Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I've gathered

You guys keep squawking about perils without saying anything.

Look. If he was in real danger, I think you could tell me what it is, or at least come up with a good excuse. The fact that niether is happening doesn't make me feel very scared.

I've read the blog. I'm writing up a summary now. This seems to be one of his writing projects, and not part of reality as I've seen a few discrepancies with reality.


Dec 9 - Jan 14

This period is pretty normal, though I am surprised at the amount of weed he apparently smoked and the amount he apparently drank. Would you believe that before last summer, he'd never drank or somked, not even cigarettes? Though I did see him with a cigar at least once...

I'm off track.

Jan 15- Feb 10

This is a period in which My brother apparently started doing progressively worse and worse things to himself in order to appease an "alternate personality?" Why did any of you chucklefucks try to talk to him? Apparently he set his hand on fire. (Though Im still thinking this is a writing project)

He mentioned Plasterface to me, once I think. I'll try to remember.

Feb11- Yesterday

He thinks/writes about fighting "Slenderman" alongside some of you people.

According to this, people who met my brother included Morningstar, Ron, Pete, YG, Liam, Will, Bianca, and Black Leaves.

Can you people describe my brother? What was he like when you met him?

Some of those people were the people trying to tell me to back off.

I need an answer you dunces. What the hell is happening? Is this a writing project or is my brother deranged?

Im headed to class

If you can tell me anything about my crazy ass brother, please do.

As soon as I get back I'm going through his blog.

....He's so fucking stupid God. Where is he?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alright, What the Fuck.

Hi, Slice in his infinite wisdom has designated me as Dice. Call me Ben.

I'm his twin brother. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with anything.

I woke up this morning and checked my email to find an email from my brother. I haven't talked to him in like 6 months. But then he sends me this shit.

"My dear brother,

I don't have long. My greatest triumph suceeded but at great cost. If you receive this message, go to this link and post this email. I've made you an account with which to do this. (login details omitted )

Do NOT Show this to Mom or Dad, or look to closely. But I'm going to be gone for a long time, if not forever. You are the only one I can trust with this matter.

'To all my followers, friends, watchers and partners, thank you. The fight has not ended, and never will end. But we are all damned here. I did not fail, but I did not suceed.

Fire, friends. Fire, pure flame hurts Him.

Light up the night and Live in the Light


Bro, as soon as you post this, delete your account. If you love me, do it.

Your Brother,


He sends me this shit an expects me to lie down about it? Fuck that shit. He's crazier then I thought Jesus.

What the fuck is going on?

Dice, fuck him. Does he think rhyming names are cute?

Hey, you people. How do I change my posting name. Thanks


Discordia! Discordia.

I will finish what was started

The crowd had gathered there to watch him fall, to watch their hopes destroyed.

They watched them beat him, they watched them break him, they watched his last defense deployed.

There was not a man among them who would let himself be heard.
But from the crowd, from the collective fear, arose these broken words:
We are the dead
We are the dead

Saturday, March 26, 2011





答えはそう いつもここにある





答えはそう いつもここにある



答えはそう いつもここにある 




 In this bloody dawn
I will wash my soul
To become the spirit of vengeance
To deny my wisdom for anger
To break the scream of the silent fool
And to be the knight-rider of Doom


I clenched my fist. It hurt. Like hell. My body was remembering.

"James." I said, turning my back on him. my wool coat replaced with my leatherjacket, my fedora with a helmet. My soft wool gloves replaced with leather. 

"When you see Gwen...tell her I still have work to do."

 3 hours left until. 

I'm bringing everything,  all the irons I have in the fire.

I will finish what I started. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zero is back

no one stays dead forever

none of us will

tonight I will beat my answers out of James if I have to.


Got called from the shop. $250 repair job. Broken hard drive. No Running anytime soon, and posts will be more infrequent.

But this also means all of Plaster's images are gone.


She would run her fingers along my chest, her nails leaving tiny lines of pain, a good pain that let me know life was real, that she was more then a dream. She would have her lips, those dark red lips against my ear, murmuring what she was going to do later as I would try to type a post, as I would try to do work. I will never forget the moment our game changed.

Her murmurs became lower and lower until I could



hear her words 

she whispered in one breath into my ear "iloveyou"

and before I realized and was able to react

kissed me tenderly. Her first kiss that wasn't an attack.

I would later learn this was her first day of raging at the commenters on the internet.

And it was the day everything fell apart.

Professor Slice's Lecture series #2/Who the fuck is James

For under thirty dollars

  The first thing you must purchase is a super soaker. A squirt gun with a large tank and a nozzle that is far away from you. NO BATTERY POWERED SQUIRT GUNS, OR TANK BACKS.

