Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready to Roll

So Will's a lot more manly looking than his picture would indicate. (And a lot less crazy looking :P I think Bianca's been good for him)

Its the least I can do to treat them to dinner. (Though its going to be the Dining Hall)

Some might wonder why I snapped at the chance to go so fast?

Well, its because I feel Boston has an unjust reputation as Slendy's city. Boston is my hometown, its been a constant in my whole life. Even when I moved we'd come back once a year to visit.

For my-grimy-but-goodhearted city to become Slendy's playground over night...well, I can't believe or forgive that.

I have JUSTICE with me, but otherwise Im going unarmed.

...well, not exactly unarmed but surprises are surprises!

I have a mobile router, will update from the road.


  1. Yeah I thought you'd like some of toys we've got. Which one do you want the shot gun with taser rounds or the revolver. We still need to get more replacement stuff though we lost a lot in the crash.

  2. Hell Im not qualified to carry a gun, man!

    I don't want to be packing that kinda heat. I mean what I have in my bag alone-

    well, I can't talk about that but it'll do just fine.

    We can talk about this over dinner, man!

    I'll be out in like 10

  3. Kewl.Thanks for treating us by the way.

  4. Will, I've got a question, how many volts can those taser rounds deliver? I've tried looking it up online, but i couldn't find anything.

  5. 50,000 volts. Didn't know until I looked on the back of case they come in thanks for asking.