Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I've gathered

You guys keep squawking about perils without saying anything.

Look. If he was in real danger, I think you could tell me what it is, or at least come up with a good excuse. The fact that niether is happening doesn't make me feel very scared.

I've read the blog. I'm writing up a summary now. This seems to be one of his writing projects, and not part of reality as I've seen a few discrepancies with reality.


Dec 9 - Jan 14

This period is pretty normal, though I am surprised at the amount of weed he apparently smoked and the amount he apparently drank. Would you believe that before last summer, he'd never drank or somked, not even cigarettes? Though I did see him with a cigar at least once...

I'm off track.

Jan 15- Feb 10

This is a period in which My brother apparently started doing progressively worse and worse things to himself in order to appease an "alternate personality?" Why did any of you chucklefucks try to talk to him? Apparently he set his hand on fire. (Though Im still thinking this is a writing project)

He mentioned Plasterface to me, once I think. I'll try to remember.

Feb11- Yesterday

He thinks/writes about fighting "Slenderman" alongside some of you people.

According to this, people who met my brother included Morningstar, Ron, Pete, YG, Liam, Will, Bianca, and Black Leaves.

Can you people describe my brother? What was he like when you met him?

Some of those people were the people trying to tell me to back off.

I need an answer you dunces. What the hell is happening? Is this a writing project or is my brother deranged?


  1. Helpful as shit, Joce.

    Helpful as shit.

  2. Both. Your brother was insane and this was his writing project. Nothing of note.

  3. You asked if it's a writing project or if he's deranged. The correct answer is neither. Maybe both. But still.

    I suppose he could be deranged, but that doesn't make this any less real.

    Like I said, it'd be best to walk away, but that's gonna be hard.

  4. Here's the problem Ben. The more you know, the worse it gets. We're all telling you to walk away because we don't want you to get involved. Once you get in, there's no way to get out that doesn't involve acid on your brain or some idiot named after a traffic signal taking your humanity and shutting all those memories into a dark corner. And then you'll remember them again when you least expect it, and as the people that has happened to will tell you, it HURTS.

    We're not kidding around, Ben. Once the game starts, everyone plays for keeps. Some run, some fight, and many die. But the game keeps going.

    You can walk away from the game. Right now. I think there's still time. But once you're in, hell comes silently. And it doesn't let up until the last body drops to the floor.

    But if you REALLY want to know what we know, and I mean deep in the core of your soul in that place where you don't ever want anyone to look... then by all means, I bet most of us will spit up everything we know.

    Just remember: We warned you.

  5. Oh, dude, this was just a dream journal writing project thing. He didn't actually do any of this stuff. It's just a bunch of stories-- interesting look into your brother's psyche though. No clues, pretty boring really.

  6. This blog was complete and utter rubbish from start to finish. A waste of all's time.

  7. What if I were to tell you that your brother is likely dead. What if I were to tell you it was by no accident or self-inflicted wound. What if I told you I know who did it. What would you do?

  8. Morningstar is a liar. Don't heed a single word he types.

  9. Yet I may be the only one us that might actually help Dicey. Besides, if he is anything like his brother, he will not shy away. You refuse to help, so he MUST turn to me.

  10. Time to roll the dice Benny boy.

  11. You are not helping him. You are helping You-Know-Who ensnare another, Star. Don't kid yourself.