I got something called the "Max D 2000 water blaster." for about $14 dollars. You are looking for a good sized ammount of storage space in the tank and a pump action handle to too close to the nozzle.

 Step two: get a can of WD40 (the more the better). You will be spraying this into the tank until there is nothing left to spray. Fill it to the top if you can, more bottles are between 3-6 dollars in most stores. I bought three bottles.

Step three: rubber cement.What you wanna do is get a bottle and lather it around the nozzle on the inside. Lather that shit liberally BUT DONT GET ANY ON THE OUTSIDE JESUS CHRIST.

Then, you are basically ready to go. When you get into the action, use a lighter or match to light the rubber cement. Then, aim it and pump and squeeze.

This is super dangerous (squirt guns are plastic after all.) but the pump and squeeze and the rubber cemement will work fine if you do it right.

The other warning note is that this fires in short bursts due to the pumping. So be prepared for that.

Im going out and hunting for Slendy on saturday night. Tomorrow is dedicated towards James.


I decided I should explain out of all my friends, I was most suspicious of James and qustioned him before anyone else.

James is one of the guys who I started smoking with. He's a nice enough guy, though he's always been a little sensitive. Back in Late October, I showed most of my dorm Marble Hornets as a thing for movie night. Almost everyone made fun of it, except James and I. I had already begun burying myself in the blogs by this point, so I was taking it a little more seriously then they were (though not as much as I should have)

The next day, James was telling me about how he was reading Slenderblogs and had finished All the Gen one blogs (JAF, Zeke, Damien) and asking me about more.

Later on (in that same post), I also discovered a poster in a dead end stairway in my dorm. a staircase that goes nowhere, just to a sealed off part of the building. At the time I thought it was a prank, but...

He did act different after break, but I had other things on my mind (aka Plaster + Cosmic Horrors) amd I just assumed it was because he had been getting off the hard drugs (he was the guy who introduced me to the LSD guy) and getting back into weed.

I'll be keeping my eye on him.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

im ok

can't talk more right now a lot on my mind plans being made

all parts for the flamethrower purchased but I dont know if I can produce enough flame

I'm close to a breakthrough on the Gwen front James knows something he's been drawing the symbol I saw his sketchpad when he was packing a bowl earlier

he has at least one page covered in the symbol. Maybe more.

My laptop is having troubles again. I'm suspecting foul play.


She used to sing a lullaby to me, some nights. She would breathe the lyrics into my ear as I slept beside her.

"Alas, my love you do me wrong, to cast me out discourteously..."

I would close my eyes and fall asleep in her arms. I was never more happy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gwen (Part Three)

Every day with Gwen was a tiny Miracle. Waking up beside her was amazing, even if my bed is a bit too small for two. She would look at me, smile, kiss me, and climb over me to get out when she wanted to leave, though the best days were the ones when I had to leave before she did, and I would come back to find her still sleeping in my bed. She was always wearing green gowns, of different shades and hues. I still remember the morning I knew even if this was an impermanent thing I wanted it to last as long as possible.

That would be the day all the progress failed. I didn't want to leave the Lotus island.

We both felt the shadows looming in the distance.

But I still didn't know how she felt.


Talked to my roomate about Gwen today.

He was listening to some noise rock band when I walked in. He'd had hives for the last few days and had just arrived within the hour. We greeted each other, talked about break (I fabricated I'd spent the week in Montreal.)

We talked about his trouble with his ex girlfriend and the drama of their problem. He's being wishy washy, and won't put his foot down when she crawls all over him. Finally, I apologized for klicking him out of the room so much the last few weeks.

"It's fine man, I know you needed the space. You had a rough week, right?"


"Yeah, I didn't think it was possible to sleep so much."

Apparently, he thinks I was sick all week, bedridden. I spent most of the week passed out, according to him.

I wish I'd set up cameras. It would be an unbiased source of info.

Im going to talk to my friends Duncan and James. They might have a clearer source of info. James is my friend I bragged the most to and I tell Dunc everything. Well, except for this. No one knows about This.


It's looking like I'm going to be testing fire. I'm going to try to assemble a flamethrower in the next few days. I have most of the necessary supplies. I just need a super soaker.

I don't know how long I have. He's been moving closer, slowly cautiously all day.

I miss not being sober.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Path with Many Prongs

Well, Tonight Im taking a break from finding out how much was lies, and how much was truth to posit a question.

Where should I go from here?

I have a few things I can do while I continue to search out Gwen's truth.

Slender hasn't been leaving me alone, but he's been mostly harmless/passive the last few days. Watching, like a shy child watching a playmate.

I want to test fire. Not torches, not wood fire, not molotovs. Pure Flame on Him. He fears fire, or it at least upsets him. I plan on testing this more in the future.

Other options include going back to testing narcotics on him and building a rapport, and attempting to comprehend him through closer research. Riskym but it could be very rewarding.

