Monday, December 13, 2010

Finals Time/More about MEEEEE

Well, I just had my first final of the year. I did okay, I guess. Had to make some "logical guesses" a few times but not too bad overall. As I am an English major my only other final to take this week is my Japanese Language one, which I may not even show up to because I failed that class SO HARD. I can't even spell Japanese without the spell check.

I realized because I made this blog when I was drunk. Because of that I never finished the introduction, So I guess I'll do that now.

I'm an English major in a western MA university. I'm a freshman, currently. I've read more books than I can possibly remember. I think Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the greatest anime, but I don't watch a ton of that stuff anymore. If I had a spirit animal it'd have to be a racoon. Because I fucking LOVE racoons. I box, and I'm a fencer, though I'm not great at either. I'm more Edward Norton than Brad Pitt.

When I was a little kid, my parents read us bedtime stories. My brother always wanted to just go to sleep, but I'd insist upon it. My parents would want to read cutsey stories about talking rabbits or flying treehouses, but I always wanted to hear stories of adventure, and knights and dragons. When I could finally understand the words on the pages, all I wanted to read about were mythological beasts and their corresponding heroes.  I'm probably one of he few people who likes Van Helsing better than Dracula.

This turned into an interest in the occult when I got older. I distinctly remember digging through a pile of old books in some bookstore looking for a Grimoire or the Necrocomicon. One of my best friends joined me in this interest around eigth grade, but never with my methodical intensity. I've always said that if there was a job about knowing how to deal with mythical creatures, I would be paid top dollar for my knowledge.

So you can understand why I've dived neck first into my research on o'l Slendy.I'm pretty sure by now I've read all the blogs, if not just most of them.

Well, my laptop is dying, so that's it for now.

What Slendy blogs are your favorite to read? 


  1. I try to read all of them, but that's less because I think they are interesting and more to keep track of and make observational notes on our faceless fiend. As far as favorites I'd have to say that A hint of serendipity, Scared, and H(a)unting are on the top of my list and if I didn't know any better or if I wasn't apart of what is going on I might say that they have been very entertaining and interesting to read. Given my circumstance though other than observational note taking I also read them for comfort as I don't have anyone especially close to me to confide in about this. Sorry for the long comment I tend to let my mind wonder while I write it helps me with the thinking process.

  2. I can understand of course why you think this way. I think H(a)unting and Serendipity are two of my favorite of the currently running ones as well.

    Though Zeke's blog is still my all time favorite. Zeke, M, and Damien.

  3. @-@ I was think in terms of active blogs atm. Of course Zeke's is right up there with others. I don't know about dreams in darkness though. . . Couldn't ascertain any useful information. Another blog I like to read is Maduin's.

  4. I like Maudin's too, but he's not quite active enough for my tastes. But very, very interesting.

    And its not true there is nothing to learn from Damien: we learnt we can't always trust the narrator. It's also the first recorded case of a hollowed other half. No one knew that was possible before him.

  5. It's more common than you'd think, or at least I've seen it enough. I'm fairly certain it's prevalent enough to call it one of the rarer symptoms of His Touch, rather than an unintentional side effect that only occurs because of a predisposition towards Dissociative Identity Disorder in the victim.

    But then I'm not a psychiatrist, so I couldn't really say.

  6. Hurr, New Reader no Jutsu...
    I went a similar way to where I'm now. Although I'm far more paranoid than you.

    I like to read the Slenderblog most - surprise surprise - because I get along with it's author the best. I'm neither followed nor do I have dreams connected to the topic Slender Man, thus I would feel rude for babbling about my opinions on things I simply cannot comprehend. My all time favourite up until now is Seeking Truth... I really soaked up all every single entry on it. I also read Maduins blog and H(a)unting, but I find it hard to keep up with the others.

  7. @Broke: Welcome! I agree man, Zeke's story was the BEST.

    I like the Slenderblog a lot, but I don't really count it on my list because it's not really a real narrative. Or at least it wasn't? I guess it is least partially?

    Man I don't know. I've seen some of your theories, and they are FANTASTIC! I'm a fan.

  8. *blushes* Uh.. uhm... why thank you!

    I really don't know about the Slenderblog. It's kind of unpredictable by now. First I thought: Well, now he's going to be talked by the SM as usual... But then the Seekers showed up and the blog became all about figuring things out again.
    And Seeker Xs riddles really break my brain. D:

    Heh. And I'd appreciate if you'd call me Broeckchen or at least Broeck... Being broke wasn't exactly what I wanted to express with my name... *snickers*

  9. Broeck, sorry. I have a habit of taking huge names and smashing them into the smallest syllables possible.

    I've always had little patience for
    "weird puzzle shit" and I tend to just wait for the other people involved to figure out puzzles.

    In my world every problem would be a Gordian Knot.

  10. It's no problem, really. Even Germans mostly raise an eyebrow when they hear that name and don't quite know what to make out of it, so no problems.

    Btw, you do not coincidentally happen to have read the Magic Moon trilogy, do you?

    *grins* That's why I try thinking about everything first. The result often is me thinking too much about things. That's where my theories come from...

  11. I've actually never read that series. Is it worth looking for?

    I'm pretty good at theories, but I'm so bad at puzzles its not even funny. If its something with no correct answer or an unknown correct answer like "Does Slenderman see colors" I'm willing to build a case and debate. String of Binary? forget it.

  12. Well, honestly I don't quite know. I read it about seven or even eight years ago. Back then, I loved it. But since then, I read far better authors than Hohlbein, like Adams, Funke and Pratchett, thus I don't know if I would still like it that much.

    Thing is, I named myself after a character from the series. A were animal you could say. If you feel like it and see the third book of the trilogy somewhere, maybe you can think about me somewhen and pass me the English name of that character. ;3

    To riddles: I also fail at them, but I always think that it's the attempt that counts. It's like with running. You can run every day and fail every day at beating a certain time, but if you keep running, you exercise yourself. And some day, you might beat the time. :3 I'm very optimistic on such things.

  13. For the record, it's not really *supposed* to be a narrative. Okay, it was, but then I cut that because it was stupid, but now...well, it just sort of happened. Trust me when I say that I know just about as much as you guys about SeekerX's riddles. I can get bits and pieces of some of them, but I'm just as stuck as you guys.

    And "getting along," Broeckchen? That the term we're going with? :D





    @Broeck: That's a great way to be about riddles, but i tend to get angry and pigheaded and just stop, or break through with force. Its a flaw.

    @Mr. Bloggins: Well, then I wish you the best of luck man.

  15. I think that calls for a ridiculous little anime smiley.
    ^///^ @ Andy