Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm taking the Peter Pan bus back to Springfield, and another bus back to my actual college from there.

Im sure by now, you guys have read Jean and Reach's blog.

I'm not going to let myself freak out until we have an answer.

This...complicates things. With what happened to me with Gwen.

If she was a conduit, my version of events still makes sense. But if she wasn't...what happened?

I need to get back to the dorm before my roommate gets here.

I...I fled after I killed her. She's still there.

We had break so no one has been in there, I think.

One of Five things happend.

If she's there:

1) Events as recorded. I killed a beautiful woman who was in love to me because of an ability she was born with. Or We were both crazy for a brief time, and her actual love broke it enough for me to kill her.

2) She's there, but the dead body doesn't look the way Gwen did

Glamour is real, and made her look beautiful. Or else Slender fucked with both of our perception

3) There will not be a body, because someone moved it and her. Unlikely. I would be in jail by now if someone found a dead woman in my room. Room inspection happened before I...

4) She was never there, never real.

4a) THis is because she was a trap left by  Slender Man  . To break me, make me unable to fight. To make me see myself as a villain.

4b) She was Plaster, himself. Trying to take me completely

Im in Springfield now. I'll be home soon.

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