Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gwen.(part 1)

She was a smiling woman, but the kind who uses her face as a Mask.

That was probably why she never carried a traditional mask. Her vixen grin was the mask she wore to the world.

Gwen was the kind of woman who took weapons off of lpeople with a grin and a light touch.

The Night we met she walked up to me at the bus stop. I was carrying my bag, nervous, ready for war. I had picked up a huge switchblade at a store in North Hampton and was ready for a tussle, ready to be tackled by some psycho in a mask.

I was not prepared for a girl to wrap herself around me, giggle into my ear, wish me good luck, and reach into my pants to take my knife. I was so shocked, I couldn't react in any way.

She put a note in my pocket, and slipped away, waving with a grin.

The note said only:

"You are cuter then my usual targets, boy. My name is Gwen. We are going to be good friends hmm? I'm going to hold onto this for now. You can have it back when you're old enough to kill. Love, Gwen."

She left me other notes throughout the week, to let me know she was watching. Finally, the day before We failed for the first time and I was lost, she left me a note.

Do you like me? (Y) (N)

I circled Y. I had begun to fall for her, no matter how much she vexed me.

I came back to the Dorm. There was no body. No signs of a struggle.


  1. That may mean another who serves The Black King is at your dorm. Use caution, Slice.

  2. It terrifies me how familiar this story is.

    Don't forget the possibility that you don't need to be a "conduit" to channel something to mess with somebody's head.

    And we're talking about Slender-douche here. When it comes to making a body disappear, he's got a record that'd make the guys who dealt with Jimmy Hoffa jealous.

    Most important of all: He messes with peoples' heads. It's what he does. But unless you're running one really long, crazy gambit, it serves no purpose for him to create someone nonexistent just to screw with you when he had so many better options.

    Good luck. Try to hold it together. :(

  3. Slice, Lone Hunter was announced his official hit list.
    In that order. If or when he manages to kill BL, you're next up.