Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Found a Note This Morning



I wrote a response, gonna see what happens when I come back.

EDIT: 7:45, wrote "Hello Plasterface"

When I got back to my room(approx 9:45), there was more writing on it. I've left a response.

But some things are private.

I've left my room, hopefully when I return there will be a new response.

EDIT: When I came back there was a new response. I've figured out that if I'm away from the note, or preoccupied with something else, he will respond, but not otherwise. We've come to an understanding.

I've got a plan now.


  1. New email:

    Hes on the right track but his stubborness will make this near impossible

    He talked to his mother I hate her hate her hate her


    Dont stop talking to me please please

  2. So Slice, and Broeckchen, if you read this, I'm offering you two a chance to join The Keeper Alliance.

    We need people right now, and well, I hope you're willing to fight this thing.

    The Keeper

  3. I will have to refuse.

    I am not being pursued by the monster in question at this time, and have bigger fish to fry. In addition, I am suspicious of a blogger who keeps his profile hidden and is still organizing a movement.

    Good Day.

  4. Moar info, pls?

    Drop me an email, FindersKeepers. GelachteBroeckchen@googlemail.com