On the other hand, we have perceptions of Slender I wish to test. Basically, we react differently to him when we are in different emotional states. It's been well documented that drunk people fear him less.

I want to test my perception of him on various substances and in various states, including meditation, hypnosis, and deep prayer.

On yet another hand, I want to attempt to fight him with spiritual means. Kay (Most of you know her) and I have been talking about things that could be done in the fields of magic offensively against him. Some of you might not remember this about me, but I spent a good portion of my childhood studying the occult like it was my job. I have a bit of knowledge and a bit of skill, enough to do some ritual magic anyways. These experiments are something I would also be willing to do.

So our options!

1) Dedicate full time to understanding Gwen/what happened

2) multitask with any of the below:

(3 and below are stand alone options)

3) Fire, pure flame

4) Narcotics on Slenderman (ala the LSD tests)

5) Test perception in different states

6) Test Sppiritual/Magical offensive Ritual Magics.

Im going to make a decision in 20 hours. In the meantime, we will return to our regularly scheduled obsessive Gwen Posts.

Gwen (Part Two)

Febuary 26, 2011:

I am charging Slenderman. I have doused my arm in gasoline and lit it on fire. I am running at slender man with intent to leave my mark on his face and die in peace.

I run at him my burning arm behind me as a swing for a wide haymaker at his chest, planning to grab at his tie.

I am pinned down before I know it. He looms over me, a being of tentacles and power, sheer power. My audacity has angered Him. I will die alone, tentacles jabbing into my body over and over again. My burning arm is broken, though he leaves the fire alone. I can sense he fears it.

I am near death. Only my spine is still intact, my head. I am being cut open when She appears, whispering something into the side of his head.

The calliope music turns from dark and wrathful to light and cheerful, childrens laughter filling the air. His face opens, a maw of sharp teeth visible for a moment and he spits, or vomits on me and everything goes dark.

I wake up, days later. Gwen is nursing me back to health, but I do not know this. I am in a world where the horrors of my pain is unkown, where plasterface is a myth. Where Slenderman is unkown. She is watching me, even as she nurses, loves me. We are happy, even if it is an artificial light in a dark and dreary world. It warms us still.

I did not know of Slice, the fact I had burnt away most of my arm, that without her direct intervention, I would be dead.


I know that she is real. I felt her breath on my skin. Her warmth against me. Ran my fingers through her hair. She is as real as I am.

But I killed her, my room seems undisturbed, still bearing signs of a struggle, and there is no body.

This leads us to Two options:

1)Someone moved the body

2) there was no body

If there was a body, and it was moved, that leaves us two more options.

1) She wasn't dead and fled, thinking I hated her now.

2) Someone else moved her body

I doubt the second one, if only that leaving a body for me to deal with.get arrested for makes a lot more sense then moving it. I can't run in prison. I can't fight there, either.

If there never was a body, what actually happened?

AS makes a valid point, its a lot of effort to create a person to break me. He was breaking me easily enough without her help. Fuck, I'd be dead if it wasn't for her.

I'm at a loss. Going to clean up/look for clues. My roommate's been sick, but he WILL be here tonight.

I'm going to talk to my friends, see if any of them knew Gwen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gwen.(part 1)

She was a smiling woman, but the kind who uses her face as a Mask.

That was probably why she never carried a traditional mask. Her vixen grin was the mask she wore to the world.

Gwen was the kind of woman who took weapons off of lpeople with a grin and a light touch.

The Night we met she walked up to me at the bus stop. I was carrying my bag, nervous, ready for war. I had picked up a huge switchblade at a store in North Hampton and was ready for a tussle, ready to be tackled by some psycho in a mask.

I was not prepared for a girl to wrap herself around me, giggle into my ear, wish me good luck, and reach into my pants to take my knife. I was so shocked, I couldn't react in any way.

She put a note in my pocket, and slipped away, waving with a grin.

The note said only:

"You are cuter then my usual targets, boy. My name is Gwen. We are going to be good friends hmm? I'm going to hold onto this for now. You can have it back when you're old enough to kill. Love, Gwen."

She left me other notes throughout the week, to let me know she was watching. Finally, the day before We failed for the first time and I was lost, she left me a note.

Do you like me? (Y) (N)

I circled Y. I had begun to fall for her, no matter how much she vexed me.

I came back to the Dorm. There was no body. No signs of a struggle.


I'm taking the Peter Pan bus back to Springfield, and another bus back to my actual college from there.

Im sure by now, you guys have read Jean and Reach's blog.

I'm not going to let myself freak out until we have an answer.

This...complicates things. With what happened to me with Gwen.

If she was a conduit, my version of events still makes sense. But if she wasn't...what happened?

I need to get back to the dorm before my roommate gets here.

