Thursday, April 14, 2011


I hope you aren't expecting daily updates. I don't like to read or write that much.


People continue to not be able to provide useful information.

Where do I go from here?

I finally tracked down other people who had met Jennifer. She's apparently not very well known. Moved in to the Dorm at the beginning of last semester, sometime around January 19th.

(I still find it bizarre that people can't tell us apart if I fake his voice, I mean I'm clearly the more handsome one of the two.)
She keeps to herself, very few people saw her before she and Slice started dating.

Around the end of Feburary.

Her description: She has black hair, pale skin, green eyes.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

the icing on the cake is that etymologically Gwenivere is the root of Jennifer.

Knocked at her door, no response, no noise from the outside.

Fortunately, somewhere down the line I picked up a bit of lockpicking skills, so I'll be trying that soon. I really need some fresh leads.

If I'm correct, I could solve one of my bro's bullshit mysteries very soon.

He's so fucking stupid, God.


  1. I realise this all may seem very stupid, and unrealistic to you, but to us it is an never ending nightmare. I see that you haven't heeded the advice of the others so I will tell you this. All the information that you have been ignoring; all of the nonsensical stories about Slender Man ring of truth even if it really isn't Slender Man who stalks us you should now by now that something definitely is. After all we can't all be crazy can we? If you have any more specific questions you want to ask me go ahead and shoot me a line.

  2. Son of a bitch! o_O I fail to see Slice missing clues that big. It doesn't seem possible. Keep your eyes peeled, Ben. Places that victims have been, especially ones on the level of Gwen, tend to use non-Euclidean geometry. IN short, they can be bigger on the inside, they might teleport you places, the normal rules of logic may no longer apply...

    If you go in, I suggest tying rope to a post outside, and tying the other end around yourself in mountaineer style. It may sound stupid now, but being able to pull yourself into normal reality when shit gets bizarre will come in handy. Assuming nothing cuts your rope. :(

    Good luck.

  3. I have the distinct impression that Ben is not going to listen until he's seen The Black King face-to-no-face.