Monday, March 21, 2011

Gwen (Part Two)

Febuary 26, 2011:

I am charging Slenderman. I have doused my arm in gasoline and lit it on fire. I am running at slender man with intent to leave my mark on his face and die in peace.

I run at him my burning arm behind me as a swing for a wide haymaker at his chest, planning to grab at his tie.

I am pinned down before I know it. He looms over me, a being of tentacles and power, sheer power. My audacity has angered Him. I will die alone, tentacles jabbing into my body over and over again. My burning arm is broken, though he leaves the fire alone. I can sense he fears it.

I am near death. Only my spine is still intact, my head. I am being cut open when She appears, whispering something into the side of his head.

The calliope music turns from dark and wrathful to light and cheerful, childrens laughter filling the air. His face opens, a maw of sharp teeth visible for a moment and he spits, or vomits on me and everything goes dark.

I wake up, days later. Gwen is nursing me back to health, but I do not know this. I am in a world where the horrors of my pain is unkown, where plasterface is a myth. Where Slenderman is unkown. She is watching me, even as she nurses, loves me. We are happy, even if it is an artificial light in a dark and dreary world. It warms us still.

I did not know of Slice, the fact I had burnt away most of my arm, that without her direct intervention, I would be dead.


I know that she is real. I felt her breath on my skin. Her warmth against me. Ran my fingers through her hair. She is as real as I am.

But I killed her, my room seems undisturbed, still bearing signs of a struggle, and there is no body.

This leads us to Two options:

1)Someone moved the body

2) there was no body

If there was a body, and it was moved, that leaves us two more options.

1) She wasn't dead and fled, thinking I hated her now.

2) Someone else moved her body

I doubt the second one, if only that leaving a body for me to deal with.get arrested for makes a lot more sense then moving it. I can't run in prison. I can't fight there, either.

If there never was a body, what actually happened?

AS makes a valid point, its a lot of effort to create a person to break me. He was breaking me easily enough without her help. Fuck, I'd be dead if it wasn't for her.

I'm at a loss. Going to clean up/look for clues. My roommate's been sick, but he WILL be here tonight.

I'm going to talk to my friends, see if any of them knew Gwen.


  1. You set. . .your own ARM on fire? Props man.

  2. So Slender Man has a mouth? It seems odd It would expose something like that to you and risk you remembering it.

  3. @YG: I've done it before. I had to burn my arm for five minutes back in my Trials. But this was my first time doing it with offensive plans.

    @Pete: It wasn't, a real memories of it are hazy. He was going to kill me when he showed me his mouth. I wasn't supposed to remember, or know.

  4. I've had to look for people that "don't exist." Before. Someone who is. Well. Needless to say, this is making me chilly and nervous.

    Your best bet is to look for signs that shouldn't be there. Go back to every location you were ever there with Gwen. Then ask everyone specifically what you were doing there, without mentioning Gwen. If they've been mindscrewed, unless the screwer is REALLY good, they'll probably respond with something like "You were there...doing...something? With someone? I don't really remember..."

    If you do mention Gwen, I can see a mindscrewer arranging the mental stacks so that they automatically respond "Who's gwen?" And go through a preprogrammed stack of confusion.

    Think around the problem. Don't plow straight through. Take it slow, and work around their heads until you find the answers you need.

    Be careful. And good luck. Nothing is worse than this.