Monday, March 21, 2011

Path with Many Prongs

Well, Tonight Im taking a break from finding out how much was lies, and how much was truth to posit a question.

Where should I go from here?

I have a few things I can do while I continue to search out Gwen's truth.

Slender hasn't been leaving me alone, but he's been mostly harmless/passive the last few days. Watching, like a shy child watching a playmate.

I want to test fire. Not torches, not wood fire, not molotovs. Pure Flame on Him. He fears fire, or it at least upsets him. I plan on testing this more in the future.

Other options include going back to testing narcotics on him and building a rapport, and attempting to comprehend him through closer research. Riskym but it could be very rewarding.

On the other hand, we have perceptions of Slender I wish to test. Basically, we react differently to him when we are in different emotional states. It's been well documented that drunk people fear him less.

I want to test my perception of him on various substances and in various states, including meditation, hypnosis, and deep prayer.

On yet another hand, I want to attempt to fight him with spiritual means. Kay (Most of you know her) and I have been talking about things that could be done in the fields of magic offensively against him. Some of you might not remember this about me, but I spent a good portion of my childhood studying the occult like it was my job. I have a bit of knowledge and a bit of skill, enough to do some ritual magic anyways. These experiments are something I would also be willing to do.

So our options!

1) Dedicate full time to understanding Gwen/what happened

2) multitask with any of the below:

(3 and below are stand alone options)

3) Fire, pure flame

4) Narcotics on Slenderman (ala the LSD tests)

5) Test perception in different states

6) Test Sppiritual/Magical offensive Ritual Magics.

Im going to make a decision in 20 hours. In the meantime, we will return to our regularly scheduled obsessive Gwen Posts.


  1. Go for fire.

    What testing you did with the drugs didn't help you much. Kay has spiritual stuff covered. Traveling to check out perception would be expensive, and you should save up in case you need to run.

    Fire seems most plausible. And you should spend more time on Gwen, too.

  2. Gwen and Fire.

    Please keep in mind what I said before about approaching people with warped memories. It'll get tricky no matter what you do.

    And I suggest you find the Anarchist's Cookbook. I recall it having a flamethrower recipe at some point. XD

  3. Yes, go for fire. Ranged fire. Try to at a safe distance while you test it.

  4. I am sorry. You are going to use LSD on He That Is? Really?

  5. You have a better plan, Star?

  6. @Star: Its not so much "going to use" as "Already tried that to some effect, but it doesn't work as well anymore and really pissed him off last time."

  7. Well, Pete has been doing a bit of Religious symbol testing with some very interesting results. The only thing that does anything as far as we can tell is the icthus (symbol of a fish that was the first Christian symbol) and that just makes him violent, unless you use a hybrid like I posted (check my blog if you wish, or my avatar)