Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunny Afternoon

But its a bit chilly out here. Fortunately Im gonna spend the rest of the day indoors.

Ugh getting back to school work has been rough.

I mean getting back into the swing of essay writing has been tough.

Gwen is coming over tonight! Shes going to be here all weekend. Its gonna be great! I haven't felt this good about a girl in a long time, guys, even if we just met.

We're going to a concert and then going to see "Drive Angry" in 3D with Nick Cage in all his glory.

I am content with life.


  1. So did you relax a little? :3
    I hope she doesn't get tired of you like the mythical Guinevere. x.x

    Also, hey Guys, look behind it.

  2. @ Broeckchen Oh, yeah, that's pretty nice, isn't it?

    @ Slice ugh, I know what you mean, writing essays is a bitch. Even though I'm relatively good at it, it's still frickin' annoying. Oh well. Glad that you're doing okay; have fun tonight.

  3. Hey, Slice, fancy a visit to Charleston, Boston? I think it would be very enlightning for you.