Monday, February 28, 2011

sttttttttttttory time

once upon a time there was a little boy a little boy a little boy a litttle boy

he hadnt many friends none at all and spent his days alone uncared for unloved

his closest companions were the books he read and the toys he had but he was not lonely

 no no no he was never lonely

he had an imaginary friend a friend a ffffffffffffriend they played together he lived in the mirror in his

shadow in the light that danced inside his eyelids when he stared into the sun

but he made another friend after one fateful day

the little boy was bullied he had moved he was different even his own brother his twin his flesh of his

flesh blood of his blood turned on him

his friend could not help him when they beat him broke him pushed him off the playground

he met his new friend in the park one afternoon he was imaginary like his other but he was big big he

was tall he was dressed like a lawyer or an agent

they played in the park he watched over him at night he sang to him late in the night he took him

places showed him things impossible horrifying alluring

the little boys who bullied never came home one day not deassd just gone the town mourned the boy

did not his brother wasn’t nice but they ignored each other

his old imaginary friend was afraid of the new one when he was there he hid in the boys shadow in

the corners of the mirror

only he knew that the boys were not gone they were dead the boy had stab stabbb stab stab each of

them and the new friend took them away

the old friend made a deal with the new he would take him instead he would be his shield he would

give himself over

never be bothered again they would never be together again none of them would ever be together

again again once more

the new left and the old lost his mind and hid in its depths until the boy woke him uphe had forgotten

the boy but the boy taught him friendship and love again and everything came back

his only remembrance was staring into the sun into the light the boy loved the light and feared what

lurked in the dark the light was his friend

his oldest friend thought he was dead but he sleeps again

his oldest friend will remain his strength until the last of the plaster is chipped away

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lighting up the night


Last Night was AWESOME

Ron and I rode around in my friend Ruben's car, looking for buildings with Operator symbols o them in Charlestown. We must've torched 4,5 buildings at least.

For a single Night, We covered the neighoorhood in light.

This is my war statement. As long as there is Light there is hope for a new day, a new Dawn.

Ron and I, we Lit up the Night!

But not for long, dear one. Not for long~

Friday, February 25, 2011

Last Night/Plans

Last Night was Crazy. I got a taxi to the block near YG and Liam's Hotel (name redacted due to safety) and there was a warzone out there. Two dudes with handguns, and a few more, maybe five with clubs and stuff. I got the jump on the two with handguns, hitting them both with blows to the back of the head, but the other proxies saw me and some of them broke off to attack me.

Hell, guys, I'm not cut out for fighting. One on one I can kind of do, but two on one isnt fair at all. I'm a little sore.

Liam was a help though and together we took care of those goons. I got clocked in the head though by one with a club. You know the phrase seeing stars? Its true. I saw the fuckin' galaxy.

I had to leave, I wasn't of any use to anybody. I made it back home, typed something up and got back here.

But something good came out of this: They were shouting street locations as they were running away.

They thought I was out cold, but I was still coherent enough to hear.

I got some plans to light up the night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wild Night

Im more battered than a pinata at an old folks home. That is to say, a little bruised but mostly alright.

More to follow  in the morning, but I think YG and Liam can handle it from where I left off.

full details in morning. sleep now.


They are under attack. I have their location.

I'll be there in ten minutes. HOLD OUT GUYS!

I have three primed lighter bombs in my pockets and a fencing foil...

Please hold out, guys.


Met up with Ron about ten minutes after posting today.

We went searching around the Hill.

Fun Fact: Bunker Hill doesn't exist anymore. The hill the Monument is on is Bree's Hill. Bunker Hill got flattened to expand Boston's landmass.

Where was I. Oh yeah, Ron and I are going around the hill. He says he thought some hunted people, but I doubt it. Bree's Hill isn't exactly the best neighborhood in Boston, you know? Odds are they are strung out on drugs  on a Tuesday afternoon.

After a while though, we hit pay dirt. There was this house, no, a shack. Rotted house, covered in spray paint. This crazy old dude, bellowing about Slendy and not getting taken alive. He leapt out of the closet and attacked us but Ron and I overpwered him. Ron tackled him to the ground after he attacked me.

