Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alright, Plaster heres the deal

Im going to leave this up. Answer how ever you want.

I trust Broeckchen, so I'm willing to entertain your existence.

Here's the deal.I can't forgive you for what you've done.
I remember June 17, 2005. I remember November 17th and what you did. I know you through and through. Fuck whatever she says, your no "Guardian" you are my fucking Dragon, my Vader, my Cerberus.  You know what I'm talking about, if you are real.

But I'm willing to work with you. Talk to me.

I'm going to leave my computer on. I assume you know my email, too. Hell, if it comes down to it I'll make you a contributor. I feel like  doom is looming over me and its getting closer everytime I see broeck transfer an email...It's not that I don't trust her, but something must be lost in translation here.

Because if you were making me a trail, it wouldn't go in circles. That was never your style. You are subtle like Lenny pets mice.

Point me in a direction and I won't stop, you plaster douchebag.

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  1. Last part of the conversation:

    "Thank you very much Gibbs. I feel honoured by and very happy about how you call me!
    I will told Slice it all. If I forgot something, feel free to remember me about it. I can be quite forgetful at times.

    If Slice might be Lancelot or Gawain, who are you and me in King's court? Also, I would love you to explain your email address to me. You foreshadowed what you told me about the way quite some time already by it, so I'm curious about that R-H. Does it have another meaning too?

    How do you write to me, anyway? I know that you are not native in our "burrow", so how do you do the things you do here?

    I suppose that you both wish for Slices health and life. I hope that this is right. But no, I don't know, I just can guess, as always.

    Please tell me more about how Slice can find you and what you have to prepare him for. Also we should try to think of a way to prove him that what you say is true - about you being benevolent and the approaching danger for him. He still mistrusts you, but you know him better than anyone else. So what do you think could convince him about you being harmless for him? I think about that everyday, too."

    Gibbs: "You have half the answer Miriam

    There are two sides to every mask

    Go back to the beginning I have left clues all along the path

    Slice knows the other answer but he is a slow boy

    R-H is R to H following O I cannot say more

    I do not have a body not yet Slice is borrowed

    I cannot wish for Slices health or life. And you didn't know, not all

    Miriam is Percival

    I am Morgana of the modern works

    It is pointless and against my efforts to convince him I am harmless even folly because I am not I was not his guardian but I cannot state what I was for I have no words for it
    He must learn to adapt and rely and subjugate fear if he is ever to Rook ______

    DEUCALIONDWYFANZIUSURDASUCHCRAFTYFISH mythology was always his favorite thing


    Morgana of the modern works: Half-Sister, lover and foe of Arthur. Now that is a nice role to take on.
    Slice, if you really want to I can post all of the email conversation in quotes. I don't have anything to hide. ._. Thank you for your trust.