Monday, January 24, 2011

Going through the plastershit. Finished Classes for the day, a welcome break.

You have half the answer
What you've been decoding is correct, but not entirely

"There are two sides to every mask"

Half right, also an interesting allusion, considering what comes later.

R-H is R to H following O I cannot say more

Ignoring for now. I think this is a cipher for later, or else symbolizes something

I do not have a body not yet Slice is borrowed
Big fucking surprise. Its not like I didn't suspect this once I realized the images were made on my computer.

Broekchen is Percival

 Percival is an interesting choice...he wasn't only one of the most famous knights, he was one of the few innocent enough to make it to the Grail. However, his naivete lead him to be known as Percival the fool.

I am Morgana of the modern works

Modern Morgana still fights and claws and backstabs Arthur all the way down except for in Protofeminist novels, in which she does all the above but is also a font of mystical wisdom. Joy.

He must learn to adapt and rely and subjugate fear if he is ever to Rook ______

This line again. I checked this because I was curious. It appears one more time around email 2:

"himself only then he will know the way to ------ to ------ to------ to R-H and following O"

I think its important.

My other theory is that the Names listed in all caps each time are used as a sort of hint, if not nessecarily a coded response. I'm bacd at codes, but I'm good at Mythology!

Hero List #1:


Hercules: Son of Zeus. Demigod. In his childhood killed two snakes sent by Hera. Hera hounded him throughout his childhood.

Arthur: King Arthur. Son of Uther Pendragon and Ingraine, Wife of Duke Goloris. She was won after a war, and thus Arthur was born. Due to the rampant attacks by the Saxons and the illness of Uther was sent to live with Sir Ector. He never knew who his father was.

Perseus: Born son of Zeus. His Grandfather feared him, and thus tossed Perseus and his mother into the sea in a huge chest. He washed ashore  elsewhere, and became a legendary hero.

Horus: Son of Isis and Osiris. Osiris was killed by Set, and Isis gathered his body parts and  with this (?) concieved Horus. Horus was hidden in the river until he was older, and then waged war against Set.

Hero List #2:



DEUCALION: Greek Flood myth. Makes an Ark.

DWYFAN: Welsh equivalent to Noah. Also makes an Ark.

ZIUSURDA: Sumerian Equivalent to the Above two.

A greeting, or another layer of the code? I'm not entirely certain.

Unsolved Things:

1) Hero Lists.

2) Rook ______ / the line itself

3)R-H (following O?)

4) TA-TA

I plan on calling my mom later, going to ask if she can find my journals/tell me anything from back then.



  1. Hey slice, you did see sunset-3, right?

  2. Wait, what the fuck?

    Broeckchen, when the hell did Plasterface get your name? Seriously, what the fuck?

    I should probably be following these comments just a bit more closely. You''re going to have to explain this a bit when we chat next.

    I mean...FUCK.


  3. welcome to my world Andy. That is EVERY DAY.

  4. Word of advice, Slice. I don't know whether or not there's some "potion" you're taking, physical or metaphorical, that's resulting in Plasterface's appearance, but if there is, STOP TAKING IT. I think we all know what happened to my namesake because of it.

  5. Thats just it. He was there when I was little, too.

    Hell if I know WHY, except that I may have unrooted something back then with Lucid Dreaming.

    I haven't done that to myself in years, though.

  6. I gave it to him, Andy. o.o° I told that in my summary of the emails.

    But I was so tired I didn't even notice me publishing it here. x.x Could you edit it out, Slice?

  7. Sunset-3 is your new background.

  8. Edited, oh and I knew about that John, thanks though.