Friday, December 31, 2010


I got rid of the image.

My current hope is that I was really high one day and put that image there and forgot about it. Its possible I guess.

I googled the title of that folder. Its a line from the second verse of the Great Hymn of Aten.

 The verse in its entirety is:
"When thou settest in the western horizon,
The land is in darkness, in the manner of death.

Men sleep in their chambers,
Their heads are wrapped up,
Their nostrils stopped, and none seeth the other.
Stolen are all their things that are under their heads,
While they know it not.
Every lion comes forth from his den,
All serpents, they sting.
Darkness reigns,
The world is in silence:
He that made them has gone to rest in His horizon."

 Aten is supposed to be my patron deity as according to my pagan friends so this does lend credence to being way to high and forgetting and feeling artsy. But damn, I was barely smoking at all last semester, it doesnt seem that likely. And I was almost never near a computer, not that I can recall.

I don't think its one of my friends, I didn't really tell anyone about the blog so I could say whatever I wanted to without starting drama.

Anyways, I found the first image online, it comes from some German photographer, and is the first thing to come up on google.

but thats not what really worries me.

I can't track down the second image anywhere. I don't know where it came from

Though, on closer examination its a figure walking away, not who I thought it was. So thats good at least.
Im going to put this down as "fuck you your not real" and leave it alone. Maybe get a new background image. One that wont be hidden and terrify me.

And them I'm gonna go out tonight I think. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, December 30, 2010





Do you guys fucking see that image behind my posts and stuff? How long has that fucking been there?

what the fuck

thats not the image I put back there


found it. Screencap of where it was. I don't know what this fucking folder is. Its inside a folder I just dump stuff into, I never look in there.

there are two images in there:
this one is labled follow_me_into_the_light.jpg

the other one is


That better not be who I think that is in the second picture.


Fluting the Hump

Well, I went to the party last night. it as kind of refreshing, actually, seeing all those kids still in High school who have issues I dont have to deal with anymore. Though they were still pretty obnoxious. I left early to go watch the fighter with my friend Brendan. If you like boxing and good acting, or just good acting, I reccomend it. Its gonna win some awards this year, I think.

Anyways, new years eve is tomorrow. I planned on going to boston, but I dont wanna have to drive up there. I might just hang out with my friend Duncan for a while. He lives just down the street, so I can just walk over there. Brendan might come too!

Its funny, I should be more afraid of my woods then I am. considering there aren't any light posts where I live, and slendy is supposed to love forests, I still feel safer here then I did in my brightly lit college. Even more so scince Solstice.

 Man, I miss being in college though.

I liked my freedom I had out there. My home life is a bit authoritarian.

Happy New years guys!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Havent really felt like wrtiting

not much is happening. I've been snowed in the last few days. I hate snow, so much. Uhghhhh.

I basically dont have any paranoia anymore, which is good.

Christmas was pretty nice. Got a sweet bathrobe, slippers and a beanbag chair. I plan on bringing the chair and the robe back to college.

Anna and I tried to hang out this week but with the blizzard its not worked out very well. Ah, well. ces't la vie. I was probably reading too much into things anyways...

Im invited to a party on Wendsday, but I don't really feel like going. People that I used to have to hang out with will be there, and I've learned since leaving home that I can't stand them. Criminals, girls that turned me down and Drama Queens. Bah, I say. I'll probably end up going anyways.

I'm looking forward to New Years Eve. I have plans to go into Boston, and word is K will be there...If she is, this might be my chance!

(Imagine me, posed on a cliff at sunset, posed in a lookout position, clenched fist held above me as the waves crash into the rocks, eyes closed intense expression. That is my emotion at the above statement)

Saw True Grit Sunday. WAY better than Tron. Jeff Bridges can actually act, which surprised me. I've not seen him as anyone but the Dude before this year.

Well, Im so tired I cant see straight so Ill be stopping this here. I'll clarify on anything that makes no sense later.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Slenderman Edition)

Inspiration struck, and I did my best with it

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house
Not a person was festive I had reasons to grouse
The cameras were hung by the entry with care
In the fear that the Slenderman soon would be there
My dog all a shivering, and I with my light
Had just settled down for a long sleepless night
What outside my window arose such a clatter
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window, my light did I flash,
Pulled up the blinds and pulled on the latch
Standing out there in the new-fallen snow
giving the lustre of mid-day to objects below
what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But old Slenderman? Oh, my heart filled with fear
When I knew what I saw, so lively and fast,
I got my weapons and readied to fight to the last

More rapid than eagles my crossbow did shoot
I shot in his head and shot in his foot
"Take this one and that one, and another to spare!
I’ll fill you with holes till your nothing but air!
Away from my porch! Away From my wall!
Now run away! Run away!I’ll shoot off your balls!"

