Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fluting the Hump

Well, I went to the party last night. it as kind of refreshing, actually, seeing all those kids still in High school who have issues I dont have to deal with anymore. Though they were still pretty obnoxious. I left early to go watch the fighter with my friend Brendan. If you like boxing and good acting, or just good acting, I reccomend it. Its gonna win some awards this year, I think.

Anyways, new years eve is tomorrow. I planned on going to boston, but I dont wanna have to drive up there. I might just hang out with my friend Duncan for a while. He lives just down the street, so I can just walk over there. Brendan might come too!

Its funny, I should be more afraid of my woods then I am. considering there aren't any light posts where I live, and slendy is supposed to love forests, I still feel safer here then I did in my brightly lit college. Even more so scince Solstice.

 Man, I miss being in college though.

I liked my freedom I had out there. My home life is a bit authoritarian.

Happy New years guys!

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year's Slice :3

    Have fun whatever you're doing for the holiday~

    And at least you feel safer?