Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Redlight Theories

So, here is what I think is happening with Redlight.

We only see him on the big shot's blogs. Ava, Zero, Robert,Reach. People who have been IMPORTANT.

Someone once theorized he was Jay, the Sage. I can't confirm or deny that but I reckon it'd fit him pretty well.

But that's not what I wanna talk about.

Redlight is treated as an ineffectual villain. Constantly failing, hated by the community. Unable to do anything lasting.

Lets look at what he's done:

Memory Wipes: Zero lasting memory wipes

Reach's "Games": none have ended in his favor

Robert's Games: none ended in his favor.

From the perpective here, it looks as if he's like Team Rocket or something: blasting off into the sunset when his hair brained scheme fails.

But when we look closer a different picture appears.

Yeah, we've beaten him, we hurt him. But at what costs?

Roberts about to get a lobotomy due to his continued battles with him and has been rendered nearly useless, over and over again. One of our most important pieces, a weight on our necks, a mortality question.

Bait. Emotional Bait.

Reach, has escaped death. But he's no longer the superpowered being he was. I think that might accomplish his Master's goals just as effectively while still making the readers, the pawns more reckless and confident.

Ava with shotgun, the forces of the PTC, Robert, none of them could bring him down, none could do more then a little damage to him. He always gets away.

I think he's a Revenant. I think he's got something up his sleeve. Something big. And when that comes, if we treat him like a comedic villian, a mere Henchman, we won't be prepared.

These're my thoughts. Take them as you will I guess.


Setting out the meat tonight. Going to be posting from a public computer from now on. This is the last image that was in my Plaster folder, and I thought I would put it up. In the end, hope, like heroes, has to ride alone.

(Yeah that's a Protomen Image, basically it was all he wanted to listen to during the final week. Alternate personalities, go figure, am I right or am I right?)


Congratulations to Ava and Reach! Even in these Dark times, there is light. Its important to remember. guys.

no sign of Sam. I'm worried.


  1. I hate it when logic and reason fail to comply with an ideal image of reality. Why can't he just take a knife to the hand, a shotgun to the foot, and several hateful insults to the head and leave everyone alone? What if he gets his memory wiped? Has that happened before...?

    Someone should try that!

    Anyway, good luck, of course, and don't be too worried - or, no, do, because that might mean Sam'll show up. Anyway. Yes. Very important. So, good luck.

  2. First off, thank you -le blush-

    Secondly. He /is/ a Revenant. And he's certainly got some kind of plan.

    Let's face it, he'd be dead by now if he didn't.


    Not happy with it at all.

  3. Hey, Slice. We never spoke much, but I can use some help. I've been out of it for two months now, and I'm currently on Boston, Mass. I've been set free for the purposes of being a fox on a hunt, so to speak, and I have some of slim's servants chasing me. In fact, it's been specifically made his job to torment me until slim gets bored. Will recommended I speak with you about this. I don't know if you can help me, but I figured it was worth a shot.

  4. I'll give you my Email, Its an honor Ron, you were one of the first blogs I read.

    I'll be up in Boston ASAP!