I...I fled after I killed her. She's still there.

We had break so no one has been in there, I think.

One of Five things happend.

If she's there:

1) Events as recorded. I killed a beautiful woman who was in love to me because of an ability she was born with. Or We were both crazy for a brief time, and her actual love broke it enough for me to kill her.

2) She's there, but the dead body doesn't look the way Gwen did

Glamour is real, and made her look beautiful. Or else Slender fucked with both of our perception

3) There will not be a body, because someone moved it and her. Unlikely. I would be in jail by now if someone found a dead woman in my room. Room inspection happened before I...

4) She was never there, never real.

4a) THis is because she was a trap left by  Slender Man  . To break me, make me unable to fight. To make me see myself as a villain.

4b) She was Plaster, himself. Trying to take me completely

Im in Springfield now. I'll be home soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's over

We have finished what we started.

Alone is dead, though not by my hand. We left all we encountered on the way alive, and once alone was dead, the proxies in the area have mostly scattered.

My part in this is over. Ron is alive.

As for me, I'm heading back to college. I have dead to bury, a mind to sort out. Plans to make.

Getting Ron out was what kept me going. I couldn't tell anyone.

But now, the battle of Boston is over. The Boston crew is no more.

I don't know where we go from here. I don't think I have the heart to be a fighter anymore.

I'm going back to testing. I have a lot to understand.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We lost something

that could never be replaced, today.

Cerberus, no, Clyde. Rest in peace. You were a good man.

Alone, know this. We WILL save Ron.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes.

That is all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So I walk up to the outside of the restaurant. I’m dressed up, a little. White Oxford shirt, Black Overcoat, Black dress pants. Leather Shoes. I’m unarmed. Waiting outside, I see this guy, okay?  Long flowing robe. A Fucking Robe. Hood, but the hood was down. Long Blonde hair. He has blue eyes and paleish skin. He grinned at me as I approached. Morningstar.

Me: Was the robe necessary? We’re going to get thrown out. There is a dress code.
Morningstar: Say it’s for religious purposes. It’ll will be fine.

He has a faint accent. Barely noticeable.
We get seated after a few nervous looks from the waiter. I order a lemonade. He stuck with water, even after I told him I’d pay. Then we got down to business.

Me: So, humor me. Why are you here? Well, here and not trying to kill me.
Morningstar: Not trying to kill you? How do you know I don’t have someone in the kitchen, poisoning everything right now.

He smiled a jackal grin. I looked at him dead in the eyes and drank my lemonade. I was fine.

Morningstar: So, how did it feel to crush someone’s throat with your bare hands?

I resisted the urge to flip the table and stab him with my fork.

Morningstar: I don’t think I’ve ever choked the life out of someone before. How brutal. Monstrous, even.
Me: I’m sorry about the fire. Liam is out of control.
Morningstar: Liam. Didn’t burn down every nest in Charlestown. You made quite a few families homeless, you know. Hero.
Me: I’m no hero. I’m barely a useful pawn.
Morningstar: To be fair, most of you people spend all of your time sorting into leadership positions and posturing. How much positive has actually been accomplished by anyone? Even my buddy Ray, that great editor and leader has only killed a few Black Pawns and yelled at White Pawns whenever his useless girl did something stupid.
Me: Let’s not talk about them, hmm?
Morningstar: Now, I am curious, and I never get curious. Why did you call me out here?
Me: I’m curious about you. Your side. Why?
Morningstar: I like to hurt people. I did even before He came into my life. You know what I mean, correct? The Predatory feeling, the rush of power, the ascent to Godhood, for those few brief moments. You’ve felt it, right?

I shift uncomfortably. I know exactly what he is talking about.
Our food arrives. He’s ordered a lobster, I’m eating Haddock. Im cutting my Haddock, about to make a comment about the odds of the Sox this year when:

MorningStar: Kill me.
Me: whut.
Morningstar: Did I stutter? Kill me, please.
Me: No.
Mornignstar: I’m begging you, end my pain and suffering at the hands of Him. Free me, please.
Me: Free yourself. No.

He begins to break open his Lobster with methodical ease.

Morningstar: You know, death is the only real way out. Killing Proxies frees them. The dead are no longer his. Eventually, the only way to win will to have everyone but him off the board. No witnesses, none to remember. When all the bloggers are dead, all the proxies and revenants, the game will be over. No one will believe he is real, or ever doubt his reality.
Me: I don’t believe that. He was here before.
Morningstar: Ahh, but on a much smaller scale.  I believe you’ve said as much yourself. “we are like rats in a water-filled barrel.” Right?
Me: That was a long time ago.
Morningstar: I’m not going to kill you, you know.
Me: I know. You aren’t armed.
Morningstar: I could slit your throat, right now. It would be so easy. Lean across the table, and one flick of the knife. It is rather sharp, you know.
We lean towards each other, over the candlelight dinner. He leans back and smiles.
Morningstar: Your blog is quite entertaining, you know. Do you ever go back and read those first couple of posts? You were so excited to be the man you are now.