Without so much as a word in reply
He raised up a hand straight into the sky
And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
Not the sounds of Reindeer, but the sound of a boot

As I ran from the window and hurried downstairs
There stood the Slenderman without nary a care
Standing so smugly right next to the tree
I was so frightened I wanted to pee

His clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot. 
From his slenderman face to his slenderman suit
I knew in a moment he’d just break my back
And then I would be his Christmas eve snack.
I swung with my sword! I swung with my bat!
I gave him a bash! I gave him a slash!
But still there he stood! His look oh so merry!
I’d gave it my best, I knew I was ready
But then I knew something was odd, for my foe
On top of his head, as pale as the snow
Had a small furry hat, colored red and white
And somehow I knew he’d not come to fight.

He reached with one claw, so long and so handy
And took from my tree a single sweet candy
And then reached within the folds of his jacket
And handed to me a small weighty packet
He then walked and returned to the tree
And from his coat pulled presents for my family and me
I can’t tell you how, and I can’t tell you why
But tonight, just tonight, He’s not a bad guy.

He finished his work, but before he could leave
I ran to the kitchen, and got him a treat
The plate full of cookies, left for St. Nick
But this time, for Slendy this might do the trick.
He took the plate, seemed to smile
I was glad for tonight, if just for a while
Peace and goodwill came not just for man
But for all of our enemies, even Ol’ Slenderman

I waved him goodbye as he vanished from sight
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

News on the Slenderfront


I'm glad to see he's blogging again. ZEEEKEEEEEE~~~~~

For once, I am glad I only  have four followers. I'd be mortified if he ever saw that.

In other news, Zero did...well, whatever he did. And I'm getting mixed readings. Ron says it worked, whatever it was. Maudin claims we did some damage as well.

I think Zero's idea of the anti-Tulpa effect was a sound one. But did it actually work? Who knows.

Still...I'm a little unsettled by this whole thing. I wrote my solstice story hours before Zero posted.

I don't remember writing it, or any of the events I wrote.

I stayed inside all night on the solstice. I went outside for maybe five minutes, went to bed around three. The blog was posted sometime after three.

Before someone cries Slenderman, I know I'm not hunted. I'm only a little disconcerted. I used to sleep write  sometimes when I was younger. I had been planning a Solstice blog before I went to bed, and I left my computer on, so it could be that again. Or, I could have been hacked, but I kind of doubt that. Changed my password anyways.

 Its not a scary or bad post, though, so Im not concerned. I've treated it like a blog post I wrote and Im going to keep treating it as such.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My brother is back in town

My brother is home tonight! we decorated the Christmas Tree as a family, carols playing, drinking eggnog. He was complaining the whole time, but its just like him. He's such a Tsundere.

my brother's name is Ben.  We're twins. Fraternal, if you are really curious. Everything I am, he's the opposite. Also, don't tell him I said this, but  while he's the stronger of the two of us and the faster on the land, I'm easily the smartest and the best looking. When we were kids, and fought, we usually tied though, because I'd get pig-headed.

I was up until about four last night, talking with friends through facebook and watching the stream of the Eclipse.

Did anyone else see something...suspicious in the moon?

Here, look at it. Look at the dark spots.

look at the Dark Spots. Hint: the middle spot is a head.

I watched this thing go from looking directly at me, to writhing in pain, to eventually vanishing.

So Im going to take that as a good omen.

Especially after what happened last night.


I look up at the night Sky tonight, and in the Orange glow, masked by the clouds, I ponder.

I imagine the Sages, standing united together. Maudin in his mask, Zero looking grim, haggard, but defiant, and countless others standing in the snow and chill as well.

I clutch my wooden sword a little tighter.

The Solstice in Wicca, and many other Pagan religions is supposed to represent the rebirth of light. The Light Child is supposed to be born, and we welcome him at the Solstice.

