Monday, December 20, 2010

White Christmas!

It snowed last night!

About a foot of snow, I'd say. Maybe a little less. It was coming down hard after I left the theater, and now everything is pretty just in time for Christmas.

I saw Tron last night, not bad for a Disney movie. You can tell though they were trying really hard to make the movie more badass than it really was. 3/5 in my book (a whole star was added for Michael Sheen impersonating David Bowie)

tell me this isn't supposed to be David Bowie

Ugh, I just realized I left my winter coat and my snow boots at college. Why the hell did I even bring them up? It never snows around here till this point in the year.


  1. Wanna know how you can avoid freezing to death even without snowboots and winter coat?

    Stay inside, have a warm cocoa and rela~x <3

    That's what I'm gonna do, anyway. ;3

  2. Ugh. That sucks. Wrong time of year to be forgetting that stuff :/

    Maybe you can borrow something from someone? Or just stay inside and cuddle with your dog?

  3. I have an older pair of boots, and I can borrow one of my dad's old coats, so I should be fine. Im only gonna be around for a month anyways.

    Staying inside as much as possible though!