He then proceeded to quote my first entry to me in a high-pitched accent.
Me:…how ‘bout the Red Sox?

We shook hands after dinner. He told me we would be in touch.
I’m going to let him throw in his two cents. But that was the gist of our conversation, other then me asking about his life. But out of respect I won’t share that part.
We aren’t so different, as much as I hate to say it. We are both enlisted men in a war bigger then ourselves.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dinner was lovely.

Will talk about it in the morning. Am alive, surprise surprise.
Three Hours, ninteen miuntes I am meeting Morningstar for a nice Seafood Dinner.

Legal Seafoods. The one near the water. I'm going to have some Chowder.

I hear that He wants me to kill him. I'm going to have a talk, eat some seafood.

I don't ever want to kill again.

He's going to need a great reason.

Yeah, I broadcast the date time and location of my meeting. Oooh, spooky!!!

Our enemy is an all-powerful, all seeing abomination. I doubt he couldn't find us if he wanted to. There's no point in hiding my intentions.

I don't care if I die anymore. But no one else can die. Not anymore.

I broke  Justice on my own knee. Set it on fire.

I'm going to be unarmed.

It doesn't matter.

I was a boxer, once, you know. I trained. I was an infighter.

Those hands I trained...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've been thinking and its its like this.

I loved her. I loved Gwen. More then I can say, even if it was all synthesized, even if it was a lie, a trap. And reading her posts. She felt the same way.

I killed her. With my bare hands. She cried and kissed me as I choked the life out of her, as I beat her. She died smiling. And now she's gone.

Its why I can't post anymore. I can't stomach looking at myself.
I can't forgive any of you. You brought be back into this world. You pulled me out of a world where I would have died in the arms of a woman I loved, even if my lifespan was shortened.

I can't forgive Plaster. He pulled me out, made her look like a villain, just so he could get me alone again. He's dead too. That's the only fighting back she did. She killed him while he choked the life out of her.

And I can never forgive myself for not stopping the Squeezing.

It's why I was so useless. I can't kill anymore. I won't take another life.

Not even, no matter how much I deserve it, my own.

I will finish what was started. But I will not play the Hero any more.

I don't deserve even that Illusion any more.

I used to think I was Hero Material. Like the Big Hero. Potentially the next White King. I would do something incrdible with my imaginary friend.

But I did nothing before and nothing now, except hurt innocents, be a dick and kill the only woman I've ever loved.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, tonight.

I'm Sorry Everyone

I haven't been able to write. I just haven't.

I Made it to Boston in time to work things out with the others.

Clyde and I made it into the ruins. If you want a description, go look at Ron's blog, okay?

We ran quickly. He knew the route. I did not. We made it to the cell where she was supposed to be. The others were making a mess of the outside. The Real world?

I don't even know, man. I'm out of my pay grade.

But we got to cell?

Alone was there. With friends. Lots of friends. Told me to get out. That I wasn't ready yet. To run.

And I did.

I'm not the one they wanted. They let me go.

Morningstar. I want to meet with you. Let's do dinner. Tomorrow night. I'll take you out for seafood.

Everyone else. Talk, if you want. Tonight...I need to do some thinking.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Im on a bus to Boston

I don't have any thing else to say.

I'll be there in a few hours I'm in a Bus terminal currently. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its over

Im back Gwen she

I can't talk about this now

Cerberus I'll be in Boston when you want me there

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You People wanted to know about me huh…well, because I didn’t want to clog up the comments I am consolidating everything to one post. I'll tell you everything about me.

The year was nineteen thirty. I was twelve. The depression  was just starting, and my mother got laid off from her job at the Shirtmaking factory. She put me on the streets to feed  my brothers and sisters. 

I would pretend to be a prostitute and when a man brought me home I would beat him until he was unconscious. I’d take whatever he had. Money, food, whatever. It wouldn’t always work. Sometimes I had to actually perform my job.

I slowly began to realize that I was doing better then any of the girls in my trade. In 1934, I realized that if I asked the men to give me money with a sad seductive tone, they would without question.
My family lived well until the end of the war. My mom got rehired, but I had to continue my trade. I couldn’t stop.

I craved the power the men gave me.

How does my power work? I speak or look into a man’s eyes, and my persuasion becomes their new perception. It’s been theorized by Agents that Glamour messes with the Male brain. It also affects women, though not as strongly.

But then He came along.

I would later realize I had been too conspicuous. I had earned the nickname Greensleeves for my…”gold digger” activities from Parson Jones.  My reputation had spread. He found out.