He wasn't helpful and wouldn't let us help him, but he managed to tell us that Bartlett Street had a bunch of agents and proxies on it. Recruiting, (I don't really get how one "recruits")

I'm pretty sure he lied to us, because there were no proxies or Agents but fucking Slenderbro was everywhere. I barely avoided shitting myself but managed to splash him with the full contents of my bottle of liquid LSD. I'm out of that stuff now.

But that hardly mattered. The LSD only barely slowed it down this time. Ron and I booked it up some fire escape and onto a roof. He just stood there, watching us.

Ron...Ron doesn't know this, but I was going to rush him, a second before he left. I was prepping myself mentally.

But we made it away unharmed and unmoved. That's what matters.

I'm taking Ron up on dinner. I'll call you, man.

Game Plan

Meeting Ron after breakfast today. We're goin' exploring!

Site redacted until after the trip.

Also Ron, mozz sticks at this time in the morning? Burgers are for after 11 at LEAST.

I have some new stuff but I don't wanna spoil the surprise~~~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tips on making Light

You know what I've been up to?

Kids! Professor Slice will preside in Pyrotechnics 101. Try this at home only as a last resort!

First things first. Take a lighter. Remove the flint striker from the lighter.  Next, take the spring from within and bend it in a rainbow shape. Soak the string in some of the lighter fluid. Put the string in the middle of the lighter, and then wrap the spring around the middle. Light the string and throw the lighter at your target HARD. Its not as big as a regular Molotov, but I can't purchase alcohol and I can buy lighters in bulk. Besides, a flame is a flame.


High Quality alcohol, that is to say, the more pure alcohol types (High Grade Vodka and Grain Alcohol's like Everclear work best) Will result in a bigger explosion. Low quality alcohols (low alcohol contents, beers, most rums and wines) will not burn as well, if at all.

However, a bottle of gasoline works best. Its built the same way as the lighter, but with a rag or something thicker instead of the string.

I knew a guy who used sparklers, but those are illegal in MA and also a little more unpredictable.

Do NOT try using an axe bottle as a flamethrower. You are not Rambo and as such you are likely to explode the bottle when used like this.

Final tip: A fine layer of gasoline or axe body spray will burn but not burn your body for about twenty seconds before it starts on your flesh. This can be used as a last resort deterrent and also as a way of scaring people.


In other news:

Found a lead, I think.

A devastating fire killing primarily...the Irish. Firemen wounded.

I did some research. That plot was never built on...but turned, much later on, into a park. A PLAYGROUND.

Soon, I'm going to investigate.

I'm going to continue to explore the seedy side of Boston.

Havent seen the Slenderbro in a day or two. Suprising, really. I guess I'm in the Prey Zone, perhaps?

Maybe whatever is marking Ron is cutting back his direct influence.

I'm going to be spending the rest of the day in this shitty hotel doing essays for school (thank god I'm an English major or this absence  would fuck me over so hard)

I'll be around to answer questions and take requests. I do children's parties.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hope rides alone

 I said goodbye to George today. We met through fencing, he and I. He's a good guy. We sharpened one of his old foils to a point.

I have my suitcase, a fencing foil, and a sharp knife.

I'm going to turn charlestown upside down until I know the answers.

I'm not backing down, I'm not giving in.

Even Slendy himself will not keep me from my goals.

Black Leaves, all of you out there better run for cover. I'm going to drive you fuckers out of town like the Piper drove the rats.

I picked up a mask for good luck. Maybe it'll help. I feel better with it, either way.

Hell, I'm feeling more alive than I have in all my life. I'm finally playing with fire beyond my knowledge. Im going to know just how hot it burns before this is over.

I come for vengeance! The first son of Light!

Im ready! and willing! and prepared to fight!

Even now, there is hope for Man!

I will finish what was started!

The Fight's of Ava, Frap, M, all the fallen, all the missing.

First things First: I'm taking back Boston.

In Charlestown. Will send word later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold as Hell and Snowy as shit.

I watched the sunrise and drank a glass of Jack Daniels. I owe it to Ava.

A lot has happened, friends. Will lost an arm, Ava is missing, Frap has been taken. MDJ finally starts his game.

