Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ok Guys

I saw the picture. And Its fucking scary. If thats what I think it is, fuck that I'm out. I cant see that shit again, and especially not like that.

Excuse me, I kind of...freaked out a while ago. Smoked a shitload of weed as soon as I knew what was happening.

So...Im going to pretend I didn't see shit.  Im not going to play some bullshit hide and seek.


  1. *hugs* Sorry Slice.

    It honestly looks like words over a picture of a ripped up napkin. The words are creepier than the picture itself.

    Sounds like one of your fangirls is desperate for attention, is all. ;P

  2. I think I missed something. What exactly happened?


  3. @Andy: There's a hidden picture you only see if you go to comment. I got a screen shot of it posted on my blog.

    Link if you're interested:

  4. Mh... maybe it's referring to the youtube video not being the right one. Or maybe there's a wrong translation of the foreign sentences.

    Did you ever have problems with control-freakish girls?

  5. @Gelachte: I've had some...interesting past relationships.

    I doubt it was any of them, though. They were crazy, but...I didn't tell them about this. Anyone.

    I have an idea, Im gonna try it out.