Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love Modest Mouse

Its basically the best music for my mood guys. Bukowski all the way, that's the best song on my favorite of their albums.

I think I wanna go get some cheetoes that sounds really good. The blue sky is so wonderful.

There was something...what was it? Last week. I remember pain on my arm. What was that?

Gwen is coming over, I'd better try to sober up.

Let me know your plans for the night, or something.

Heres a video that just destroyed my world and made me have to cope with Modest Mouse

thanks to Liam for the reccomendati

no that wasn't what he recommended

what did he


  1. You should ask that guy with the Plasterface, he probably knows what Liam meant.

  2. even if things get a bit heavy

    well all float on

    all right

    we all float down here