With the Lunar Eclipse tonight, I interpret this as an attack on the Light, an attempt at perversion.

Some read this as the end of days. 12/21 is supposed to be the apocalypse after all. And revelations mentions a blood red moon.

But to me, the Light is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It peirces the clouds cover and drenches my lawn in light.

And I dance to welcome the Light. I don't know the dance, I feel it.

And for a moment, the woods are not scary anymore.

EDIT: had to resist a really hard urge to go into the woods. Lunar Madness, I guess.

Monday, December 20, 2010

White Christmas!

It snowed last night!

About a foot of snow, I'd say. Maybe a little less. It was coming down hard after I left the theater, and now everything is pretty just in time for Christmas.

I saw Tron last night, not bad for a Disney movie. You can tell though they were trying really hard to make the movie more badass than it really was. 3/5 in my book (a whole star was added for Michael Sheen impersonating David Bowie)

tell me this isn't supposed to be David Bowie

Ugh, I just realized I left my winter coat and my snow boots at college. Why the hell did I even bring them up? It never snows around here till this point in the year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Life

Its cold along the coast! I thought it was supposed to be warmer than it is inland. Still no snow, either. What a waste of cold weather.

My dog is asleep next to me right now. I just finished the process of removing my beard. It was time for a change, definitely. I do miss it though, especially now that all the acne has moved in. Its the worst thing about having a beard, definitely.

Its going to be a slow day, no doubt. A couple of my friends are planning to see Tron tonight. Anyone know if its good?

Well, either way I'll be going tonight. I missed those guys, you know? Friends from home kind of get pushed to the side in college life.

Slender paranoia and interest has been dropping a lot since I left college. I have other things to keep me occupied.

Like angsting over past relationships and avoiding ex girlfriends. Emoting in the non-existant snow, that sort of thing.

Except for Anna. I need to get her a gift. Anna is different. Shes been good to me, even now.

Any ideas, guys? She wants me to get her a ruler, but I'm not going to just get a fucking ruler. I need to get her something else, more personal. But not something that'd hint I want to get back together with her. That ship has sailed, and I don't want to get back on it, you know?

Anyways...Lunar Eclipse on solstice. The Battle's going to be CRAZY if it happens.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Crisis Avoided/ I love slashes

Marble Hornets was making the rounds in my dorm recently. People were talking about sSenderman everywhere after one guy showed everyone the videos last weekend.

Well, considering what seems to happen to people who get to far into the mythos, I hope no one goes too much farther. But this guy J seems to be going ass first into it. His new profile picture is fucking Slenderman. He also insists on talking about this like he's an expert because he read Just Another Fool and watched Marble Hornets. This is like talking to a Doctorate of Physics about how light works.

God I sound like such a pretentious asshole.

Anyways, I'm humoring them, keeping them off conversation. It dies away due to finals.

Then I find something else in a dead end stairway yesterday. A sign that says in the standard style: "SEES ME" Next to a huge operator symbol.

In Charcoal.

I took it down, of course. I would assume J did this as a prank, but no one who watched the video that night owns art charcoal.

Well, I'm home from winter break, so I hope someone did this as a prank, and there isn't some crazy kid who thinks he's being hunter by slenderman or an actual hunted or Hallowed in my dorm.

 Being Home is so wonderful! Real carpets, private bathrooms, constantly hot showers...and Dogs! Here's a picture of my dog being adorable:

I lover her very much. She's a good girl.

Well. 2ish days till solstice now, depending on where they are.

I'm so curious as to what is going to happen...I hope Zero and the others make it out okay.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Finals Time/More about MEEEEE

Well, I just had my first final of the year. I did okay, I guess. Had to make some "logical guesses" a few times but not too bad overall. As I am an English major my only other final to take this week is my Japanese Language one, which I may not even show up to because I failed that class SO HARD. I can't even spell Japanese without the spell check.

I realized because I made this blog when I was drunk. Because of that I never finished the introduction, So I guess I'll do that now.

I'm an English major in a western MA university. I'm a freshman, currently. I've read more books than I can possibly remember. I think Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the greatest anime, but I don't watch a ton of that stuff anymore. If I had a spirit animal it'd have to be a racoon. Because I fucking LOVE racoons. I box, and I'm a fencer, though I'm not great at either. I'm more Edward Norton than Brad Pitt.