I see a lot of doubt and despair.


We can't stop. We can't give in. Not now. Red is letting us play our hands now.

I can't do anything about Ava, but I CAN. Do things about Boston.

Ron, YG, Liam, hell even you Cerberus, If you want to meet up, I'll be in the Dunkin Donuts of Beacon Street in the Black overcoat.

Stormy, I hear you are running today. If you stop round Boston, I will help you however I can.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I met up with Ron. We met in Quincy Market.

I read your post, Ron, but we met at 10.  

I know a guy who knows a guy and I was going to try to get you out of Boston by boat, but I figured the only way this could work was if we broke or killed whoever/whatever was keeping you here. My only real lead was Charleston, so we went there.

You seemed normal, Ron. A little haggard, a little freaked out, but a normal guy. You cracked a couple lame jokes, even.

I don't know why I keep going back to Charleston. Every time I go there something nuts happens. He's deepest in that neighborhood.

This is going to sound crazy but I think the whole neighborhood is a proxy. Cities have souls, you know? A single barely conscious entity. Its not gonna move around, but I don't see why it couldn't be entirely under his control.

But I talked to my boys Reuben and George and they said that the dudes with the (x) symbol hung out mostly in an abandoned tenement . I recognized the street address as the street my grandparents lived on. It was the apartment building directly to the right, the house the guy from last time was crouching behind.

It was an old, defaced apartment building, two stories. Light blue paint fading. windows boarded up, an open chain link fence.  no grass to speak of. Wooden steps leading up to a door with a red operator symbol. It looked fresh, whereas the other grafitti was obviously not.

Ron, you hesitated, and thought this was stupid, but decided to go along with it. You told me you were out of ideas and were willing to try anything. We got you a length of pipe, Ron, from the wreckage in my grandparents house. Together we slammed down the door with the operator symbol on it.

There was a dark hallway. wooden paneling on all sides. A Dark Spiral Staircase. We moved down the hallway, towards a doorway. It was a TV room, with a laptop perched right there., still glowing.

But the room was empty.

We went further down the hallway. To the right, a locked door. Ahead, another barely lit space. It was a kitchen, a really old school one with an old style oven and refrigerator. The fridge stank.

We busted down the locked door, Ron, and this was where things started getting weird. Do you remember? The door lead back to the entryway of the building,  Near the staircase and the TV room.

We heard a creaking from the floor above and you muttered "fuck it" and just bolted up the steps like a demon. When I got up there you had already bashed a door down.

My watch says this as about twelve.

The upper room was made of cement and had pipes hanging everywhere. Water was dripping from someplace else.

There was a man in a comedy mask, and four other masked goons Tragedy masks, I think.

You had already broken the mask off of one's face with the pipe, Ron, and were grappling with another. I smashed Justice into the ribcage of one guy and when he bent over I slammed the hunk of wood into the back of his head.

You had lost the pipe while I was busy, Ron. You were struggling to remove the mask from the guy you had pinned down, and shouting how you were gonna "Rip his face off" I'm going to assume you meant the mask.

The last guy had a knife. I threw Justice at him and then pounced.

The guy in the Tragedy mask had been saying things to you in a quiet whisper, and he had been moving closer. I was still struggling, so I couldn't hear, but his tone was almost singing, almost melodic.  

As I finally got the guy off of me, I head you scream and an unearthly wail. You had stabbed the man in the chest.

I ran over to you and him and went to remove his mask but you shrieked and came at me with the knife. You were saying such crazy things, I can't remember what you had said, but you weren't yourself.

You swung at me, and stuck me in the right shoulder. You were hyperventilating.

As we were looking at each other after you stuck me, HE appeared.

I tried to open my suitcase but I couldnt do it with one hand and moving my other arm HURT but you were just standing there staring at him...

I woke up back in my hotel room. I lost Justice. everything else is still there. I couldn't post so well yesterday because I took myself the hospital. I Claimed I had been beaten and Robbed by a gang who wore (X) as their symbol.

I'm all patched up and in my hotel room. I can't move my right arm too good.

Next move is yours, Ron.

I'm not ready to give up on you. Not yet.

I'm prepping Operation: Brofest. I could use your help with it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was in the Boston Public Library for two hours. I didn't see you, Ron.

