Thursday, February 17, 2011

I saw the sunset over the tracks tonight.

I'm riding the bus for Boston, should be in South Station in 3 hours.

She won't tell me her name, but she slipped something into my back pocket when she finally let me go. She's toying with me...

It's really embarrassing please don't ask.

I've got my Suitcase in which I have enough substances of various natures to be in jail forever.

This includes:

1 bottle of Raw Ether
10 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms
A Slice of Weed
another bottle of  liquid LSD (equivalent to 5 blotters)
Something that smells like a hobo's vomit I'm going to assume is alcohol. 

None of these are for personal consumption: I've taken to selling the weed for funds and the other products are for experiments. Though I do have some tests to run with the weed, as well...

Kids remember, drugs are bad, mmkay? 

I picked up a knife but well I don't wanna talk about what happened. Justice will do. For a random hunk of wood I found, its been fairly good at combat.


It seems like I was right that Darby wasn't "dead" 

But I was also right in my thinking about Sam.

@John, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. 

@YG, I hear your in Boston now. If you are, if you and Liam can meet me in South Station we can get this going.

@Ron, if your reading, where are you? 

@Leaves, if you are reading this, watch yourself. This is MY city. 


  1. "Crack is whack and dope is nope, but nothing rhymes with marijuana, so go ahead."

    If you say you're fine, Slice, I believe you, good luck; not to add to your burden, but any news on that acid from your lab?

  2. This might be an innopportune time, Slice, but I was wondering if you'd like to join the group we're getting together. It's called NAPPA.

  3. Read Kaiju, I've been reading and I usually don't go in for Teams.

    Don't expect me to sign off on posts with NAPPA, but if you need help in My area? I'm all over that.

    So I guess I'm saying okay. Though I'm definitely a Lancer.

  4. Alright then. Good to have you.