Thursday, March 31, 2011

Im headed to class

If you can tell me anything about my crazy ass brother, please do.

As soon as I get back I'm going through his blog.

....He's so fucking stupid God. Where is he?


  1. i don't know much about this particular series of events, but i will tell you this.

    walk away. right now. your brother was wrong to send you that email. just walk away.

  2. We sound nuts, I know. This situation is nuts. You'll find answers in his blog, but these answers could get you killed. He told you to post that, and then delete your account afterward for a reason. He was trying to protect you. Don't let his words go unheeded.

    Please. You don't want this.

  3. A fair warning. There are some things that man is not meant to know. Your dear brother learned these things and suffered for it. Pursuing him will lead only to your suffering as well.
    Also, a word of caution. Should you begin seeking truth, know that not everyone around you is an ally. Many will pretend, but few are genuine.
    Whatever your decision, I wish you luck.

  4. They say insanity can be inherited. You will get what you brother had if you pursue this. Know that. Back off now or be ready for a nice, neat highway to Hell to be paved before you.

  5. No, don't read this blog! Cease! Desist! You do not want what this has to offer. Delete the account and move on with your life.