The only thing we can do is keep trying.

You set the time and place this time.

I'll be around, but I'm going to check out Charlestown again this time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The thing you must realize about Boston is that it is America's biggest small city.

It is a town that has been around and been country since 1630. It was also one of the primary places of the Irish immigration movement.

Boston has always been a city that clings to the past. Boston hates change, you see. But even though it does, it's a city of principles.

Though forget driving in this city.

I've loved this city for years...and I don't want this to be his nest.


I'm in the Boston Public Library today. I got off my bus yesterday. Ava's Mom seemed nice, though we didn't talk too much.

The Plan is to find Ron, and If I can get him out of Boston. Subplan involves finding the nest of operations here and breaking it.

I hear Liam and YG are in the city too. If you guys wanna join me, I'll be here most of the day.


I read Her letter. She's not on his side. But if she isn't, why is she messing with me?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Hunt for Ron

there are only a few possible hospitals in Boston he could have been at.

Mass Gen, Brigham and womens, and the tufts medical center. Tufts is near the outskirts, so its Mass Gen or Bringham.

I'm looking for you Ron. Don't worry.

I saw the sunset over the tracks tonight.

I'm riding the bus for Boston, should be in South Station in 3 hours.

She won't tell me her name, but she slipped something into my back pocket when she finally let me go. She's toying with me...

It's really embarrassing please don't ask.

I've got my Suitcase in which I have enough substances of various natures to be in jail forever.

This includes:

1 bottle of Raw Ether
10 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms
A Slice of Weed
another bottle of  liquid LSD (equivalent to 5 blotters)
Something that smells like a hobo's vomit I'm going to assume is alcohol. 

None of these are for personal consumption: I've taken to selling the weed for funds and the other products are for experiments. Though I do have some tests to run with the weed, as well...

Kids remember, drugs are bad, mmkay? 

I picked up a knife but well I don't wanna talk about what happened. Justice will do. For a random hunk of wood I found, its been fairly good at combat.


It seems like I was right that Darby wasn't "dead" 

But I was also right in my thinking about Sam.

@John, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. 

@YG, I hear your in Boston now. If you are, if you and Liam can meet me in South Station we can get this going.

@Ron, if your reading, where are you? 

@Leaves, if you are reading this, watch yourself. This is MY city. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fear and Loathing in The Pioneer Valley

Alright. Operation Shamu was a success.

Slendy was at my window last night.

So I forced a smile and waved. I got the ham out of my fridge, microwaved it for like 20 seconds. Then I put it on a string took a bite out of it,  and offered it to him by putting it out the window on the string. So he'd know I wasn't messing with him.

He reached out an arm and grabbed it and I passed out.

But when I came to the bone was still there, and it looked like it had been knawed by teeth so thats good.

He might have a mouth, guys!

Operation: Dudefest shall be tested next.

But first, I'm going back to Boston, it looks like. Ron who I've been a fan of for a long time needs help.

Before I go I'll be doing a full Boston analysis.

Ava, if you get the chance? I need to talk to Reach.

Last night something suspicious occurred. It's kind of emberassing so I kind of only want to talk to him about it.

Its his...field of expertise, lets say.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Redlight Theories

So, here is what I think is happening with Redlight.

We only see him on the big shot's blogs. Ava, Zero, Robert,Reach. People who have been IMPORTANT.

Someone once theorized he was Jay, the Sage. I can't confirm or deny that but I reckon it'd fit him pretty well.

But that's not what I wanna talk about.

Redlight is treated as an ineffectual villain. Constantly failing, hated by the community. Unable to do anything lasting.

Lets look at what he's done:

Memory Wipes: Zero lasting memory wipes

Reach's "Games": none have ended in his favor

Robert's Games: none ended in his favor.

From the perpective here, it looks as if he's like Team Rocket or something: blasting off into the sunset when his hair brained scheme fails.

But when we look closer a different picture appears.

Yeah, we've beaten him, we hurt him. But at what costs?

Roberts about to get a lobotomy due to his continued battles with him and has been rendered nearly useless, over and over again. One of our most important pieces, a weight on our necks, a mortality question.

