Saturday, February 5, 2011

I will finish what was started

I finished ordeal 8, and nine was today.

My taget for 8 was a girl I know named Phoebe. Slightly chubby girl, you know the type. Just too chubby to be lusted after but not chubby enough to not be a little cute. Shes been crushing on me for a long time now, and she was this easiest target.

It was very easy, but it makes me feel sick to say that. She was a little drunk, I went up to her, said some nice things then went in for a kiss. She wanted more but then I leftand started fake laughing, pretending it was just a joke and saying awful awful things.

The worst part is her current boyfriend saw. He's a friend of mine.

That completed ordeal ten, when he asked me what the hell went on, and I was just a total douchebag.

Anyways, its over guys. Tomorrow I'll be told what the next ordeal is. I'm supposed to get an answer after this. I dont think its a full answer though.

 3 trials left, he says. Hes getting quieter. Sometimes I forget plaster is in my head, you know? Then I'll find a heart cut out of paper badly with an encouraging note on it, or the pipe tobacoo I caved and bought goes missing before I can smoke it.

Or I'll feel something wrap its arms around me,protectively late into the night.


I hear Reach is probably dead. If he's gone...we lost a big piece, guys. We're losing too many pieces.

In other news, anyone else sign up for the MyDarkJournal's guys game? It looks interesting. Im going prey, I think. I like the underdogs usually.


  1. That... Sounds awful.

    Maybe Plaster is going to leave again once the trials are over? It would make sense, if it feels like he's there less.

  2. I feel like Im becoming a worse and worse person as we go.

    Or maybe, causing the pain gets easier?

    I dunno.

  3. Maybe that's the point man.

    I remember a dude, a few years ago, that did stuff like that. Dared people to see how far they'd go down his fucked up rabbit hole.

    He crossed a friend of mine though. So the gang and I beat the hell out of him.

    We never got caught. No one heard much from him since then. Maybe someone can make the same apply to trials like these. I don't know either.