Saturday, January 22, 2011

No blogger can hold alchohol like me

I sleep now. No new developments made. Broeckchen is hoarding all the info. Don't even care any more. Going to call my mother for any childhood related info later that might involve the plastertime.

But seriously bloggers think about what your typing Ive had about 16 shots of Baccardi tonight and I still type well despite the room spinning.

Seriously, not of age kids: Be of age when you drink or at least old enough to kill a man in war. Be cool about it. Dont mix substances and have a good time.


  1. I asked him and he's okay with me telling you everything. So here it is.

    The first email:
    Gibbs (don't ask, that's what I call him, go on with Plasterface for all means) was very reserved. He basically just stated that I wanted to speak to him, and that now was my chance to do to.

    The second email:
    I had told him about me not being romantically interested in you (for obvious reasons :>) in my answer, which he replied to in expressing feeling comfort from this knowledge. The email arrived shortly before you told us about him, so I guessed this and that about him (that he was a male for example) and he half-corrected me, suggesting that he was perceived as a male, but that it actually didn't matter to him. He expressed confusion about my wish to help him and said for the first time that he wasn't able to talk about his reason to contact you directly. Hence riddles and codes. Also, he suggested that he was with you all the time you didn't notice him, but you forgot about him. But recently, he "saw" you again. That either confused him himself, or he wanted us to think about it, because he asked me why.
    He mentioned that the worst thing you could do right now was to pretend he wasn't there.

    The third email:
    To my question if the concept of genders was abstract to him, he answered that "genders do not matter in love", again showing his affection for you. He told me that he couldn't interact with you directly - that he must not, as if he was forbidden to do so. Then he wrote something I will simply quote:
    "Please tell him I do not mean to scare him. That I love him more than I can say with my words and that I mean no harm."
    He stated that you were afraid of some things you could not yet understand (something that happened between you both, Slice?) and that you would only understand them when it is too late.
    "He is afraid of what I was and does not understand what I am by the time he does it will be too late"
    Furthermore he expresses worry because Kiki helped you to pretend he wasn't there. He saw that as indirectly endangering you.

    The fourth email:
    Now here it gets a little bit more complicated. I asked Gibbs about what the danger around you is and what he wanted to do about it. His answer was that he wants to warn you. While he cannot stop something from approaching, he wants to act as your guardian against it, to shield and protect you. Also he told me about having always been there, but obviously you added something to him over time and you broke something about or within him. Which resulted in a change, although I take it he always was a kind of guardian to you (that would explain you becoming engulfed in his Plaster in your dreams - maybe it was supposed to shield you). Although he had mentioned having been with you all the time before, he also said that for a while he was no more, but now is again and more. He probably referred to the time you couldn't see him and the fact that he obviously can do things in real life now, too.
    After asking me if Andy was the obvious reason mentioned above he ended the email with "I do not have a firm grasp on these situations". I interprete that as him being inexperienced with human behaviour in general and relationships especially.

  2. The fifth email:
    Introduction to the riddle, which was this:
    "I cannot interact with him directly his only hope lies in finding me himself only then he will know the way to ------ to ------ to------ to R-H and following O

    I didn't get it right away, but when I recorded a spoken answer to Gibbs instead of a written one, I finally understood. The Key I spoke of is the first line of the riddle. "to R-H and following O" - I looked for the first R followed by an H in the words and for the first O.
    the answer was "TRUST".
    The rest of the email consisted of Gibbs asking me why you were so afraid of him and talking about that back then he was his "duty and little else". That's why I suppose he always was a kind of guardian to you. Oh, and he said that he found it nice talking to someone instead of making those pictures and hiding them.

    The sixth email:
    I had recorded my reply to Gibbs' email, you can listen to it here:
    After saying all of that, I stated in written form in the email that I believed I had found the way Gibbs spoke of. He replied to me that I had given him much to wrap his mind around and that he needed me to verify the answer. This time, the riddle was like this:


    he will be the one to Rook ______ I know it inside me."
    Again I needed some time before I felt enlightened. The front of the book is the lettres "BO", - BOok. So I had to start at the word "BOYS" in the original riddle line and find the lettres of the word "TRUST" in it. I landed at ARTHUR and looked up who betrayed him, having stumbled upon an old meaning of the word "rook" as a verb. I my reply I thusly dropped the word Mordred, although I said that I hoped not to mistake him with Guinevere (both betrayed Arthur, depending on the version).
    The email was not longer than that.