Bait. Emotional Bait.

Reach, has escaped death. But he's no longer the superpowered being he was. I think that might accomplish his Master's goals just as effectively while still making the readers, the pawns more reckless and confident.

Ava with shotgun, the forces of the PTC, Robert, none of them could bring him down, none could do more then a little damage to him. He always gets away.

I think he's a Revenant. I think he's got something up his sleeve. Something big. And when that comes, if we treat him like a comedic villian, a mere Henchman, we won't be prepared.

These're my thoughts. Take them as you will I guess.


Setting out the meat tonight. Going to be posting from a public computer from now on. This is the last image that was in my Plaster folder, and I thought I would put it up. In the end, hope, like heroes, has to ride alone.

(Yeah that's a Protomen Image, basically it was all he wanted to listen to during the final week. Alternate personalities, go figure, am I right or am I right?)


Congratulations to Ava and Reach! Even in these Dark times, there is light. Its important to remember. guys.

no sign of Sam. I'm worried.
The Meat was gone when I woke up the morning. I'm going to get a second and hang it outside when I see him directly out there and see what happens.

No proxy or Slender contact at all today so far. Have an Exam in logic in two hours, can't focus.


Sam...Sam's left a message.

I don't like it. Not one bit.

Goddam I need to smoke some weed.

NO Im not.

Just, come back Sam. I need you to be normal. Please...


I've been thinking about Redlight. I think Scott and the gang have it all wrong.  Next Post.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Experiment Analysis and Future Experiements

Well, I've determined two things from the LSD experiment.

LSD had some effect, I think. Perhaps it was too low of a dose, or perhaps his alien physiology made it do something different to him. I don't think it hurt him but I don't think he liked it either.

I saw him today. Smiled, waved and kept walking. He followed me to my Existential Philosophy class at a distance, seemingly trying to hide or something? If standing behind bushes and near trees is hiding.

I have more plans in store to try to answer some questions.

1) Does Slendy eat?

Does he have a mouth?

We get conflicting reports on the existence of a hidden mouth.

So I'm going to hang a raw ham outside my window and see what happens, next time He's out there.

If he does consume things, this opens a whole new avenue of exploration to me.

And even if he doesnt eat, but has a physical mouth...

there are other avenues of exploration.

Valentiunes Day! Maybe I'll get Him a rose, make a card.

"Roses are Red Violets are blue Let me keep my intestines and I will love you?"

how about

{"Roses are red, I painted one black, look out old slendy, best watch your back!")
Will tells me that they didn't leave, I dissapeared.

I don't know how to respond to that.

But it happened, I guess.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Happened

I woke up back in My dorm today. The squirt gun is gone.

Heres what went down in as much detail as I can recall-

Will,  Bianca and I were driving through Charlestown. We hadn't had any other leads elsewhere and I wanted to check out the building my grandparents lived in while we were in the neighborhood. It was late, around 8 thirty.

I got out of the car and walked towards the building. Standard three story appartment building. My grandparents had owned the whole thing when they were younger and still owned the building though they no longer lived in it.

I saw a piece of paper wedged into the doorway, and went over to check it out on a whim. It had been put there after the last snow, I figured, because it wasn't wet.

I pulled it out and read it.

"Hey Sup" Scrawled in black ink.

Bianca screamed a warning as this guy in a hoodie ran at me with a fire poker from the alleyway between the two buildings. He'd been crouching by the trashcans, I guess. White, goatee, blue eyes dirty blonde, buzz cut. Huge bags under his eyes.

He swung at me and I just barely got out of the way before he took my head off its shoulders with that thing.

I ran at him, and swung Justice at him. I got him in the head.

He went down, and I just kept hitting him. When I stopped, his head was splattered open.

Will and Bianca were gone, I dunno where they went but I don't blame them. I broke the lock off the door with the poker and I dragged the guy inside and took the poker with me. I dunno how no one saw me, but the police weren't called.

An hour later  I saw Slendy for the first time.

He was just standing on the doorstep, watching me. I looked at him, and didn't remove my eyes from his face (or lack thereof I guess) and opened the suitcase. I pumped the watergun and forced a smile on my face, and opened the door.