I was offered a choice. Die, or use my talents for him. In return for my loyalty I would be given a boy that was forever young and free use of my powers. In return, I would be an “assassin.” I would use my…charm to hinder the efforts of Fighter and Conduits He didn’t want to kill.

As far as I can tell, I’m still human. I don’t have any of the Revenant symptoms. I can touch, and eat, though I have little desire to eat and less desire to drink.  About twenty fighters, 10 Conduits. I’m very good at my job.

I’ve been doing my duty for all these years. I was assigned to Slice after the incident with the LSD. That bothered Him, though who knows why. I stalked him, stole his knife, messed with his head.  Left him letters, encouraging him to go to Boston.

When He broke Slice…I’ve never seen someone  so hurt. He was all broken all cuts, all impaled. He was barely alive. Plaster spoke through his smashed mouth and I also begged Slender Man. He allowed Slice to go back as a testament to His power. I was to monitor him and keep him in line.  I was assigned to be his girlfriend. Business as usual. 

But he was different. I don’t know. There was kindness in his eyes. He wanted to cuddle me when others wanted to fuck. We fucked, yeah, but he made sure I felt good. I didn’t know I could feel so loved. He made me cards. He took me out to dinner. Even over the course of a week…I felt something I had never felt before.

I’m freeing Slice Tomorrow.  I can’t restore his memories. Someone else’s job. But I can let him read everything. I can re-expose him to reality.

But one last night before it all falls apart.

I deserve that much. 

Is that enough for you people? Is that enough?

100th Post: Q&A session! (Co-Hosted by Gwen)

Hey guys! In celebration of this blog's hundredth post, I'm hosting a Q&A session. You can ask me about anything and I will do my best to answer honestly

Gwen found out and she wanted to take part too so she will be taking part too!

Hello ladies and gents. I'm also taking questions though I reserve the right to not answer questions that will get me in trouble.

 Lets get this started!

I'm going to turn off my Glamour  tomorrow night. I will let him decide. You ingrates don't believe me but I Love "Slice".  I will prove our love.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alright Stop it, All of You

Why are you people trying to ruin "Slice's" Happiness?

Because you think I'm hurting him? I love the man. He's a good guy despite some of his tendancies. He's a troubled man but I keep him safe, I keep him calm. I'm his world.

Because Plasterface tells you to? Do you guys even know who he is? It's part of Slice, sure, but not in the sense you people seem to take it.

Plaster was the one who set up this arrangement, not me. I was only supposed to be brought in to monitor him, but I couldn't help myself.

Plasterfuck has been sabotaging him and his relationships for years. It gets jealous. It doesn't want anyone else to have him. He started the cries for help when I made my first move. 

 Because you think I'm a Proxy? I'm in full control of myself and my...unique abilities. I answer to Him, but only to him. If I hadn't intervened, Slice would be DEAD.

Broeckchen, I see what your doing. You answer to Plaster, don't you? You think you are doing the right thing by "helping" poor, defenseless Plaster? Its not that simple sweetheart. Slice is safest and happy with me. Can you say before Slice was truly happy? No, you can't.


 -Gwen Greensleeves
Ugh, guys...what's been going on?

She's been wearing me out. I might have a hernia, I think.

She' sleeping right now. Shes unsettling to watch while she sleeps. It seems like she barely breathes.

 Im tired guys. almost no sleep last night. I'm taking a night to myself.

I had this urge, I guess, to draw some tarot cards.

Five of Swords- Reverse

Eight of Swords- Reverse

Ima go take a nap. Gwen is beckoning me over.

Monday, March 7, 2011

You guys seemed so interested in the last comments, so I'll tell you about her now!

alas, my love, you do me wrong to cast me out discourteously

Gwen...let's start with her name. 
When I have loved you so, so long delighting in your company

Her real name is Guinevere, but she usually goes by Gwen. She has long, black hair. A little tiny bit wavy, but not too badly wavy. The kind of natural wave that's just right, you know? Her skin is pale, so pale and white. Her lips are bright red, even without her makeup. Her eyes are like emeralds, gently shining emeralds. Emeralds just pulled from the ground...
Her gown was of the grassy green, her sleeves of satin were hanging by
She is always wearing green skirts, green dresses, green corsets. People tend to call her Gwen Greensleeves.

Which made her be our harvest queen and yet she would not love me
I noticed Ron asked how we met, sooo...
Greensleeves was all my joy Greensleeves was my delight

About a week ago I was going up to Boston to see my old friends Ruben and George. I was riding the bus, and she sat next to me on the bus. She started talking to me, and wouldn't you know, we ended up spending the whole week together, like in one of those Romantic Movies you see sometimes. We went back to school last Friday, and we decided we should date on Saturday. Now she's my cute, adorable, perfect girlfriend.
Greensleeves was my heart of Gold

It's like she's known me forever. 
And who but my lady Greensleeves 
I'm so happy guys. She's coming over tonight. I'll talk to you guys later.

