Monday, December 27, 2010

Havent really felt like wrtiting

not much is happening. I've been snowed in the last few days. I hate snow, so much. Uhghhhh.

I basically dont have any paranoia anymore, which is good.

Christmas was pretty nice. Got a sweet bathrobe, slippers and a beanbag chair. I plan on bringing the chair and the robe back to college.

Anna and I tried to hang out this week but with the blizzard its not worked out very well. Ah, well. ces't la vie. I was probably reading too much into things anyways...

Im invited to a party on Wendsday, but I don't really feel like going. People that I used to have to hang out with will be there, and I've learned since leaving home that I can't stand them. Criminals, girls that turned me down and Drama Queens. Bah, I say. I'll probably end up going anyways.

I'm looking forward to New Years Eve. I have plans to go into Boston, and word is K will be there...If she is, this might be my chance!

(Imagine me, posed on a cliff at sunset, posed in a lookout position, clenched fist held above me as the waves crash into the rocks, eyes closed intense expression. That is my emotion at the above statement)

Saw True Grit Sunday. WAY better than Tron. Jeff Bridges can actually act, which surprised me. I've not seen him as anyone but the Dude before this year.

Well, Im so tired I cant see straight so Ill be stopping this here. I'll clarify on anything that makes no sense later.


  1. Ungh, surrounded by idiots? Well, at least you have us here to back you up. :3 But who's the "Dude"?

  2. Not so much idiots as people I don't wanna talk to. But it went fine. :3

    The Dude is an amazing character from one of the best movies of all time The Big Lebowski.

    Its a classic movie. He's remembered for that role but I totally forgot he was a real actor because that's the role he usually plays.

  3. Oh, I see! I really have to watch that movie still. ._.°

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  5. You're welcome~

    I'm a bad person, using my translators for evil~ Please tell me seeing a little bit of code make you heart skip a beat before you translated it and realized I'm an aft? ;P

    I'm in a prank pulling mood and there's no one around to mess with, sorry :c

  6. At first I was like


    then I translated the first part. So you got me!

    I had to use the translators too. :3

  7. Nope~ You haven't lost me yet.

    Which, I mean, I dunno if you really want me around, but no one WANTS a Proxy so...~

    xD I feel accomplished than, thank you. :3 That's my Christmas present to you.

  8. Of course I want you around! About a hundred times more then I want a Proxy.

    and thats a very nice present, making me feel like Im in an ARG or something for a moment :3

  9. Awwww, thanks Slice~ *sends virtual cookies and hugs*

    I'm like... Half in the ARG. It's a lot easier to be "in game" than just be "paranoid idiot".

    There are days where I'm tempted to write a fake slenderblog, just to see how I'd do. But I feel like that'd take away my credibility on "Everything I See". Not that I really need to be credible on my personal blog, but...

  10. I know what you mean. Originally this was gonna be a Slenderblog but then I decided that was stupid and just started blogging and commentating like a normal blogger

  11. Well, I'm sure yours would have been a good read, at the very least~

    Not that it isn't now~

    But hey, normal blogs are fun too!

  12. As a side note, whatever that black tunnel picture thing is hidden behind your comments/posting/that weird beige area... It startles me almost every time xD

  13. .......What are you talking about?

  14. Okay you know how the outer borders of your blog are that brown color, and in the middle there's that creamy color?

    Underneath the creamy area that is a wierd picture that looks like a person, in a tunnel, walking toward a bright light. I can usually only see it for a split second when I hit post comment the first time before the little captcha box comes up.

    Please, someone tell me I'm not the only one seeing this?

    ...I'll try to get a screenshot.

  15. ....Hold on, Im going to take a look at my background image in my template.

    I have no idea what you are talking about, are you sure?