Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years more like

I wish I had something witty to finish that with.

But seriously worst new years ever.

I'm pretty pissed, I was under house arrest for all of New Years, so I missed my chance to see Kelsey. And then Family Feud, except the chair throwing kind instead of the cheesey game show/


Oh well, Im going to New York City tomorrow for a day trip. Im gonna go see the Spideman Musical . If your in NYC, you have a chance of spotting me. I'll be the dude with the Argyle sweater next to a blueberry woman. Shout Slenderphrases at me and I'll give you a dollar

Otherwise, not much is going on. Saw Dani for a little bit today, she's nice enough but Im realizing just how much older I am than her. All them High School kids, so young!

*shakes his cane like an old man*

In other news, I'm calm now, that picture isn't of slendy so it doesn't matter anymore.

I find it hillarious this Blog is considered a slenderblog now.  I do suppose I have a lot of Slendy content but I have no intention of doing that! Any intention I had was destroyed by finals/a new semester/wanting to live a sucessful life/the sheer ammount of competition.

Seriously, guys. I don't want to read a thousand blogs about a social outcast with no friends who runs from Slendernomings and has a friend/relative become Masky. Lets see some creativity people! Character Development! More then one main character, and not just "Shes my girlfriend and we're in LOVE"

Im pretty sure Im safe from Slendy purely for the fact I have a social life and other hobbies.


  1. HEY! I don't have a social life or any hobbies. Is that a crack at me :c

    Sorry you had a sucky New Years. *hugs* I hope it get's better for you.

    Have fun in New York! Stay safe!

  2. You dont have a slender blog. Also, if you ARE doing a slenderblog you have an ABSURD amount of background characterizing and that waves all of that.

    You can imagine the kinda blogs Im talking about. "Im man and Slenderblog. I am loner but this girl inexplicably loves me and now shes dead/Masky"

    Ive read like nine recently that were like that

  3. Haha xD I don't. I don't want one. If it turns into one, I have bad knew: My IRL life mixed with a REALLY BAD ARG. Not interested, thanks for the offer. ;P

    And yeah, a lot of the blogs are the same. "Oh cute they're in love" "Oh one of them died. I've only read that 9 times". I know what you mean.


  4. I DO have a social life!! And I do this!! :P Offended, not really.

    I'm trying to be interesting and creative, give me a break, there's only so much to work with. :P