Saturday, April 30, 2011


I would have said mother of God but

Jesus fuck. What I saw down there. I can barely think about it without tearing up and feeling sick.

I went down into the sewers last night. I needed the cover of darkness. I couldn't make a flamethrower, if he ever made one it was gone, but there was a pile of his "lighter bombs" so I took a few of those.

I also bought a crowbar, for the purpose of braining dudes and, you know, opening the manhole.

But so I got to the manhole I was going to start with and pried it open. To avoid suspicion, I sealed it behind me.

I would either return with Slice or not return at all.

I shined my flashlight down the narrow slimy tunnels. They smelled like shit. But I guess that's what they are supposed to smell like.

I had been thinking about this for a while, and I had some ideas, and with some basic research on the internet, I learned there were many dried out tunnels in the area. If Gwen and Slice were hiding down here, they would be in one of these side tunnels, otherwise they wouldn't last very long and would probably have died. Gwen wasn't stable (and neither was Slice, probably) but I was sure they'd be smarter than that. Especially with Gwen's delusions. Rivers of Feces are not Romantic in the way abandoned dry sewer tunnels are.

So I trudged in as little sewer water as I could as I moved further down the tunnels. I was silent, clutching the crowbar as tightly as I could. The air down here was sickening.

Finally, I came to the abandoned part of the sewers. There was no light but my own. There was no sound but my heart beat.

Until I heard the faint sound of weeping.

I shined my flashlight down the tunnels. The tunnel to my left, that's where it was coming from I thought.

I headed down the tunnel the weeping, still faint, was getting louder, the tunnel turned.

Suddenly, my flashlight went out. A black smoke settles around me. It's humid, sticky, sliding over me, almost tasting me, and then it is gone.

I see light in the distance. I turn my flashlight off and approach, gripping my crowbar. I am not alone. There is someone else down here, obviously I mean I heard weeping-

I approach and round the bend, ready to attack.

I am not a weak man. I am strong, strong, but what I saw...there was no god in a world like this.

Slice was chained to the wall of the sewer. He had a mask around his neck, the kind for breathing in toxic environments. He was covered in blood. Like, covered. So much blood...his shirt was open, and so were his pants. But he was not the one weeping, or not the only one. god Gwen.

She was dressed only in an apron, and covered in filth. Her hair was a mess, all over the place. She was facing Slice, kneeling at his side. Her right arm was covered with holes. No, not holes, deep bite marks. Chunks of missing flesh. I watched as she bit into her and tore out a part of her arm, chewed it a few times,  and moved up to his mouth. She kissed him as he struggled limply as she pushed the chunk of meat into her mouth like a momma bird feeding a baby. I screamed when I saw.

She turned at me, shrieked and ran at me, but her leg had been bitten too and she could barely move, and I clubbed her down and out of the way.

Slice, he he was barely conscious.

Gwen shrieked as I approached him and crawled towards me.

"He's Mine! Mine! Get away!"

"Fuck off you crazy bitch!" I shouted. I was trying to free Slice from the wall, but the cuffs were locked and I didn't have time to think and she was crawling at me quickly, sobbing and shrieking.

I kicked her in the face and she was pushed back for the moment, but she was clawing at my leg-

I finally in a burst a strength pulled the cheap links out of the wall and pulled Slice free. I mean in retrospect they were like barely nailed into the wall but I couldn't think

fuck he's waking up I gotta go

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I learned from the Mythos

  1. Rope. It's a weapon, a lifeline, a way to capture people...gotta love rope.

  2. Tackle Fucking Everything.

  3. Don't trust your eyes.

  4. Have a plan going in.

  5. Don't be afraid to improvise

  6. Speak loudly and carry a big stick

  7. Hope for the best but expect the worst.

Here we go, people. You won't hear from me until I come back from the sewers. Either I come back with Slice or I don't come back at all.

What was it that he always said?

Whatever's on the table plays.

It's time to roll.

-Dice out

...there it is again. Hunh.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I gathered

Her Name Was Jennifer Renard. She was 20. She had been stalked like my brother had, for a long time throughout her childhood. She, like my brother, had also repressed her memories. I don't know why or how she escaped.

She changed her name, tried her past, and saved money to go to college. She went to school...and met my brother.

As far as I can tell, she was happy.

They became friends. They both had similar interests in magic, in mythology, in nerdy things. She wrote a couple of entries about him, some poems. She didn't have a phone, or a computer.I think on some level she might have been scared of finding The Slender Man again.

Then, one day he showed all his friends “Marble Hornets”. As part of a movie night, I guess, after he was already on his downward slope.

