Thursday, December 23, 2010

News on the Slenderfront


I'm glad to see he's blogging again. ZEEEKEEEEEE~~~~~

For once, I am glad I only  have four followers. I'd be mortified if he ever saw that.

In other news, Zero did...well, whatever he did. And I'm getting mixed readings. Ron says it worked, whatever it was. Maudin claims we did some damage as well.

I think Zero's idea of the anti-Tulpa effect was a sound one. But did it actually work? Who knows.

Still...I'm a little unsettled by this whole thing. I wrote my solstice story hours before Zero posted.

I don't remember writing it, or any of the events I wrote.

I stayed inside all night on the solstice. I went outside for maybe five minutes, went to bed around three. The blog was posted sometime after three.

Before someone cries Slenderman, I know I'm not hunted. I'm only a little disconcerted. I used to sleep write  sometimes when I was younger. I had been planning a Solstice blog before I went to bed, and I left my computer on, so it could be that again. Or, I could have been hacked, but I kind of doubt that. Changed my password anyways.

 Its not a scary or bad post, though, so Im not concerned. I've treated it like a blog post I wrote and Im going to keep treating it as such.


  1. Cute fangirling, Slice. I'm sure Zeke would be disturbed if he saw that as well ;P

    I've never heard of sleep typing, before. There's also the option of being so tired you totally forgot about writing it.

  2. Thats sort of what I meant. Sometimes, I'll wake up in the morning with a sheaf of paper I dont remember writing, or a document opened I dont remember typing, due to exhaustion or waking up in the night to write something. I'm betting that's whats happened.