He tilted his head at me and I could hear the sounds of childrens laughter, of discordant calliope music. I was afraid, yes, but I could mask my fear. I had seen death, I had felt terror before.

I sprayed him, and he didn't move. I don't think he was angry, merely curious.

I typed my last message on the doorstep with my laptop.

 Forty minutes after I sprayed, he took a step back, then another.

Slowly, tentacles unfolded from...somewhere? Inside his coat?

Slowly, almost sensually his tentacles waved through the night. He He leaned backwards and I think he was looking at the moon, and the stars. His endless tentacles all reaching high into the sky.

He completly ignored me for about 3 hours but I was spellbound. He was so beautiful, so alien.

After the third hour he began stumbling towards the building again, his tentacles slamming into the building.

I decided it was time for plan B.

I had been heating the fire poker in the stove for the last few hours, and with my gloved right handI grabbed it.

My plan was to burn a face into Slendy's head. Two jabs for each eye, one line for him mouth. Take Maudin's prank to the next level.

When I stepped outside, his head snapped down, facing me, and his tentacles flailed at me. I bum rushed him and

I woke up here, 7 hours later.

My hand is burning again.

There was a torn up squirrel in my bed. I take that as a sign not to do this again.

Also the battery cord for my laptop is missing now. So posts are going to get more infrequent, and once battery power dies Im going to be forced to find public computers.

No sign of him yet today.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sprayed Him with one of the contents of the suitcase.

The one I was most excited to test.

Plaster left me this suitcase, when I woke up. Hell if I know where he got this stuff but...

I sprayed Slender with a Squirt gun, the cheapass kind, full of acid.

Not achemical compound with the PH less than 7, but Lysergic acid diethylamide. LSD.

He was outside my window, so I opened it and sprayed his bald face.

He hasn't moved in about fifteen minutes. Usually, on a human it's effects will activate in about 45 minutes, but liquid LSD is hardcore, and I sprayed him with about 10 tabs worth...

So, we're gonna see what happens.

If he's physical, somethings gonna happen. I don't know how His biology works, but it will be interesting.

If he has no physical presence in this world...well, who knows.

If this fails, I have plan b heating in the tennaments stove.

I have some things to tell you but I cant type and observe him very well at the same time.

And to vexil and Sam...

Hell, I still can't dont believe Darby is dead. He was too stubborn to go down like this.I may not have liked him very much, but he was a fighter, and I always respected him.

Im not a good person. Im sorry.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In a tenement building in Charlestown. Had to get away from Will and Bianca...

There's a man dead because of me. Justice split his head open like a watermelon on the beach

I still have the suitcase but

I saw him for the first time today.

No, I saw him for the first time in years today.

The Dark Man is watching me again, or has he always been watching me?

I'm gonna try to use it soon, see what happens.

Will, be careful, He runs deep in the outskirts of Boston.

Boston is the most Irish city...

If the suitcase fails, I always have plan B...

I have left contact info in my email, and set it to send in a week. Someone will post if I don't make it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


is the same as it's always been. Staying at a hotel off the main drag, but still close enough to the subway lines for ease of movement.

Will showed me his abillity...I don't know what to think. I'm not the most unbiased observer, you know? I've spent the last three days being batshit insane. Ok, the last few weeks. Hell, I don't know if I'm sane NOW.

But the lights of the city are a constant for me. While there is light there is hope.

Anyways, I don't know what to make of Will, not yet. I mean no offense, but...

No Proxies, not yet, no signs of anything.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking we should get out of Boston proper, hit up Dot, JP, Roxxy, the outskirting areas. If shit is going down in Boston, thats where it happens.

Bianca is a nice lady, and definitely one of the only things keeping Will grounded in reality, objectively, but she's also going to be invaluable here. The type of people in these places are the same as they are everywhere, and she seems to know these kinda people.

My suitcase is still intact, which I am glad about. If it got jostled too much...

Ready to Roll

So Will's a lot more manly looking than his picture would indicate. (And a lot less crazy looking :P I think Bianca's been good for him)

Its the least I can do to treat them to dinner. (Though its going to be the Dining Hall)

Some might wonder why I snapped at the chance to go so fast?

