Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alright Stop it, All of You

Why are you people trying to ruin "Slice's" Happiness?

Because you think I'm hurting him? I love the man. He's a good guy despite some of his tendancies. He's a troubled man but I keep him safe, I keep him calm. I'm his world.

Because Plasterface tells you to? Do you guys even know who he is? It's part of Slice, sure, but not in the sense you people seem to take it.

Plaster was the one who set up this arrangement, not me. I was only supposed to be brought in to monitor him, but I couldn't help myself.

Plasterfuck has been sabotaging him and his relationships for years. It gets jealous. It doesn't want anyone else to have him. He started the cries for help when I made my first move. 

 Because you think I'm a Proxy? I'm in full control of myself and my...unique abilities. I answer to Him, but only to him. If I hadn't intervened, Slice would be DEAD.

Broeckchen, I see what your doing. You answer to Plaster, don't you? You think you are doing the right thing by "helping" poor, defenseless Plaster? Its not that simple sweetheart. Slice is safest and happy with me. Can you say before Slice was truly happy? No, you can't.


 -Gwen Greensleeves


  1. He was happy. You cold hearted bitch. You made him into something he's not. You're making him insane.

  2. I agree! He's NOT happy like this! You're strange, bad, and creepy, Greensleeves, and we do NOT trust you. -Everyone

  3. This may sound hypocritical coming from someone like me but. . .you're creating nothing but a delusion of happiness. You want Slice to be happy? Let him remember, then see if he still loves you? What's the purpose of having someone adore you if that's not how they REALLY feel?

  4. You are not giving slice happiness, you are stealing his mind. If you want to make Slice happy, if you want to make him love you, then help us against Slender. If your not lying about being a proxy you could be one of our most powerful allies.

  5. If you ask me, Slice was happier fire-bombing proxy homes.

  6. I am reminded of the classic short story "Those Who Walk Away From Omelas." It tells the tale of a perfect utopia named Omelas. The only catch is, that the utopia is perfect only so long as a single child is kept in a state of abject pain and torture. If this pain ever stops, the Utopia is destroyed, along with everyone in it. Everyone is brought to see this child once in their life, and everyone makes one of three choices.

    The first is to ignore it, and live in the utopia. But they always remember the horror of it all in their darkest moments. The second is to volunteer to give the child what comfort is allowed when it is allowed, forever feeling guilty for their utopia. And the third? The third are those who cannot stand the corrupt nature of the system, they are those who Walk Away from Omelas.

    Greensleeves. Don't you think it's fair to give him the conscious choice? Let him choose to stay in your Omelas, or walk away. That is fair, isn't it? After all, if you're right, he'll stay with you. It's only if you're wrong that there's a risk. You couldn't possibly be wrong, could you?

  7. We never answer only to Him. You know better than that, Gwen.

    And don't give me bullshit about being 'in control'. People like us know there is no such thing.

  8. I agree with AS. Let him make a conscious choice and I'll shut up forever if he chooses you.

    I began calling out for Gibbs because I worried about Slice in the first place. Yes, I like and miss Gibbs, but I don't pity him. Seeing him as my friend doesn't mean that I think he's always right. Or has always been right. Actually I even had to convince him of just letting Slice have one lucid moment to choose, just that moment. Because Gibbs wants him to be happy too. Just look at the fucking background image of this blog and try to deny it.
    You can insult me all you want for my opinion. But he was on your side, so don't call him Plasterfuck.

    I worry about Slice because he constantly talks about feeling worn out by you. You damage him. And you don't seem to really love him, either. If you did, you would like him how he is without your influence. But all you want is to own him, to have him all to yourself. That's not love, it's greed.

    Let him choose lucidly. He chooses you -> I shut up about it and accept it. Forever. But I know already that you won't let him choose - because you know that deep down, beneath all your wacky witchcraft, he doesn't love you. He might even despise you.

    Well, no matter how much you scream "Mine, mine!" like a little girl, that part of him will never belong to you.
    Hence, no reason to be jealous of your cute tricking. It's nothing profound after all.