Hey Everyone!

Man, going to the club last night wasnt the best idea, but Gwen insisted upon it. It was Goth/Industrial night and she wanted to bust out her corset last night. ;)

It was fun, even though the club was kind of slow. (I mean, it was Monday Night! I wasn't expecting hordes of people)

I've been falling behind in my classes, so I'm gonna stay sober this week! No distractions (that aren't Gwen) Just homework this week!

It's been a while scince I've been sober this long anyways.

Man I love college. I had a crazy weekend last week but now everythings back to normal. Who would have thought meeting her on the bus to Boston (I went to visit Reuben and George) would have lead to our dating?

She's not my usual type, I admit, but its nice. She's more feisty than I'm use to.I usually have to be the pursuer.


Who watched the Oscars? I think King's Speech won way too many awards. It was basically made to win awards. Bah to that! I was dissapointed True Grit didn't win any awards.

Well, I have logic in a few hours and I got some homework, so I'll come back later. Post who you thought should have won in the comments!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cards Drawn: Knight of Swords in reverse

Death in Reverse

Scotts telling me that I had a friend named Ron who died in Charlestown?! How does he know? I don't know anyone named Ron, and Ruben and George are alive...what's going on?

Please Gwen Let me write this. No, I'm not in the mood tonight. Because we're in public, dearest.

What do you meanujfsngrwejfngnhginhuwjfnhwngunhundwnjinnfnhj`wrdeinergfjwngjnjunjwiggrinwrigwuinhiwri


Hey now, hey now don't be so forward boys and girls 

I like "Slice" see? He's cute and he's a pretty nice guy, for a Fighter who acts like he's a Paladin or something.

He's mine now. All Mine. MINE! So BACK OFF.

Besides, He likes being my lovely hero, don't you darling? Yes you do! Yes you do!

Now, if you people will excuse us, I'm going to borrow him for the night. Ciao! 

Don't be jealous Broeckchen and Sammie~~~~~!

Back in for the night

It's rainy tonight.

I'm sitting here in my room watching the cars pass on the road.

I drew cards at random on a whim from my Tarot deck.

Seven of Wands

Ten of Wands in reverse.

What do they Mean? Why Do they keep coming up?

...I miss Gwen.

I'm getting an urge to buy shrooms again. I thought I swore them off for good. I remember my last trip as being terrible, and Gwen has told me she hates them. But still....well, she'll be gone next weekend, and then's spring break. So.

She's invited me to come visit her home in Charleston. We went to her house, I remember. It was quite nice.

Oh! Saw drive Angry. Fantastic! Nicolas Cage has outdone himself this time for sure. the 3D was BETTER THAN AVATAR. But I didn't really like that movie anyway.
Well, everyone, I'm back. Gwen has business to attend to today so I'll be on my own. She literally just left. My friends and I are seeing "Drive Angry" in 3D tonight but until then I'm on my own.

What else has been happening? She's incredible. I haven't been this happy with a woman in a long time. I have a habit of dating psycopaths, you see. She's perfect, low maintenance, constantly wanting my attention. Its intoxicating.

...anyways what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Frap! I need your assitance.

I drew some Tarot cards but I'm way to hung over to do a reading.

its a four card organic message draw.

Chariot in Reverse
Ten of Wands
Seven of Wands
Fool in Reverse

Any ideas guys?

Also I've been thinking I should get a new backround image. The one that's there now is so bland.

It seems wrong. I dunno.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gooood Morning


Good morning~~!

Ah, I forgot, let me introduce myself. I'm Gwen, but most people call me Lady Greensleeves. "Slice" (I can't believe that's his handle so lame) is "indisposed" for the moment, but he was about to type something up, so I decided to see what he was up to myself.

He follows so many blogs! If he wasn't so cute, and I didn't know for myself I'd think he was crazy~ 

I'm reading his posts about me now. He's a flatterer, that one. But He's not exactly correct. I've been around him before last week.

Well, until he comes out of his post-coital coma I'll answer questions about myself or Slice. A treat for you lords and ladies because I'm in a good mood. 

Gwen "Greensleeves"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunny Afternoon

But its a bit chilly out here. Fortunately Im gonna spend the rest of the day indoors.

Ugh getting back to school work has been rough.

I mean getting back into the swing of essay writing has been tough.

Gwen is coming over tonight! Shes going to be here all weekend. Its gonna be great! I haven't felt this good about a girl in a long time, guys, even if we just met.

We're going to a concert and then going to see "Drive Angry" in 3D with Nick Cage in all his glory.

