Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Man, going to the club last night wasnt the best idea, but Gwen insisted upon it. It was Goth/Industrial night and she wanted to bust out her corset last night. ;)

It was fun, even though the club was kind of slow. (I mean, it was Monday Night! I wasn't expecting hordes of people)

I've been falling behind in my classes, so I'm gonna stay sober this week! No distractions (that aren't Gwen) Just homework this week!

It's been a while scince I've been sober this long anyways.

Man I love college. I had a crazy weekend last week but now everythings back to normal. Who would have thought meeting her on the bus to Boston (I went to visit Reuben and George) would have lead to our dating?

She's not my usual type, I admit, but its nice. She's more feisty than I'm use to.I usually have to be the pursuer.


Who watched the Oscars? I think King's Speech won way too many awards. It was basically made to win awards. Bah to that! I was dissapointed True Grit didn't win any awards.

Well, I have logic in a few hours and I got some homework, so I'll come back later. Post who you thought should have won in the comments!


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