Friday, January 14, 2011

Back on the Grid(Alt Title: Edit forever)

I'm home again! Florida was nice (60 degrees in January! Wonders never cease)

It was nice to get away from the internet from everything and do physical stuff, play some golf, watch a lot of Adam West Batman and Star Trek with my grandparents.

Do you guys realize how incredible airplanes are? When we were lifting off the ground, I was struck with the thought that humans are FLYING OFF THE GROUND IN A METAL BOX. Holy shit! Humans have done some miraculous things.

Well, I go back to college in about 36 hours. I excited to go back. Japanese killed me last semester, so I'll be glad to turn this around next semester!


Well, I just read through the clusterfuck of blogs I missed.

Zeke's getting more suspicious everyday, as much as I hate to say it.

Thage appeared! Crazy Chess metaphors abound. I wondere where its gonna go...

@Stormy: if you can read this, I hope your okay. Your messages in Japanese were startling, to say the least.

@Kiki: I read everything. Keep your head up, girl!

Also, Will invented some sort of...Taser-shotgun? Im not sure how that works but I hope it does.

Hmm, thats it for now. I probably wont post again until I get back to college.


  1. Welcome back Slice. *hug* I missed you!

    I'm doing better since I got back to school. Friends and human interaction are better for my mental health than I thought, even with the occasional idiot thrown in.

    Thank you for your concern though :3

  2. *hug* I missed you too! :3

    hehe, boys hitting on yoooooou.

    Also thats why I think the people who isolate themselves (aka the protagonist of all the blogs ever) are the most susceptible. BEING ALONE MAKES YOU CRAZY, GUYS.

  3. There was no inventing of a taser shotgun done by myself. It's like the ones used by the police. Phil had a stock pile of lethal and non lethal weapons. The shotgun and taser rounds were among them.

  4. Fucking airplanes, how do they work?


  5. Awwww, Slice, I feel loved <3

    If that is how guys hit on girls they need to be smacked. Honestly he just left me disgusted for half an hour.

    I'm not a good basis, I'm already crazy xD