Friday, March 25, 2011

Zero is back

no one stays dead forever

none of us will

tonight I will beat my answers out of James if I have to.


Got called from the shop. $250 repair job. Broken hard drive. No Running anytime soon, and posts will be more infrequent.

But this also means all of Plaster's images are gone.


She would run her fingers along my chest, her nails leaving tiny lines of pain, a good pain that let me know life was real, that she was more then a dream. She would have her lips, those dark red lips against my ear, murmuring what she was going to do later as I would try to type a post, as I would try to do work. I will never forget the moment our game changed.

Her murmurs became lower and lower until I could



hear her words 

she whispered in one breath into my ear "iloveyou"

and before I realized and was able to react

kissed me tenderly. Her first kiss that wasn't an attack.

I would later learn this was her first day of raging at the commenters on the internet.

And it was the day everything fell apart.

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