Well, its because I feel Boston has an unjust reputation as Slendy's city. Boston is my hometown, its been a constant in my whole life. Even when I moved we'd come back once a year to visit.

For my-grimy-but-goodhearted city to become Slendy's playground over night...well, I can't believe or forgive that.

I have JUSTICE with me, but otherwise Im going unarmed.

...well, not exactly unarmed but surprises are surprises!

I have a mobile router, will update from the road.

Im back

I woke up on the seventh inside a box. It was exactly big enough for me to lie down in, I'd say about six feet long. There was enough room that I could move my arms a bit, but that was it.

The only things that occupied me for three days were my thoughts, the constant pain from my hand, and the ticking of my watch. My watch saved me. I dont know how many hours I spent starting at my watch...

I went stark raving mad, for a while, around four on the eighth. Thrashing, screaming. Tried to bite my own tounge off at one point, but couldn't/wouldn't.

Then came the specters.

You shouldn't have done that, why didn't you kiss her, your parents wouldn't be proud of you, why don't you talk to your brother anymore, You are a terribly bad person, a killer
On and on, looking into the darkest parts of myself.

But yesterday, I was at peace.

I woke up about fifteen minutes ago in my room, in my bed. Stacks of notes from my classes on my desk, my laptop open.

My roomate nodded at me, like it was a normal morning.

Apparently, Plaster took me to a Labyrinth, if not the Labyrinth. I suspect Ava was in a more difficult one than I.

On my laptop was a note that was very personal and Im not sharing it.

Plaster's gone, but I have bigger problems coming.

But now, when He comes, I will be ready.

Everything He can do, I've already done to myself.

I have been broken, and I have been reforged.

I'm ready to face anything, now.

Meeting with Will to try to help someone I don't even "know".

Even Now, There is Hope For Man!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tell me now, is there a man among you here Is there no one who will stand up and try to fight Tell me man, is there not one in all your ranks Is there no one who values courgage over life

Weve given everything we can there are no heroes left in man

But as I walk through the city streets, these frightened people watch me pass. there is an evil that holds them here, and yet they can’t try breaking its grasp.  if I stay here with you, then I will leave them to their doom. do not say this is how it has to be you do no better than the fools of this burning city.

We will not fall! You have no choice!
Stand aside! I stand alone!
You're still my hero! You are a fool!
This cannot be the only way! You will see!
You don't deserve this! My fist is full!
Now more than ever we are their hope! ... Mankind will fall They will not stand!
They don't know better! They will not fight!
They are not ready! They never will!
Even now there is hope for man!
You know I loved you! You still believe!
My heart was broken! Your only weakness!
My greatest strength! Now we shall see
You are not evil! if they will stand
You are not broken! beside their heroes!
We both know they'll never fight! But don't you get it?
There are no heroes. Mankind is doomed!



There will be a return


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Expect a drop in posts for a while I only have one hand with Which to type right now

Todays ordeal had me hold my hand in a fire for five minutes.  My hand is blistery and hard to move

I hear Im almost done and its keeping me going more than anything.

11 was walking home from where he had me b do this in the after superbowl chaos

It was hard

I bandaged my hand up tight and am going to try to get some sleep

only one trial left

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I will finish what was started

I finished ordeal 8, and nine was today.

My taget for 8 was a girl I know named Phoebe. Slightly chubby girl, you know the type. Just too chubby to be lusted after but not chubby enough to not be a little cute. Shes been crushing on me for a long time now, and she was this easiest target.

It was very easy, but it makes me feel sick to say that. She was a little drunk, I went up to her, said some nice things then went in for a kiss. She wanted more but then I leftand started fake laughing, pretending it was just a joke and saying awful awful things.

The worst part is her current boyfriend saw. He's a friend of mine.

That completed ordeal ten, when he asked me what the hell went on, and I was just a total douchebag.

Anyways, its over guys. Tomorrow I'll be told what the next ordeal is. I'm supposed to get an answer after this. I dont think its a full answer though.

 3 trials left, he says. Hes getting quieter. Sometimes I forget plaster is in my head, you know? Then I'll find a heart cut out of paper badly with an encouraging note on it, or the pipe tobacoo I caved and bought goes missing before I can smoke it.

