Wednesday, March 9, 2011

100th Post: Q&A session! (Co-Hosted by Gwen)

Hey guys! In celebration of this blog's hundredth post, I'm hosting a Q&A session. You can ask me about anything and I will do my best to answer honestly

Gwen found out and she wanted to take part too so she will be taking part too!

Hello ladies and gents. I'm also taking questions though I reserve the right to not answer questions that will get me in trouble.

 Lets get this started!

I'm going to turn off my Glamour  tomorrow night. I will let him decide. You ingrates don't believe me but I Love "Slice".  I will prove our love.


  1. Sup slice how have you been? Good luck with that Gwen. For your sake I hope he does love you. I hope he saves you from yourself.

  2. @ Will: it goes, it goes. Classes are killing me...I'm exhausted. -Slice

    Nobody's saving me. Who do you think I am?! -Gwen Greensleeves

  3. Try not to be too shocked. There's a reason so very many walk away from Omelas.

    Hey though! I'm curious, has Gwen ever listened to the Protomen with you? What's her opinion? ;D

  4. @AS: literally, his Protomen consumption has shot up 100% over the last few days. I think album One is way better than Two. If I wanted to listen to Meatloaf I would listen to Meatloaf. I like my The Protomen the way I like my men. Take from that what you will~~

    I'm controlling what he can see for now...and I'll let him free of as much as I can on Thursday night. I want one more night with him, just in case. -Gwen

  5. Well Gwen, we don't really know each other, but I want to ask you something. Does Slice have a beige jacket? And if beige is his jacket?

    As for Slice, seriously how does College not make your brain explode.

  6. Hey Gwen if you don't mind me asking. Are you a conduit too? If not how does that whole mind control glamoring thing work? As for your question. I think you're a confused lonely girl who is being used by a faceless monster. You're also one of the nicer proxies I've met so I'd rather not see you get hurt.

    @Slice I know what that's like though I've been traveling a lot recently so I haven't started classes back up yet. You could always ask Gwen for a back message if your classes are stressing you out. Also Bianca told me to tell you she says hi, why she doesn't tell you herself is beyond me.

  7. Glamour? So are you a Changeling or something akin, Gwen?

    You rendered me speechless for many a moment there right now. My respect for you just shot through the roof. I'm sorry for having been snarky towards, I honestly am. I'd never expected so much integrity from you and... bwah, I'm sorry for laying it on thick (is that the right expression anyway?). I cross my fingers for you.

  8. @ Will and Broeckchen I think she's referring to this.

  9. Three question, keep in mind we know little of you and mean no offence.
    1)Are you human?
    2)What is your age (in time as we would understand it)
    3)How did you acquire Glamour?

  10. Wha... Gwen, are you the girl Reach talked about?