It came back to her in a flash. She knew she had to leave. She dropped out, claimed she had Mono, and fled. But never far enough.

She was bait in a ploy, of some sort, she claims. A princess for a Dragon. She came back to the school a different woman in January. She was Gwen now.

They liked each other. Maybe they would have loved. I dunno. I never had a good relationship. Neither did bro. Maybe it's our curse, huh?

But amidst the ramblings of Gwenivere, she claims my brother as Arthur, and sometimes as Mordred. She claims she is the only one who can save him. The last entry was written sometime on the 36th of March.

“He tried to kill me, but he loves me still he loves me I saw the tears in his eyes the horror he won't abandon his Queen I must save him must! Must! He will not have him. He will live and live and live and live and live He will never find him in the depths he cannot go there no one can. We will live and die together. No! He mustn't die! Never never never never He will not fight he will not stand tonight we've been dead for years but death is not what scares us he must fight not must not h he is ours mine mine alone he will be safe safe below the depths. “


I'm preparing to scour the sewers.

I got a bad feeling about this.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dice here. Sorry for the absence. Things have been...well.

When we last left off, I had just found a pile of books and journals and was going through them. I just grabbed the pile of books and dumped them into my bag. I didn't want to stay too long, as a dude with a rope around him in some chicks room is going to arouse suspicion, I don't care who you are.

But I grabbed the books. I had searched the floor, her desk, her laundry piles. I had two places left. The Bed and the Closet.

I...look. I'm uncomfortable enough going through a girls clothes. I know this sounds silly in the situation I was in, but still. I've not had much experience with girls, and I could see her bras and stuff.

But anyways, I got on my knees and began to look under her bed.

I...hell. You guys might be right. What I saw down there wasn't normal.

Ever since I was little, I've been terrified of Horses. Don't laugh. Horses are terrifying.

But down there, in the darkness, I saw a horse. No, not a horse. A hose skull. It, it had eyes. Dark blue shining eyes it leered at me a whinneyed a hellish, hellish whiny. I scrambled back, moving away from the bed, when I heard a rustling from the closet.

James rushed out at me, holding a knife. I grabbed at his arm and we began to struggle. I began to hear something...

when I was a little boy, there was an icecream truck in our neighborhood. You know the old school icecream trucks, with their melodic tones? It was sort of like that, but faster and faster. was distorted. Like, it was spiraling. James began to laugh and laugh.

And then the door slammed.

Without hesitation, I ran at the second floor window and leapt out.

Hey, whoever told me to do the rope. Thanks. You saved my life. The window broke on my impact, but the rope held somehow, although I got slammed into the wall.

I've been going through the books. Next post tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alright, Fuck that.

First, FUCK. Either someone hacked the Slice Account, or my brother is alive somewhere. But his password is changed. Fuck.

I don't know anything about that other than that Slice watched that anime all the time. He had a plushie of the dude with the pointy glasses.


I broke into Jennifer's room. It took me about five minutes, a screwdriver, and a paperclip. I ran into more complicated locks at summer camp.

The door swang open and the first thing I noticed was the stench. You ever had a sandwich, say ham, or egg salad, and left it somewhere and forgotten about it? It smelled kinda like that. Gross stuff. I don't give a fuck about scents though so I pushed the door all the way open and stepped inside.

It was pretty big for a single dorm room. Most are like 10'x15' maximum but this one was at least 35'x45' what I mean to say is that it was FUCKING HUGE and also basically impossible to be where it was. Lemme break it down for you. With MS Paint.


wait shit I suck at MS Paint nevermind.

I don't even WANT to show you the mess I made.

Anyways this room is huge. About twice as big as it should be in width and length.

I felt like a dumbass wearing a rope around my waist ( I tied it to the radiator in the hallway, as long as I wasn't in there for a few hours I thought it should be okay.) But I began poking around in the room.

Jen is a messy girl, I decided. Her clothes were in piles all around the room. A LOT of dresses. Most girls don't have this many dresses. Like more dresses in a tranny club on Saturday night.

In just huge piles. There was a bed, rumbled quite a bit like Slice's had been. She had a desk with a large mirror on it, and a pile of books around the floor.

I'll get into the contents tomorrow. I'm worn out and bruised.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do You Know Where She IS?


You will die freezing cold and alone.

You will die freezing cold and alone.

Theyve got full blown homesTheyre married with kids and appliancesThey live they work they love they lose

You will die freezing cccccold and Alone



character, circumstances, coherence, distinctiveness, existence, identification, integrity, ipseity, name, oneness, particularity, personality, self, selfdom, selfhood, selfness, singleness, singularity, status, uniqueness  


She lies with me

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I hope you aren't expecting daily updates. I don't like to read or write that much.


