Friday, December 31, 2010


I got rid of the image.

My current hope is that I was really high one day and put that image there and forgot about it. Its possible I guess.

I googled the title of that folder. Its a line from the second verse of the Great Hymn of Aten.

 The verse in its entirety is:
"When thou settest in the western horizon,
The land is in darkness, in the manner of death.

Men sleep in their chambers,
Their heads are wrapped up,
Their nostrils stopped, and none seeth the other.
Stolen are all their things that are under their heads,
While they know it not.
Every lion comes forth from his den,
All serpents, they sting.
Darkness reigns,
The world is in silence:
He that made them has gone to rest in His horizon."

 Aten is supposed to be my patron deity as according to my pagan friends so this does lend credence to being way to high and forgetting and feeling artsy. But damn, I was barely smoking at all last semester, it doesnt seem that likely. And I was almost never near a computer, not that I can recall.

I don't think its one of my friends, I didn't really tell anyone about the blog so I could say whatever I wanted to without starting drama.

Anyways, I found the first image online, it comes from some German photographer, and is the first thing to come up on google.

but thats not what really worries me.

I can't track down the second image anywhere. I don't know where it came from

Though, on closer examination its a figure walking away, not who I thought it was. So thats good at least.
Im going to put this down as "fuck you your not real" and leave it alone. Maybe get a new background image. One that wont be hidden and terrify me.

And them I'm gonna go out tonight I think. We'll see what happens.


  1. Good luck, stay safe. I'm glad the first image is normal, at least. The second one... well.

    I'm going to ramble for a second - the first one almost seemed to be someone waiting, the second... strikes me as abandonment. The image names confuse me, though. I've... got nothing. Of course, I never had anything, but you know. I wish I could help, but...

    We both seem to be connected to Egyptian deities, eh? I'm actually interested in kismeticism - the theology of Ancient Egypt - though that might be thanks to the dream or me being a mythology geek or both.

  2. Glad you found at least some of the stuff online.

    I have to agree with Stormecho. The second picture is just generally less creepy.

    So, I really hope you were just high. Have fun going out! Happy New Years~

    ...Why do I still see the picture? Is my computer effing cursed?!

  3. uh, I thought I got rid of it, but it was still there. Should be gone now though.

  4. Well, that's good.

    *checks anyway* Okay, now it's gone. That thing made me jump every time I tried to leave a comment ^^'

  5. Its a good thing you saw it :S who knows when I would have seen it?

    Anyways, I think im going to do some redecorating soon anyways

  6. Well, I'm not the only one who did. I'm sure you would have noticed eventually...

    Well, that's good. A nice fresh start to the new year?

  7. I've seen these pictures. Drawing a blank on where or when, but I've seen them.

    And no, not google, I wouldn't care to post with an obvious answer like that. :P

    If anything else weird happens, let me know.

    My god is Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli.

    Happy New Years, stay safe and whatnot.


  8. I'm still convinced that the name of that particular Egyptian God was AtOn. He was the God of the sun disk, therefore a God of Light. So the picture could have been an allusion to him.
    But why the contradiction?

    By the way I heard that Aton might be the origin God of the monotheistic religions. But while I know how the process was, I'm not sure about it really being him who was the origin of it. If you are interested, I will take a deeper look at that and tell you more about it. ;3

  9. Im actually curious. Could you look into it? Its really hard finding info on Aton/Aten

    but right in the title is says also Aton. Wikipedia never lies!