like?

  2. If I can avoid it, I'm not ever going to touch him again. Besides, its not been every night.

  3. Now let me be clear. Plaster - yes, is back. But whatever he was back then that made you fear him, he isn't that thing anymore. He is now some acting as some kind of guardian for you. But he can't talk directly to you for some reason. Because of that, he tried to leave messages for you. Listen, Slice, you are in some kind of danger. I'm not going all "TEH SLENDERZ!" on you now, it could also be a malevolent person around you or something else going on and Plaster - may he be a seperate individual or a part of your psyche - tries to warn you about it. To help you.

    He is no danger right now. He tries to keep you out of danger.

    I know that must hit you hard, but please let it sink in. Don't ignore my words. Ask aloud whatever you want him to know. Plaster might act a little obsessive right now, but he won't be obsessive to the point of harming you. He honestly tries to help you. Please let him.


    Even if that figment could somehow speak, why do you trust it? Plasterface is a DEMON.

    Hes awful. You don't even understand what hes done to me.

  5. He was there. You said nothing about him hurting you. He doesn't want to. Please trust him at least with this.

  6. I can wholly relate.

    I seem to be using that phrase alot lately, but I've found people who I AM wholly relating to recently.

    You ever see Morph on smART? Probably not. But he looked like Plasterface and I HATED him. He freaked the shit out of me when I was a kid.

    But then the creators of Plasterface picked up on this and created Chas. Chas was made of white plaster and he was the antithesis of Morph. He made Morph fail everytime.

    And I'm so sorry, I have to go because I've just thought of something that needs to be tested and I can't do it on my own.

    The most I can say is follow Broeckchen's advice.