People continue to not be able to provide useful information.

Where do I go from here?

I finally tracked down other people who had met Jennifer. She's apparently not very well known. Moved in to the Dorm at the beginning of last semester, sometime around January 19th.

(I still find it bizarre that people can't tell us apart if I fake his voice, I mean I'm clearly the more handsome one of the two.)
She keeps to herself, very few people saw her before she and Slice started dating.

Around the end of Feburary.

Her description: She has black hair, pale skin, green eyes.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

the icing on the cake is that etymologically Gwenivere is the root of Jennifer.

Knocked at her door, no response, no noise from the outside.

Fortunately, somewhere down the line I picked up a bit of lockpicking skills, so I'll be trying that soon. I really need some fresh leads.

If I'm correct, I could solve one of my bro's bullshit mysteries very soon.

He's so fucking stupid, God.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day One

I entered Slice's room. His room was a stark contrast between the controlled mess of his roomates side and the chaos of Slice's. There seemed to be an even line in the middle.

The first thing I noticed was the way his side was filthy. Piles of clothes under a lofted bed that was little more than a mess of blankets. a pile of lighters barely hidden under a pile of towels. a 'Duraflame' style log. Jesus Christ, he actually brought his fencing foil up and sharpened it. I think Justice is also in here, if "Justice" is the hunk of wood next to the sword.

Jesus, he calls this his "weapoN"? Its a hunk of wood. Like the kind of pole that should be in someones closet.

There's a Masquerade Bird style mask around one bedpost. Bent out of shape.

On the opposite bedpoles are his Fedora and wool coat. He's had that black longcoat for two years now, and its finally starting to show its use.

Pile of books next to his desk to the right, strewn around. Two mangas, but mostly its His old Mythology textbooks and a few old style journals of his. We each got these when we were kids from 7-10 years old.

Pile of shoes beneath his desk. Desk covered in papers. Bookshelf covered in non-perishable food products: Ramen, cereal, NeutriGrain Bars, cookies...

To the left of his desk, piles of trash.

His dresser is still open, half folded clothing in the bottom drawer. I don't know if anythings missing, or if this room has been searched but it'd be best to operate as though it had.

No one seems alarmed at my presence.

His laptop is missing, though. Wherever he went.


Interviewed Slice's Roomate. He's back with his on again off again girlfriend and claims he hasn't been sleeping in the room much and that Slice has mostly withdrawn in the last few months. He says James(aka Farafello or something) told everyone that Slice had Mono and would be out for the semester.

The only other person he claims would be good to talk to would be Jennifer, who he claims Slice was with sometime earlier in the semester.

I'll need to track her down though, Roomate has no idea where she lives. On campus somewhere.

In the meantime, I need anyone who has had contact with Slice to give me some ideas. I don't really know where to go from here.

I'm operating on one of two ideas:

1) Slice is in the woods somewhere, too lost and injured to get out, and too crazy to call for help.

2) Slice has been captured by the nutjobs Morningstar works with. They're around. James/Farafello is one, there may be more.

Morningstar claims he doesn't know but one of his friends might and either way I need to find Bro before them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Investigative Reporting

Your goon didn't know anything.

Your guy met me at the ugly peice of modern art in his dumb mask. I mean, Green Goblin? Are you trying to look like a retard or what.

"Farfarello, right?" I said.

"Indeed that is my name." He said, bowing mockingly.

"What do you have for me. I don't have all day."

"Patience dear boy-"

Then I punched him in the face as hard as I could. His plastic mask making a delightful warping sound.

I slammed him against the art-statue thing. "Listen you little shit. I don't have time for your theatrical bullshit. What do you know?"

"I know nothing the Master-"

I kicked him in the groin, then put the heel of my sneaked into his ballsack.

"Fuck your Master. What you got for me."

He laughed and laughed even as I stomped down, twice.

I was starting to lose my shit.

So I ripped off his mask.

I recognized the guy, from my brother's facebook photos.

"James." I spat.

"Hey man" he said.

I looted his pockets and left him there, laughing on the ground.

He had my brother's wallet.

His room key.

and a phone, not Slice's.

I'm going through the phone today, and I'm going to take this up a step.

I'll be pretending to be Slice in his Dorm while I investigate.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay Now that THAT'S over with

I'm up to speed but still think this is dumb as hell.

Morningstar, I'll be on campus tomorrow. Tell that goon to meet me near the Red hunk of shit near the Fine Arts Center. He'll know what I mean.

AS, you got Mail.