When I was a little kid, my parents read us bedtime stories. My brother always wanted to just go to sleep, but I'd insist upon it. My parents would want to read cutsey stories about talking rabbits or flying treehouses, but I always wanted to hear stories of adventure, and knights and dragons. When I could finally understand the words on the pages, all I wanted to read about were mythological beasts and their corresponding heroes.  I'm probably one of he few people who likes Van Helsing better than Dracula.

This turned into an interest in the occult when I got older. I distinctly remember digging through a pile of old books in some bookstore looking for a Grimoire or the Necrocomicon. One of my best friends joined me in this interest around eigth grade, but never with my methodical intensity. I've always said that if there was a job about knowing how to deal with mythical creatures, I would be paid top dollar for my knowledge.

So you can understand why I've dived neck first into my research on o'l Slendy.I'm pretty sure by now I've read all the blogs, if not just most of them.

Well, my laptop is dying, so that's it for now.

What Slendy blogs are your favorite to read? 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A bit about my weekend (because if there's one thing you want to read its some kid prattling about his weekend)

Solid weekend, so far. Despite finals coming in rapidly, I've had an enjoyable time. I split a bottle of Captain's with my roomate last night, and wandered down to the local graveyard, with Justice, the hunk of wood I found a few weeks ago. I think it was a part of someone's closet. I'm not really sure where I got it... It was a little creepy, and crosswalks were hard to manage, but I made it. I love graveyards. They are so peaceful, in their own way. I'm not some kid who hangs out there, all the time, but a graveyard is sort of like a library, in its own way. A place that holds relics of the past...
What am I talking about? Nevertheless a good night. I played beirut like a champ tonight, sinking in half of all the shots I took. Watched Alaladdin and Sweeny Todd with my friends. Tomorrow Im studying all day, and then exams.

Before you hurl judgement, non-existent reader,I'm not a huge partier. But if I'm going back home, I'd like my last weekend of freedom to be enjoyable. Sometimes I wish I had a girlfriend, but I'm also glad to have made such good friends thus far. Everything will work itself out in time.

What about you, maybe existent reader? How was your weekend?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Recent Dreams

So I've been having some weird dreams lately. And by weird, I mean awesome.

Seriously, I haven't had a stream of dreams this awesome in a long time.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was Brad Pitt in Fight Club, as a sort of alter ego. And I used this alter ego to start a war against some unstoppable force, some sort of government or something. The force kept growing as we advanced deeper into enemy territory, until we made it to this fortress, the bastion of their power.

We easily killed the guards, until all that remained was a man in a suit. Older looking guy, black suit. I opened fire, bullets hitting him, but he just smiled at me. Then, he began destroying my men left and right. So I reached into my belt, picked up a stake, and drove it into him, tackling him while I did this. He just laughed, though I had stopped his attack. I was dead, until somehow, I had a revelation. He prepared for my attack, as I dropped my stake...and hugged him.

I told him it was time to end this war, that was hurting everyone. I told him it was time to share our stories. He would tell me his, and I would tell the story of the people. From there, we could work everything out, but the important part was that we would stop the war. He consented, and I spoke of humanity.

Then I woke up.

But hell, I also have dreams about being a cyborg fighting my way free, rescuing human test subjects out of a laboratory with a mutant girl so I guess this isn't too out of the ordinary. I'm having a lot of badass dreams lately.

But last night, I dreamt someone was at my desk, shuffling through my papers, looking at my computer. He was made of dark, but looked like my brother in build, though he was hunched over. I need to start eating better before bed.

It's funny, though...I was sure I was awake when that happened, but the lighting was so much brighter when I woke up, so I must have been dreaming.

I realize I left the last post on a cliffhanger, so I'll write more about that later. Not that anyone cares!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Guess this is where I introduce myself.

Call me Slice.

I'm in college, an English major.  Male, if that matters.

I've been following the Mythos (If you know what I mean) for several months now. I started like most of you with MH, then Everyman, then Twelve Tribes. I hit up the internet, looking for more information, and found my way into the blog network. Dreams in Darkness, Seeking Truth, then M, then ALL of the sages.  I was filled with fear, at first, but more and anger.

Lets get one thing straight, though. I'm not infected. Don't/won't believe in him. But if this is something that is really happening...

I've been waiting for this my whole life.

 I've got an essay to write, I'll explain more later.