Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sprayed Him with one of the contents of the suitcase.

The one I was most excited to test.

Plaster left me this suitcase, when I woke up. Hell if I know where he got this stuff but...

I sprayed Slender with a Squirt gun, the cheapass kind, full of acid.

Not achemical compound with the PH less than 7, but Lysergic acid diethylamide. LSD.

He was outside my window, so I opened it and sprayed his bald face.

He hasn't moved in about fifteen minutes. Usually, on a human it's effects will activate in about 45 minutes, but liquid LSD is hardcore, and I sprayed him with about 10 tabs worth...

So, we're gonna see what happens.

If he's physical, somethings gonna happen. I don't know how His biology works, but it will be interesting.

If he has no physical presence in this world...well, who knows.

If this fails, I have plan b heating in the tennaments stove.

I have some things to tell you but I cant type and observe him very well at the same time.

And to vexil and Sam...

Hell, I still can't dont believe Darby is dead. He was too stubborn to go down like this.I may not have liked him very much, but he was a fighter, and I always respected him.

Im not a good person. Im sorry.

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  1. LSD?! Jesus motherfucking Christ on pogo stick! Did it work? Has he moved since you sprayed him?