Hellfire, we need to chat. I think you are messing with me.

I guess I'll entertain questions, too.

List of Slice's Blogs (and my thoughts)

Annotated after reading through the history of Each.


A Hint of Serendipity- one of the better reads. About some dude named Zero and the cosmic horror thing that keeps popping up. Zero Seems pretty cool? I like his new blog too.

A New Blog That's Not Mine- This thing was Ballin' but way too short. I thought it was one of the best on the list. Most of these writers SUCK.

A really Bad Joke- Good, but too short/not enough cool things

A wand and a prayer- she seems to have contacted Bro once or twice, seems like a nice lady. Her story is pretty good, not one of the bad ones.

Anonymous Here- SO MANY ELIPSES but okay I guess? like a 2/5 or so.

Bug Fragments- What.

Cherub Rants- The only fucking normal one in the batch.

Copper and Chrome- as a group it seems okay but its mostly confusing. I don't even know. But he seems to have met bro...

Diary of a Cigarette Smoking man- Im digging this one so far. I'm not much of a reader but at least its entertaining

Doing What needs to be done- Needs moar characterization but pretty good overall. Starting to not this Fisk guy more often at this point.

Drews Box O' Stuff- He had a LOT of contact with Bro. Looks like Bro was one of his fans from early on, there are comments from back in October I think. The whole Family of those blogs is a good story but only as a whole.

Dreams in Darkness- Best overall story Arc. Wasn't expecting the twist ending. Why can't you assclowns write like this guy?

Everything I see- theres like, 4 posts. Bluhhh.

Fifth Perch- Classy Mofo. So classy.

Forgotten Throne- What. Whaaaaat.

FRIENDS- This guy is the looniest. Of all the Loons. Though he does seem to get a lot of hatin.

H(a)unting- This thing is confusing me to no end. Is this the same thing that made Zero kill Amelia? (according to a few saved blog posts, my bro was a zero fanboy. Ugh.)

Harmoic Paradox- WIIIIIIMP. But seriously.

I am Stardust- She seems alright. Pretty decent writing. Friends with that sage guy? Losing credibility with mentions of Magic.

( Still haven't mailed him, to busy reading all this bullshit everywhere)

I'll See you in Hell- I'm Basically thinking of patrick Bateman as I read this which makes it 100% cooler and less disturbing. Here's hoping he's a character and that there are no serial killers with numbers that high.

Jacob Garnet's Online Journal- Started pretty cool in comparison to most, but got boring fast.

Now I Shall Know you Again- Guy named Jekyll. The way my brother was a fanboy for Zeke and Zero, he was to this other dude M. The introduction of this Girl has made the story a lot more interesting.

Observe and Terminate- Military dudes fighting the same thing as everyone else. I like these guys, because they have authority but don't flip out with it.

Para-Not-So-Normal- Hey douches, I've seen this phenomenon twice. I CAN'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON IF YOU DELETE ALL YOUR POSTS. UGHHHHHHHHHH.

Paranormal Log- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Wat. Watt. Aparently...he met my brother?


Pax Exitum Sequitur- This guy seems like a doucher. According to the comments, my bro and I can agree on that at least. Also, he was dating 'Everything I See' Girl? That seems creepy as hell.

Peering In from the outside- Good Solid read though cryptic as shit early on. She seems alright, even commented on this blog once.

Picking up the Pieces- Lame Blog by an amnesiac. Bored Already. Yaaaawn.

Records of an Impossibility- I like this one. Well written good character. Even though this is ludicrous as shit.

Scared- Theres two of these things? Grody. Grody as shit. One of the other bloggers mocks this dude constantly. I'm pretty sure my brother would have been like this assclown if I hadn't beaten him into manhood. errday.

Seeking Truth- Badass Dude badass blog. I can see why my brother had a hardon for this guy.

Spiraling Towards the Sky- One of the chicks who was telling me to stop without saying why, Storm seems to spend most of her time sulking and sleeping but still makes it interesting somehow. Not my usual thing but nice.

You know, my brother and I used to watch cops all the time. We'd make popcorn and laugh at the dumb cops and the ridiculous narrators...

Splendorman- What the fuck is this thing

Tap the Vein- a little confused about this one. Willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Testing- Why is this blog blank. And still has a shitton of followers.

The Catalouger- Im not sure this blog is necessary anymore Scotty, at least not for its original purpose.

The London Librarian- I don't see what all the fuss is about. If I want to get shouted at I can go to Livejournal. Not even that good in comparison to Seeking Truth or Zero. But better than average i guess.

The Morning Hunter- I'm positive this one is just a story. i hope this one is just a story. I'm starting to wonder if this meeting is a good idea.

