Saturday, January 29, 2011

What happened

We talked, one on one. Facing each other for over an hour. He told me about the past, what he could remember. He tells me he's been watching me since I was very young. Apparently, he was out to break me when I was 12-13, but I messed it up with my misguided compassion.

He tells me something terrible is coming, and that to prepare I must undergo a series of 12 ordeals, one a day. by the end, I will understand everything. I agreed.

We shook hands.

Let me tell you, Shrooms are a hell of a drug.

I've already accomplished the first two ordeals, according to him. I'm clean and rational, and I've had the courage to face him and accept his challenge. I spent today with friends sober, then meditating.

Tomorrow morning, I'll know ordeal three.


    Really, I'm so ridiculously proud of you. >.< Good luck at the ordeals! I'm rooting for you.

  2. Good for you Slice. I'm glad it's going well. Like Broeckchen, I'm rooting for you =3

  3. Wait, what? I might be a little late to the party and therefore this may be a stupid question, but did you really shake hands with Slendy?

  4. Kaiju let me break this down:

    I don't see Slendy, not yet. Hopefully never.

    I have an alter ego/invasive thing/sign of mental illness called Plasterface inside me. He's been harassing me and leaving weird hints and clues around. I've confronted him recently, and the above is the result.