Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You People wanted to know about me huh…well, because I didn’t want to clog up the comments I am consolidating everything to one post. I'll tell you everything about me.

The year was nineteen thirty. I was twelve. The depression  was just starting, and my mother got laid off from her job at the Shirtmaking factory. She put me on the streets to feed  my brothers and sisters. 

I would pretend to be a prostitute and when a man brought me home I would beat him until he was unconscious. I’d take whatever he had. Money, food, whatever. It wouldn’t always work. Sometimes I had to actually perform my job.

I slowly began to realize that I was doing better then any of the girls in my trade. In 1934, I realized that if I asked the men to give me money with a sad seductive tone, they would without question.
My family lived well until the end of the war. My mom got rehired, but I had to continue my trade. I couldn’t stop.

I craved the power the men gave me.

How does my power work? I speak or look into a man’s eyes, and my persuasion becomes their new perception. It’s been theorized by Agents that Glamour messes with the Male brain. It also affects women, though not as strongly.

But then He came along.

I would later realize I had been too conspicuous. I had earned the nickname Greensleeves for my…”gold digger” activities from Parson Jones.  My reputation had spread. He found out.

I was offered a choice. Die, or use my talents for him. In return for my loyalty I would be given a boy that was forever young and free use of my powers. In return, I would be an “assassin.” I would use my…charm to hinder the efforts of Fighter and Conduits He didn’t want to kill.

As far as I can tell, I’m still human. I don’t have any of the Revenant symptoms. I can touch, and eat, though I have little desire to eat and less desire to drink.  About twenty fighters, 10 Conduits. I’m very good at my job.

I’ve been doing my duty for all these years. I was assigned to Slice after the incident with the LSD. That bothered Him, though who knows why. I stalked him, stole his knife, messed with his head.  Left him letters, encouraging him to go to Boston.

When He broke Slice…I’ve never seen someone  so hurt. He was all broken all cuts, all impaled. He was barely alive. Plaster spoke through his smashed mouth and I also begged Slender Man. He allowed Slice to go back as a testament to His power. I was to monitor him and keep him in line.  I was assigned to be his girlfriend. Business as usual. 

But he was different. I don’t know. There was kindness in his eyes. He wanted to cuddle me when others wanted to fuck. We fucked, yeah, but he made sure I felt good. I didn’t know I could feel so loved. He made me cards. He took me out to dinner. Even over the course of a week…I felt something I had never felt before.

I’m freeing Slice Tomorrow.  I can’t restore his memories. Someone else’s job. But I can let him read everything. I can re-expose him to reality.

But one last night before it all falls apart.

I deserve that much. 

Is that enough for you people? Is that enough?


  1. So you're some sort of Conduit-Revenant hybrid? Sorry about your lot in life, but at least you've met someone that makes you feel whole. Hopefully Slice feels the same way towards you. What will you do if Slice loves you without you having to Glamor him?

  2. Hey, he might still hold onto you after all this is over. To me, utopia has always been true love acted upon.

    That's the thing about reality. It's a million times better than a glamour when it's at its best, and a million times worse when its at its worst. That's how I've always been able to tell the difference. The real thing is so much more...varied and interesting.

    I'd love to see a storybook ending here, but remember: The part the writers don't show you is what happens AFTER the story, which is always so much more complicated. Give it a shot, it might just work. ~_^

  3. well... damn. I take everything that I've said back... Enjoy your night. I hope that you'll have many more, and that you'll be able to break free from the Slender man.

  4. Thank you. I'm sorry. Good Luck - as you describe it, somewhere within him there is an own spark of affection for you. I cross my fingers for you two.

  5. I hope there's a way for both Slice and you to be happy, but... There's no need for you to serve to Him, Gwen. Many who have served Him have successfully turned from Him. In the end, siding with Him will not bring you happiness.

  6. Like Peter said, I hope there's a way for you to both be happy.

  7. Ron's alive. He's been Indoctrinated, but alive. Check out his blog.

  8. youspeaknonsenseiamfreeanddeadleaf

  9. No, you are Ron. Are you in the ruins? -Clarice

  10. Snap out of it, Slice! Ron is in immediate need of help! He's been taken and Indoctrinated, Slice! He needs the mad bomber of Charleston!