Friday, March 25, 2011

Professor Slice's Lecture series #2/Who the fuck is James

For under thirty dollars

  The first thing you must purchase is a super soaker. A squirt gun with a large tank and a nozzle that is far away from you. NO BATTERY POWERED SQUIRT GUNS, OR TANK BACKS.

I got something called the "Max D 2000 water blaster." for about $14 dollars. You are looking for a good sized ammount of storage space in the tank and a pump action handle to too close to the nozzle.

 Step two: get a can of WD40 (the more the better). You will be spraying this into the tank until there is nothing left to spray. Fill it to the top if you can, more bottles are between 3-6 dollars in most stores. I bought three bottles.

Step three: rubber cement.What you wanna do is get a bottle and lather it around the nozzle on the inside. Lather that shit liberally BUT DONT GET ANY ON THE OUTSIDE JESUS CHRIST.

Then, you are basically ready to go. When you get into the action, use a lighter or match to light the rubber cement. Then, aim it and pump and squeeze.

This is super dangerous (squirt guns are plastic after all.) but the pump and squeeze and the rubber cemement will work fine if you do it right.

The other warning note is that this fires in short bursts due to the pumping. So be prepared for that.

Im going out and hunting for Slendy on saturday night. Tomorrow is dedicated towards James.


I decided I should explain out of all my friends, I was most suspicious of James and qustioned him before anyone else.

James is one of the guys who I started smoking with. He's a nice enough guy, though he's always been a little sensitive. Back in Late October, I showed most of my dorm Marble Hornets as a thing for movie night. Almost everyone made fun of it, except James and I. I had already begun burying myself in the blogs by this point, so I was taking it a little more seriously then they were (though not as much as I should have)

The next day, James was telling me about how he was reading Slenderblogs and had finished All the Gen one blogs (JAF, Zeke, Damien) and asking me about more.

Later on (in that same post), I also discovered a poster in a dead end stairway in my dorm. a staircase that goes nowhere, just to a sealed off part of the building. At the time I thought it was a prank, but...

He did act different after break, but I had other things on my mind (aka Plaster + Cosmic Horrors) amd I just assumed it was because he had been getting off the hard drugs (he was the guy who introduced me to the LSD guy) and getting back into weed.

I'll be keeping my eye on him.


  1. Damien is considered Gen 2 by people who think this is fake...

  2. Well, good luck with this new scheme of yours, Slice.

  3. We've seen each other multiple times so I'm not insinuating you're fake. I'm talking about a certain nameless group.

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  5. Hey, I just spotted your last post on my blog. Glad to see the question advice was helpful. :D

    And, for the record...Super Soaker Flamethrower. That's just so awesome.

    Also: ...I don't know. What happened with Plasterface might have been something similar to my Monster Clown. I remember reading through it and thinking that. I wouldn't want to guess either way though. The minds of man are bloody weird. I could give you tips for fighting that sort of thing in the event that he's not gone. There isn't much more I can say on the matter. :(

  6. I just want to thank AS.

    And also, Team Magic is dumb.

    Dumber then this monstrosity cobbled out of supersoker and flammable things.


  7. "NO BATTERY POWERED SQUIRT GUNS" I can take a wild guess as to where THAT came from.

    Please tell me you've tested your weapon. Multiple times. And, you know, not hurt yourself with it.

    On the James note, good luck Slice, I hope everything goes well.