I am content with life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm sorry guys

I was embarrassingly high last night.

I don't know what I was on about I don't own a white lighter, and those are definitely Protomen lyrics. Not "scary things".

My back is so itchy. Agh, and my scalp. Itchy Slice.

What else is going on? There's going to be a concert in my dorm tomorrow night. I'm pretty excited, and so Is Gwen.  She's probably going to try to stay here all weekend. I'm pretty excited.

I'm also glad she doesn't read this blog. I'd be so embaressed.


I've been playing Protomen songs all day. It makes the itch seem less noticeable, somehow.


Philosophy paper due tomorrow. Bah!

Gonna skip Logic today. I'll be around.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Gwen Just left for the night. She wears me out, let me tell you!

I'm flipping a lighter in my hands. I don't remember purchasing it. It's not my usual lighter...

where did it come from?

its a white lighter. The top has been tampered with. It no longer has like the circle thing there man.

Its gont this sort of...messed up top. String and shit. I don't think its an actual lighter, now...

Its got something carved into it: "ENEN NOW THERE IS HOPE FOR MAN" on one side, and on the other "LIGHT UP THE NIGHT" scares me guys. I don't know why but its scary. Its like...something. I dunno.

God Im high. Im sorry, I know you dont like hearing that Sam but its true

Goddam Bryan Wilson is amazing his best album is "Beach Boys Love You"

Seriously look up "theres so many"  and "I wanna pick you up" fantastic work Mr. Wilson

Ohh shit why did I get this high I have work still to do.

There was a reason...why did I get this high twice today.


Liam, what was that you were trying to show me...? Some movie or something, right?

I love Modest Mouse

Its basically the best music for my mood guys. Bukowski all the way, that's the best song on my favorite of their albums.

I think I wanna go get some cheetoes that sounds really good. The blue sky is so wonderful.

There was something...what was it? Last week. I remember pain on my arm. What was that?

Gwen is coming over, I'd better try to sober up.

Let me know your plans for the night, or something.

Heres a video that just destroyed my world and made me have to cope with Modest Mouse

thanks to Liam for the reccomendati

no that wasn't what he recommended

what did he


Gwen really is something, guys.  She's almost more than I can handle.

Liam, I don't appreciate those sorts of comments. What we do in our personal time is between me and her, thank you >////>

Ugh, Roomate and his lady friend slept over again.  For the third time this week. I appreciate you are in a coma Roomate's girlfriend but that does not give you an excuse to spend every night watching tv in his bed until 3 in the morning! its amazing we got any alone time at all.

I'm feeling kind of anxious, like there's an itch I can't quite reach, or I'm not supposed to scratch.

Welp, time to evade emotional issues the best way I know how.

Wheeereee is my staaaash...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You guys seemed so interested in the last comments, so I'll tell you about her now!

Gwen...let's start with her name. 

Her real name is Guinevere, but she usually goes by Gwen. She has long, black hair. A little tiny bit wavy, but not too badly wavy. The kind of natural wave that's just right, you know? Her skin is pale, so pale and white. Her lips are bright red, even without her makeup. Her eyes are like emeralds, gently shining emeralds. Emeralds just pulled from the ground...

She is always wearing green skirts, green dresses, green corsets. People tend to call her Gwen Greensleeves.

I noticed Ron asked how we met, sooo...

About a week ago I was going up to Boston to see my old friends Ruben and George. I was riding the bus, and she sat next to me on the bus. She started talking to me, and wouldn't you know, we ended up spending the whole week together, like in one of those Romantic Movies you see sometimes. We went back to school last Friday, and we decided we should date on Saturday. Now she's my cute, adorable, perfect girlfriend.

It's like she's known me forever. 
I'm so happy guys. She's coming over tonight. I'll talk to you guys later.

Hey Everyone!

Man, going to the club last night wasnt the best idea, but Gwen insisted upon it. It was Goth/Industrial night and she wanted to bust out her corset last night. ;)

It was fun, even though the club was kind of slow. (I mean, it was Monday Night! I wasn't expecting hordes of people)

I've been falling behind in my classes, so I'm gonna stay sober this week! No distractions (that aren't Gwen) Just homework this week!

It's been a while scince I've been sober this long anyways.

Man I love college. I had a crazy weekend last week but now everythings back to normal. Who would have thought meeting her on the bus to Boston (I went to visit Reuben and George) would have lead to our dating?

She's not my usual type, I admit, but its nice. She's more feisty than I'm use to.I usually have to be the pursuer.


Who watched the Oscars? I think King's Speech won way too many awards. It was basically made to win awards. Bah to that! I was dissapointed True Grit didn't win any awards. 

Well, I have logic in a few hours and I got some homework, so I'll come back later. Post who you thought should have won in the comments!