    The seventh email:
    And the latest one. I had suggested Gibbs as a name in my last email and also offered him to call me Broeckchen or even use my real name - if he felt close enough to me for that/perceived me as a friend. He chose my real name and allowed me to call him Gibbs (which sounds similar to "Gips", that being the German word for Plaster), but also said that he wanted you to only call him what you would call no one else. For reasons only you can - hopefully - explain, he compares you to "Gawain or Lancelot" and states that one could not call you an Arthur "not yet maybe never". Of this I really can't make head and tails because I don't know you well enough.
    To my request in the end of my recording he answers that you and he wish for the same already and asks me if I know (what it is?). I think he refers to you being healthy and happy, and I will ask him about it.
    He said that he wants to speak to others, but is not able to do it himself. Therefore, he asks me to do it for him. The next thing I'll quote again:
    "I must speak to Slice he must prepare only I can prepare him but I must not speak to him directly he must learn to adapt and rely"
    Which implies the blockade that hinders him in approaching you directly is rather a rule, an order or a concept than his own choice. And know comes the thing that will - sadly - probably be what you will enjoy the most:
    "his time is short by the next eclipse I will be gone I sense it like I feel my duty".

    So you don't need to worry about him following you around for the rest of your life.

  3. My interpretation-summary (a.k.a. tl;dr):
    - Something is about to come and endanger you
    - Gibbs knows how you could defend yourself against it
    - He can not directly approach you, but needs you to come to him
    - You can only find him when you acknowledge his existance
    - You don't have all the time in the world, for he will be gone by the time of the next eclipse
    - He really, really effing likes you.

    So please trust him already. At least on this one.
    I'm sorry that I "hoarded" the information, but when I got in contact with Gibbs, I knew that you would probably act towards me the same way as you did towards him, as soon as you would know about me emailing with him. I hoped you would at least give me the benefit of doubt if you didn't know that I was trying to be his voice a little bit. And I hoped to be able to "teach" him one thing or the other about your feelings so he wouldn't be so helpless anymore. I did want him to be able to truly trust me on this, and I didn't want to betray his trust by going to you right away blabbering about things he maybe only wanted someone else to know. In his seventh email, I got his permission to tell you absoluteley everything, so I did.

    My reply to this one will, among other things, be the question who Gibbs would be in the Saga he was referring to so much and I will present him my interpretation of the wish-thing he mentioned. If you've got some additional questions you want to ask him, feel free to do so in a blog post. He might answer them directly to me.

  4. Seriously Broeky that's like a WALL OF TEXT.

    And I totally beg to differ Slice. I can hold my alcohol much better, it just takes me half a fricken hour to type about three sentences of text. I don't count shots but me and Sidekick are banging the vodkas like you wouldn't beleive right now.

  5. @Broeckchen: So... The thought of thinking Gibbs(I'm sticking with that, much kinder mental images) meant no harm to Slice was correct?

    Look, I'm sorry if I kind of tried to blow Gibbs off as nothing. I just wanted Slice to try and feel better about the whole thing(And if it'll really be any condolence to Gibbs, you can tell him I'm not romantically interested in Slice. And Slice, sorry if I made it seem that way. It wasn't my intention).

    Anyway, it's good to know Gibbs is on Slice's side.

    @Slice: You really should also cut the alcohol and drugs. That stuff is really bad for your body and your mind. You're probably going to need both in the future.

  6. I know, Andrew. I did that on purpose, to tease your lazy little brain. ;3 Nuh, it's just because I wrote down *everything*, and that's more often than not pretty much.

    @ Sammy: yes, I suppose so. And I agree about it being good to know that Gibbs wants to help Slice out. I hope he will read this and be as happy as he seemed to be about being able to email someone. ^^


    Just kidding. I know.

    @Broeckchen: Well, shit. That's a lot of info. Still no idea what I'm supposed to do though.

  8. Found the comment that got caught in the spam filter. Okay then, I'll post something.