Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have to kiss a girl and break a heart.

Its funny...the idea of hurting people is hurting less and less.

Plasterface promises a full disclosure after Saturday. So theres that at least.

My theory? Plaster is a chunk of me. Maybe he's created in response to a repressed memory, and woke up when I ventured too far into that part of my psyche. Maybe hes my imaginary friend, gone horribly wrong.

Maybe he's a Proxy.

Maybe I'm the Proxy, and he's whats left of me?

Maybe Im Edward Norton, and He's Brad Pitt.

Maybe I'm very, very sick but I hide it very well.

I wish I wasn't going to be sober for this.


  1. Sounds like you're in for some fun.

    Good luck getting your answers, Slice.

  2. Try to solve the problem a bit less self-destructively than Mr. Durden did.

  3. I have no intention to put a bullet in my face, or blow up buildings.

  4. That's good. That would, at the very least, be VERY awkward to explain to the authorities. Maybe if Nightcrawler and his men trapped several Black Rooks in a building and exercised their rights to cause property damage...

  5. *still checks on the blog daily and crosses her fingers for you*