Friday, December 17, 2010

Crisis Avoided/ I love slashes

Marble Hornets was making the rounds in my dorm recently. People were talking about sSenderman everywhere after one guy showed everyone the videos last weekend.

Well, considering what seems to happen to people who get to far into the mythos, I hope no one goes too much farther. But this guy J seems to be going ass first into it. His new profile picture is fucking Slenderman. He also insists on talking about this like he's an expert because he read Just Another Fool and watched Marble Hornets. This is like talking to a Doctorate of Physics about how light works.

God I sound like such a pretentious asshole.

Anyways, I'm humoring them, keeping them off conversation. It dies away due to finals.

Then I find something else in a dead end stairway yesterday. A sign that says in the standard style: "SEES ME" Next to a huge operator symbol.

In Charcoal.

I took it down, of course. I would assume J did this as a prank, but no one who watched the video that night owns art charcoal.

Well, I'm home from winter break, so I hope someone did this as a prank, and there isn't some crazy kid who thinks he's being hunter by slenderman or an actual hunted or Hallowed in my dorm.

 Being Home is so wonderful! Real carpets, private bathrooms, constantly hot showers...and Dogs! Here's a picture of my dog being adorable:

I lover her very much. She's a good girl.

Well. 2ish days till solstice now, depending on where they are.

I'm so curious as to what is going to happen...I hope Zero and the others make it out okay.


  1. Huh, odd thing.
    You see, sometimes it's not clear if psychologically instabile people can be affected in another was by this. You see, like murderers who heard of God when they were little - so they think it's God's voice that orders them to kill.

    At least one of the students from my mothers' course at high school (university here...) even had a break down due to hard finals and studying too much. It *can* happen. So be careful and look after your friends a little bit.

  2. You should still be careful and keep your eyes open. There have been reported cases of Slender man taking over a university and using it as a hunting/training grounds. If you see anyone acting paranoid or suspicious carefully observe them until you a sure that they are not hollowed. If they are hunted let them know you are too because it's better to have someone watching your back in situations like these.

  3. Woah man, I'm not hunted. I just know a LOT. Heaven forbid I'm ever hunted! (I don't really believe in him the same way I don't really believe in Cuthulu or Hastur)

    If anoynes hallowed, they can't get at me for at least a month, so I just gotta hope no one was hunted before I left. I'm not too worried about a slendy takeover at my school, too many people dont believe in anything.

    @Brocke: we already had one kid get too crazy in my dorm and he had to leave. I'd hate for that to happen again. I'll keep an eye out.

  4. Do that and take care. Especially now while it's dark so often. Lock the doors right behind you, be careful about being alone a little bit... just look after yourself.