Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ugh, guys...what's been going on?

She's been wearing me out. I might have a hernia, I think.

She' sleeping right now. Shes unsettling to watch while she sleeps. It seems like she barely breathes.

 Im tired guys. almost no sleep last night. I'm taking a night to myself.

I had this urge, I guess, to draw some tarot cards.

Five of Swords- Reverse

Eight of Swords- Reverse

Ima go take a nap. Gwen is beckoning me over.


  1. Unfairness and an empty victory, new beginnings are possible and freedom.

    That seems very nice, I suppose. Half and half. ~Frap

  2. I think a night to yourself is a good idea.
    I might sound harsh but... are you sure she's the right thing for you? You seem kind of overwhelmed by her.