Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Total analysis

This is just a recap of the whole thing thats been going on so far, possible suspects and my personal theories. Im trying to straighten everything out.

Heres what I got:

---The Pictures---

The first picture related incidents occurred around December 30th. I hadn't known there was a weirdass background image to my blog (I never mucked around with the background)  and found inside my computer the first hidden folder. This folder had two images, titles all relating to light/Aten.

Aten (or as Broeckchen says, Aton) Egyptian god of Light and an Aspect of the Sun, commonly associated with Life. Supposedly my patron diety.

January 14th, I came back from vacation to find a new item in the folder- a text document, with many cryptic things on it, outlined http://liveinthelightfight.blogspot.com/2011/01/someone-was-in-my-computer-while-i-was.html

After that, sometime after/durning/before this post http://liveinthelightfight.blogspot.com/2011/01/analysis-of-weird-shitother-things.html    the first picture appeared in the space behind the blog. It seems to be directed against Broeck and or Sammie, but the info says it was made the fourteenth.

Thats hours before I made my analysis post.

From there, the info in the document lead us down a trail of creepy pictures, ending today with a desperate batshit message using my real name.


1) "No, Slice, YOU are the picture person"

I have no way of proving this is true, at least not yet. But I have no recollection of ever getting the images, much less writing crazy captions. It'd be...alarming at best to say the least.

2) "Its a pank from a friend"

Unlikely. My friends don't know about this blog mostly because I wanted to be able to talk about them without impunity. It would take someone taking my laptop and looking through my history to know this.

3) "Its a crazy Ex"

If an EX got ahold of my computer for a while, this seems the most likely explanation. The two most likely to do this would be Stephanie and Jenna, but as far as I know Steph is still in the asylum and Jenna had Ty's babies a while back. Those two were the only ones truly crazy enough to do this, or able to have the skills to do this. My other exes are crazy, but not this crazy.

4) The option I'm not ready to talk about, or consider


No. Despite whatever H(a)unting says I doubt slendy can type, much less use MSpaint/Photoshop. And if some dudes were proxied, I know the signs well enough that I'd know, I think. I refuse to have Slenderman down as a credible answer, but I know someones gonna comment or be like "10101010101 SEES YOU" If I didn't discount that guy.

Well, did I miss anything? Cuz If not Im done talking about this for now. Normal blog posts to resume tomorrow.


  1. *Hugs* If Slenderman was calling you names like that, I would be disturbed.

    I hope everything turns out alright.

  2. It's probably 4).

    It's worth of note that Aten/Aton isn't exactly Teh God of Light(tm), but rather the god of the sun disk. Isis is the Egyptian goddess of light, with Osiris as her counterpart and the god of darkness. Yes, they are married and she had his babies. That's the whole Yin Yang thingie again.
    Then there's Horus, their son, who is the god of the sun itself and therefore also kind of a god of light, but in a less general way. And then there's Re - the sun disk actually *is* one of his eyes. Aton is the god of the sun disk, which makes him another god of light, but probably the least important one of the three. Like... Horus spawned the Pharaos, Isis' light fills everything with life, Re guards the earth looking down on it everyday and Aton... well, he's there.
    Later on, the Pharao Echnaton strengthened the belief in Aton, until Aton became one of the most important gods in the religion and "the god of sun". Aton still was important from the beginning on, because he was basically the one to make the sun rise and set (another reference to him within your clues) and thus ensured human life on earth. I just wanted to tease you a bit. ;3

    Well, seriously, though. Someoney clearly truly and deeply in love with you, doing everything for you. You should stop acting that affectionate toward both me and Sammie and start focussing on this person who really deserved it! Sammie, back off him already, you probably have no chance against this person anyway. And you're really not half as much help as them, without their help we would never have been able to solve the riddle! To whoever you are, Unknown, I support your efforts! And I'd like to help you if you want me to. Sometimes boys can be really blind for what's the best for them, but united we might help Mister Clueless a bit to recognise that it's you. ;3 Drop me an email at GelachteBroeckchen@googlemail.com anytime you want.