Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Journal Entries Summnation

I went through almost all of them.

I started my journal writing around first grade. I got my first one for Christmas, I think. The entries start around there anyways. Second grade was a rough year for me. We'd moved across the country before kindergarten. We moved again after first grade.

I lived in the suburban asshole of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I went to a public school. From what I can tell, I hated school. I remember and I wrote about being bullied by a midget named Nick and his two big brothers.

My brother turned on me, bullying me as well to fit in. 

I didn't have any friends, it seems, but I wrote all kinds of references about another friend.

I called him "Il Calibero" I dont think thats a real word.

But apparently, he would be with me all the time and play with me. We'd play hide and seek, tag, and read together. We would play King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

 He was my best and only friend.

I described him in one entry. He was the man in the Mirror and my Shadow.He was always there. I wrote a lot of stories where he beat up Nick and his brothers.

Soon afterwards I started writing entries about the Dark Man.

He apparently watched me sleep from the darkness. Not evil, but Dark. I apparently took to sleeping with a night light which helped, and covered my whole bed with stuffed animals facing in every direction, and slept with a toy sword made of wood.

Apparently, this went on, even after I changed schools. References stop being as common around age ten. At eleven, they trickle to nothing. By twelve, no seeming recolection.

The Friends name keeps changing spelling. I don't think its a real word. The closest I can find are two spanish words to the two most common spellings:

calaveras- Skull I think

caballero -  I think this means Knight?

Im sorry this took so long to type up it was... well, this trial was hard lets leave it at that.

Plaster tells me #7 wont be as difficlut or...exerting. so thats good.

Its hard to see the keyboard so I'll go ahead and save the rest of the journal stuff for later

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