Or I'll feel something wrap its arms around me,protectively late into the night.


I hear Reach is probably dead. If he's gone...we lost a big piece, guys. We're losing too many pieces.

In other news, anyone else sign up for the MyDarkJournal's guys game? It looks interesting. Im going prey, I think. I like the underdogs usually.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have to kiss a girl and break a heart.

Its funny...the idea of hurting people is hurting less and less.

Plasterface promises a full disclosure after Saturday. So theres that at least.

My theory? Plaster is a chunk of me. Maybe he's created in response to a repressed memory, and woke up when I ventured too far into that part of my psyche. Maybe hes my imaginary friend, gone horribly wrong.

Maybe he's a Proxy.

Maybe I'm the Proxy, and he's whats left of me?

Maybe Im Edward Norton, and He's Brad Pitt.

Maybe I'm very, very sick but I hide it very well.

I wish I wasn't going to be sober for this.

Ordeal 7 was a jar of spiders like about ten

I just had the seventh ordeal.

I don't even know where we got those. I certainly have no recolection.

It was bad, guys. I don't know how I passed.

They're still in the room, somewhere.

I had to get naked then dump the spiders all over my bed. I wasn't aloud to move, if I did, I'd fail. I had to wait until all the spiders got off my body.

I don't think I broke anything yesterday, thankfully. Just a lot of bruises.

Im questioning why I'm doing all this.

Is there a higher purpose?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Journal Entries Summnation

I went through almost all of them.

I started my journal writing around first grade. I got my first one for Christmas, I think. The entries start around there anyways. Second grade was a rough year for me. We'd moved across the country before kindergarten. We moved again after first grade.

I lived in the suburban asshole of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I went to a public school. From what I can tell, I hated school. I remember and I wrote about being bullied by a midget named Nick and his two big brothers.

My brother turned on me, bullying me as well to fit in. 

I didn't have any friends, it seems, but I wrote all kinds of references about another friend.

I called him "Il Calibero" I dont think thats a real word.

But apparently, he would be with me all the time and play with me. We'd play hide and seek, tag, and read together. We would play King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

 He was my best and only friend.

I described him in one entry. He was the man in the Mirror and my Shadow.He was always there. I wrote a lot of stories where he beat up Nick and his brothers.

Soon afterwards I started writing entries about the Dark Man.

He apparently watched me sleep from the darkness. Not evil, but Dark. I apparently took to sleeping with a night light which helped, and covered my whole bed with stuffed animals facing in every direction, and slept with a toy sword made of wood.

Apparently, this went on, even after I changed schools. References stop being as common around age ten. At eleven, they trickle to nothing. By twelve, no seeming recolection.

The Friends name keeps changing spelling. I don't think its a real word. The closest I can find are two spanish words to the two most common spellings:

calaveras- Skull I think

caballero -  I think this means Knight?

Im sorry this took so long to type up it was... well, this trial was hard lets leave it at that.

Plaster tells me #7 wont be as difficlut or...exerting. so thats good.

Its hard to see the keyboard so I'll go ahead and save the rest of the journal stuff for later

Its like the ice age

out here. Easily one of my worst experiences in a long time. Im tired as shit. Spent most of the nighthuddled against the side of a building until I decided to make a dugout in a snowbank instead. I actually got a little sleep in there but that was so bad. No school today so I'll be sleeping until late.

The journals I went through had some creepy shit. It gets its own post later tonight.

Ordeal #6 happens tonight, I have to get into a fight and lose.

will post before heading out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back on the Grid/ Ordeal #5


I missed a little bit, eh? Things seem relatively quiet though.

Ordeal 4 went down without a hitch. #5 will happen today. I have to spend the next 24 hours outdoors.

Supposed to be 15-20 inches of snow over the next 24 hours so thats fun.

I'm bundling up, and I'll use the time to go through the rest of the journals. I kept journals from age 6 (mostly pictures and silly little poems) all the way to age 11 so there are quite a few. If anything interesting comes up I'll let you know.

I can use my phone to acess blogger/MSN. The marvels of technology!

Otherwise I'll be spending the day trying to make fire/find shelter.