Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Happened

I woke up back in My dorm today. The squirt gun is gone.

Heres what went down in as much detail as I can recall-

Will,  Bianca and I were driving through Charlestown. We hadn't had any other leads elsewhere and I wanted to check out the building my grandparents lived in while we were in the neighborhood. It was late, around 8 thirty.

I got out of the car and walked towards the building. Standard three story appartment building. My grandparents had owned the whole thing when they were younger and still owned the building though they no longer lived in it.

I saw a piece of paper wedged into the doorway, and went over to check it out on a whim. It had been put there after the last snow, I figured, because it wasn't wet.

I pulled it out and read it.

"Hey Sup" Scrawled in black ink.

Bianca screamed a warning as this guy in a hoodie ran at me with a fire poker from the alleyway between the two buildings. He'd been crouching by the trashcans, I guess. White, goatee, blue eyes dirty blonde, buzz cut. Huge bags under his eyes.

He swung at me and I just barely got out of the way before he took my head off its shoulders with that thing.

I ran at him, and swung Justice at him. I got him in the head.

He went down, and I just kept hitting him. When I stopped, his head was splattered open.

Will and Bianca were gone, I dunno where they went but I don't blame them. I broke the lock off the door with the poker and I dragged the guy inside and took the poker with me. I dunno how no one saw me, but the police weren't called.

An hour later  I saw Slendy for the first time.

He was just standing on the doorstep, watching me. I looked at him, and didn't remove my eyes from his face (or lack thereof I guess) and opened the suitcase. I pumped the watergun and forced a smile on my face, and opened the door.

He tilted his head at me and I could hear the sounds of childrens laughter, of discordant calliope music. I was afraid, yes, but I could mask my fear. I had seen death, I had felt terror before.

I sprayed him, and he didn't move. I don't think he was angry, merely curious.

I typed my last message on the doorstep with my laptop.

 Forty minutes after I sprayed, he took a step back, then another.

Slowly, tentacles unfolded from...somewhere? Inside his coat?

Slowly, almost sensually his tentacles waved through the night. He He leaned backwards and I think he was looking at the moon, and the stars. His endless tentacles all reaching high into the sky.

He completly ignored me for about 3 hours but I was spellbound. He was so beautiful, so alien.

After the third hour he began stumbling towards the building again, his tentacles slamming into the building.

I decided it was time for plan B.

I had been heating the fire poker in the stove for the last few hours, and with my gloved right handI grabbed it.

My plan was to burn a face into Slendy's head. Two jabs for each eye, one line for him mouth. Take Maudin's prank to the next level.

When I stepped outside, his head snapped down, facing me, and his tentacles flailed at me. I bum rushed him and

I woke up here, 7 hours later.

My hand is burning again.

There was a torn up squirrel in my bed. I take that as a sign not to do this again.

Also the battery cord for my laptop is missing now. So posts are going to get more infrequent, and once battery power dies Im going to be forced to find public computers.

No sign of him yet today.


  1. Hurm. Brand Its head as It brands the rest with Its Operator symbol. Slendy seems to have been doing less and less and less lately, leaving it all to the Proxies. Good luck, Slice!

    Maybe the squirrel food...for winter? Um. No. Winter is almost over. Store your guts inside your body forever. Yeah. There we go.

  2. I don't even know if that guy I

    that guy was a Proxy or not. He wasn't masked, at least.

    I have yet to meet a proxy.

    I have many plans and all of them involve keeping my guts inside me. I like having them there!

  3. Dude we didn't leave you. You disappeared. After the guy tried to brain you, you both disappeared. We waited awhile for you to show up, but you didn't so we left.