Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back in for the night

It's rainy tonight.

I'm sitting here in my room watching the cars pass on the road.

I drew cards at random on a whim from my Tarot deck.

Seven of Wands

Ten of Wands in reverse.

What do they Mean? Why Do they keep coming up?

...I miss Gwen.

I'm getting an urge to buy shrooms again. I thought I swore them off for good. I remember my last trip as being terrible, and Gwen has told me she hates them. But still....well, she'll be gone next weekend, and then's spring break. So.

She's invited me to come visit her home in Charleston. We went to her house, I remember. It was quite nice.

Oh! Saw drive Angry. Fantastic! Nicolas Cage has outdone himself this time for sure. the 3D was BETTER THAN AVATAR. But I didn't really like that movie anyway.


  1. The Seven of Wands is still the ability to stand up for yourself or victory. Ten in reverse...strength, cleverness, and a desire to ruin the happiness of another person. Drugs, by the way, are not a good idea. It's going to make you go craaaaazy. ~Frap

  2. Drugs are bad for you, mmm'kay?

    Also, I recommend that you stay away from Charleston. Bad things happened to you there... two of your friends were jumped there, and another one of your friends (his name was Ron) died there. Some tall, skinny (some may say slender) fucker in a suit jumped him and fucking stabbed him to death. Trust me, you don't want to be there; it's a bad, bad place.


  3. Here you have the meanings:
    Ten of Wands:
    "When this card shows up, it's time to let the querent know that they're weighed down by too many responsibilities. This is the Nine of Pentacles plus one. They've not only weighed down their body, but their spirit. They need to scale back or delegate authority. Most of all, they need to remember why they wanted to do this in the first place. They need to rediscover their passion for the thing rather than be burdened by it."

    Seven of Wands:
    "Usually this card indicates a disagreement with how you are directing and managing your career, criticism of a philosophy, or a schism in the religion. Those who you gathered in, who were your supporters are now at odds with you. They think you're in error and that someone else could do better. They want you to step down.

    And so you're on the defensive, fighting to regain control. The card urges you to stand your ground. The reader can tell the querent that though his enemies seem stronger, they don't expect resistance, and his fighting spirit will daunt them.

    This card tells us to use what we've learned about maintaining our energy, about being bold and stalwart and we will win the battle."

    That ringing a Bell?

  4. Also: Actually I remember having read that you rather liked your last shroom trip. Even if you didn't, if you get the urge, maybe a last one might finally scare you off for good. Just because Gwen doesn't like them for herself you don't have to be like her - or even let her know, right?

  5. Howdy there. By definition, I stand for any fellow fan of the Protomen. ~_^

    Listen to "The Will of One" a few times. Watch those cards closely.


    I'm going to keep drawing a card at random every day. I feel like Im fumbling for something in the dark.

    @Broeckchen: Thank you for your help. And yeah, your right. I think I'm going to take shrooms sometime soon.

    @Scott: W-what? What are you talking about? I don't

    I don't know anyone nnamed Ron. Do I?

    What are you talking about?

    Who got jumped? Ruben and George? I don't know anyone else who lives round there...