The Reader's Resort- Went through Bro's myth books. This is a blog about Loki? Bitchin'

The Tutorial- Good Solid Read. I like this one but not as Much as Zeke and Zero.

Walking the Hallowed Halls- There's another twin named Ben out here! hey Ben!

But this was an interesting one. They seem to confirm what my brother said about fire...maybe?

We're All Mad Here- Blank.

What you Are in the Dark- Started off good, then he like that Ava chick started shouting at everyone else about how he was right and they are wrong. And then he changed the rules? I guess? I'm not too clear.

Whos the Tall Guy?- I can answer this one ITS SLENDER MAN

Will this Help?- not the best portrayal of a ten year old ever but believable. I read on one of these that he DOES mainly target children...

(then why are most of you college aged)

With No one to Be- Decent, not a standout not really. Could use some work.


Either this is the wierdest RP my brother ever got involved with, you guys are a circle jerk of loons who sometimes slap each others dicks to show dominance, or this is the most eclectic writing project of all time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

List of Leads

As a body of Fiction, you guy are bizarre. But I have a solid batch of leads of people I must talk to. Even if this is just some kind of fucked up storytime bullshit.

Here also is my thoughts on every blog my brother followed or has commented on more than once. This took me most of the weekend...

---Leads/ Bloggers who might be able to help---

Ron- He seems like he knew my brother pretty well and is reasonably intelligent/sane though maybe he won't remember him?

"YG"/Hellfire- Apparently he met up with my brother at least once. Fucking weird blog but maybe he can give me some sold hints.

Liam- Same as above, though Liam seems less likely to know anything

Morningstar- He met my brother once, it seems though he does seem crazy. However he's giving me a solid lead so I'd be a fool to not take it

ASage- Though he has not met my brother, he seems to have been a good friend to him in the days before he dissapeared. And He's either a very sane and talented author or a harmless crazy person so I will be in contact soon.

Cerberus- Is dead, apparently, so I can't ask him anything.

Black Leaves- He's alive and apparently fought/assisted my brother multiple times.

Blog Thoughtdump to come soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morningstar, you have a deal

Look. You people have been less than helpful so far.

He's offering a lead, a chance at explanation. Shouting "NO" at me isn't going to work. Ever.

Either pony up with something better or I'll deal with Morningstar.

I'm heading to his college tomorrow. I'll poke around and see if I can find anything.

If it looks bad, I'll call the cops.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heres the thing

I can't call the cops, guys. My brother...

My parents would kill him. Literally. Doing drugs, running away...He'd have no life left. The cops can't get involved. They wouldn't even bail him out of jail.

Well, Mom might so she can kill him herself.

Anyways, I can't do that to my bro.

though when I get up there, if it looks bad I will.


Morningstar is seemingly the only one who has met with/knows my brother.

How do you know him, Morningstar? Did you meet with him? Do you know him?

I'm hesitant to do a "sacrifice" what'll it be?---


Who wants to hear about Slice's embarrassing childhood?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Responses and Memories

Morningstar- I read your blog and you sir are one fucked up guy if this isn't a writing project but I need to ask you some questions.

What did my brother look like when you met him? Describe him physically.

Sage- If you are talking about the same thing Ron is, no way. He's a loon. I'm trying to find my brother, not get dragged into his retarded story.

But you make it sound like this is real danger. Do you know something? Was he dealing drugs? Was he in a gang?

I read through the blogs more carefully. If this isn't complete fiction, he met a girl named Gwen recently. And killed her I guess? Man I don't even know but if she's real and not crazy hallucinations he finally lost his virginity! I'm so proud of him.I mean, not to sound patronizing. I mean, hell I'm still a virgin but he was always way worse with girls than I was. I mean, you should have seen him in High School. Classic! If you want to hear stories I'll share them. He was such a dweeb.

How did my sweet, innocent brother end up doing drugs and having sex with crazy chicks?

I'm heading up to visit home this weekend. I'll be going out to "visit Slice" and look for clues around his place this week.

He's alive. I'd know if he was dead.

I think.

Who is right?

Is it Morningstar, and Sage, who are hinting at something huge being hidden?

Or is it the others who claim my brother was a loon and making a writing project?

I don't know.

I'm thinking about going through the many blogs he followed (I still have his password) and reading some of them but theres so fucking many and I don't really give a shit. A lot of them are terribly written stories or fanfics about this video series I guess?

Im going to look for him soon I think.

Morningstar Im going to answer my question with I'd want to know. He's my brother.

The blog says you met him. What was he like when you met him? what was he like?