Friday, February 11, 2011

In a tenement building in Charlestown. Had to get away from Will and Bianca...

There's a man dead because of me. Justice split his head open like a watermelon on the beach

I still have the suitcase but

I saw him for the first time today.

No, I saw him for the first time in years today.

The Dark Man is watching me again, or has he always been watching me?

I'm gonna try to use it soon, see what happens.

Will, be careful, He runs deep in the outskirts of Boston.

Boston is the most Irish city...

If the suitcase fails, I always have plan B...

I have left contact info in my email, and set it to send in a week. Someone will post if I don't make it.


  1. Be safe. We're heading out west. It was a shame we couldn't find a lead on whatever he is planning in Boston.

  2. ...I'm worried about you. All those trials - they seemed to make you, I don't know, have a shakier grasp on your morality.

    Maybe I've had too much philosophy drilled into my head but following blindly what you're told to do doesn't... sit well with me. I don't know. I'm worried.

    Are you alright? Are you wholly... fine other than being terrified or running?

  3. @Will: He's not "planning" anything, I don't think, at least not more than anywhere else.

    @Storm: I'm...looser, in my morals I suppose. But its all been in preperation.

    My hand still hurts but its usable.

    I don't know if following blindly is the same when you are telling yourself to do things. Plaster was me, I think.

    I mean, my hallucinations have stopped. So there's that.